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#294 Unable to print with CUPS 1.4.8 Printing 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Aug 22, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Anchieri

I have installed the last version of Lucide : Lucide-1.3.6-rc1.zip and I want print to my USB printer: HP 1610 All in One, but nothing go to CUPS. It's possible to print using the normal HP DESKJET driver. With the previous version I was able to print using CUPS, almost all PDF file, in many case also with the 'BOUNDING BOX' error.

#167 Improve "Save as..." Lucide Core 1.2 1.4.0 enhancement closed Mar 20, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Batchheizer

Please improve the "Save as..."-Dialog. Change layout to "Open..."-Dialog (so preview is added), add a hotkey (Ctrl+s or Shift+Ctrl+S), and add the feature to save only some pages of the open document.

Perhaps it could look like:

Save [CHECKBOX] all pages.

[CHECKBOX] from page [COUNTER] to [COUNTER].

DJView has this useful feature. It could be used for easy extracting some pages from a large PDF or DJVU file. Also multipage TIFF-files (-> GBM-plugin) could use this feature.

#199 Password with "Umlaute" in PDF Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed May 1, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Batchheizer

If I create a PDF via OpenOffice? and use a PWD with Umlaute, I cannot open it with Lucide. Maybe there is a codepage-problem. I hope it is no Unicode-problem. Maybe one Alex Taylors DLLs could help. Opening the document with AR5 is possible.

The PWD is "Lügen".

#239 Filling form does not function Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Feb 2, 2012 Aug 20, 2016 Batchheizer

In the attached file I can make entries, but they aren't displayed after I go to the next field. Also they are not printed.


#170 Mouseproblem in fullscreen-mode (xPager) Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Mar 31, 2010 Jul 20, 2016 Batchheizer

Viewing a file in fullscreen mode makes the mouse disappear even if an other xPager (ePager)-Screen is activated.

Maybe an option "Do not hide mouse in fullcreen" could help.

Version 1.21 eCS 2 Silver Release, Amouse.

#188 UI-Language and Default Locale Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Apr 24, 2010 Aug 26, 2010 Batchheizer

Changing the default locale (System-Setup - Country Palette) does not change the UI-Language of Lucide. IMHO Lucide should detect at every startup the current locale and change the UI-language if possible. For example some WarpIN scripts (webDAV-Plugin, Amouse (?), SearchPlus?) do this via REXX. Maybe this is easy to implement.

#207 Documentname and name of Lucide-window Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 enhancement closed Aug 25, 2010 Aug 25, 2010 Batchheizer

The window name of Lucide should contain the filename of the open document. Now only "Lucide - Dokumentenanzeige" appears in the window-name. There should appear "Lucide - FILENAME" (please without "Dokumentenanzeige". Also in document-info should appear the filename (maybe in the window name or as first entry).

In the window list appears the filename twice. For example: "filename.pdf-filename.pdf - Lucide - Dokumente[!]" Better should be simple "filename.pdf - Lucide" (like OOo).

#189 Changeing Page-Layout (preferences) requires restart of Lucide Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Apr 24, 2010 Aug 25, 2010 Batchheizer

Changing the page-Layout (German: Seiten-Layout) in preferences (Einstellungen) window requires a restart of Lucide to get effective. Closing and reopening the document does not change to the selected layout. If this can not be fixed a message / hint in preferences should inform the user about this problem.

Lucide 1.3.2

#198 Handling "Goto page"-window Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 enhancement closed May 1, 2010 Aug 11, 2010 Batchheizer

Please make the "Goto page" window more user-friendly. As default the page-number should be marked, so that the user can immediately start entering a page-number. For example: I press the hotkey (Ctrl+N in German version). I do not want to backspace the numbers or use the mouse to mark them. I immediately want to use my Num-Pad and enter a page-number.

Maybe an option or checkbox "Do not close window" could help browsing through a big document. After every "Enter" the number is by default marked. So the user can browse fast via entering page-numbers.

#185 After Closing a PDF "Navigator" is still displayed Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Apr 22, 2010 May 3, 2010 Batchheizer

After closing a PDF still the structure (outline?) of the closed document is displayed in the left window (in German "Navigator"). Also page-Counter is still active. Both should be empty or inactive. Version 1.3.2

#178 Saving problems with filled PDF Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.1 defect closed Apr 16, 2010 Apr 20, 2010 Batchheizer

Attached PDF (Source: http://www.umweltbank.de/formulare/default.html) can be filled and printed correctly. But saving creates a zero-byte file. Some other files from the source can be saved correctly.

#169 Copy to clipboard in fullscreen not possible Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.1 defect closed Mar 31, 2010 Apr 15, 2010 Batchheizer

Copy a selected text to clipboard (Ctrl+Ins / Ctrl+C) is not possible in fullscreen-mode (Ctrl+L).

Version 1.21

#171 Unable to open JPG-Files Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Apr 10, 2010 Apr 13, 2010 Batchheizer

Trying to open a jpg-file via File-open dialog or via Drag'n'drop is not possible. Error: "Nicht unterstütztes Dateiformat." (non supported Fileformat).

Tried three different files. Plugin is installed (correctly?).

#216 Missing output while printing to epson C88+ Lucide Core 1.2 1.4.0 defect closed Nov 2, 2010 Mar 13, 2016 BlondeGuy

With an epson C88+ printer, printing appears to run normally, but no output to printer.

This was a CA tax form filled out by Lucide (thanks for fill-in support!!!)

Innotek Acrobat 5 printed the filled out form. I noted that Lucide processed the form for a short time while attempting to print. Acrobat processed for a much longer time before printing.

#249 USA Form W-9 fill out cannot be read by Acrobat Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Oct 26, 2012 Sep 3, 2014 BlondeGuy

I downloaded and filled out USA form W-9. Lucide easily filled out the form, and I saved it. Lucide can re-open the form, and the filled out values are correct.

If I go to Mac or Windows and open the filled out form with Acrobat, all the fields are blank.

Lucide 1.3.5 A blank Form W-9 is attached.

#78 Need DosSetExtLIBPATH in lucide.exe Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 Beta 4 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 31, 2006 Oct 9, 2006 Chuck McKinnis <mckinnis@…>

The lucide.exe should really have a sequence to provide access to its own DLLs without the necessity of making an entry in CONFIG.SYS or using something like the RUN!.EXE.

DosQueryExtLIBPATH (to get the current value and save it)

DosSetExtLIBPATH (to put the Lucide directory at the beginning of the extended libpath)

DosSetExtLIBPATH (to restore what was saved)

I am not a C programmer, so I can't really put in the code.

#180 Version Reporting Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 enhancement closed Apr 19, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 David McKenna

Some PDF documents check the version of the reader and do not display if it is not what they require (with a notice to upgrade). Can Lucide report the most recent version? Even better if it would be user changable (to allow future 'upgrades'). I'll attach an example (a tax document).

#47 Vendor name in WarpIN should be filled in correctly Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 1.1 RC defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 17, 2006 Jul 17, 2006 David van Enckevort

In the WarpIN archive the vendor name is currently XXXXXXXXXXXXX, this should be filled in correctly. This should be done before the release version, to keep it easy for testers to update Lucide.

#201 Printing with Postscript option prints raw PS statements Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed May 1, 2010 May 3, 2010 GaryDrag

I am using the current environment:

Lucide 1.32 Dell 3100cn printer Postscript printer driver version 30.778 eCS kernel 14.103a

The Print dialog provides the Print Type options of Postscript and As Image. The Postscript option is the default. Printing the document with the Postscript option generates multiple pages of the raw Postscript printer control language statements. The document prints properly when using the As Image option. This problem occurs with all PDF files.

This problem would be less of an issue if the previously selected print options were saved between program sessions or the default options could be specified under Settings. Thank you for your help.

#218 Poor printing quality Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Jan 9, 2011 Jul 21, 2016 Hansi

The print quality of Lucide is much worse compared with other applications. I have attached a scanned printout from OpenOffice?, Acrobat 3.0 and Lucide 1.3.2

eCS 2.0 GA Brother HL-2030 USB

#62 German language file incomplete Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 18, 2006 Jul 20, 2006 Heiko

The German language file is missing in the entry for the new menu item "Maximized view". Thus 2 identical menu items named "Vollbild F11" were shown.

I have attached an updated language file that fixes this. Just unzip the file into the Lucide installation directory.


#196 Lucide 1.3.2 GA (2010-04-22) fast browsing problem Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 30, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Joop

When you load a big pdf in Lucide and you want to browse to a certain page with the go to option then Lucide will fail and exits. This happens also with the arrows in the bar.

#306 Errant print driver causes Lucide to crash Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect closed Sep 5, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

The actual error is in ECUPS driver. It does appear under other apps, but it does not crash the entire application. This bug is specifically about handling such unexpected conditions more gracefully.

Opened document. Selected Print, then clicked Properties button. Set output to raw PostScript file and entered filename. Upon clicking OK, Lucide crashed with a TRP (attached).

This condition is repeatable with this driver (ECUPS 30.800) and this printer (HP LaserJet 3800).

#246 Need ability to annotate PDFs Plugin: PDF 1.3.6 1.4.2 enhancement reopened May 3, 2012 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Presently, Lucide has no facility for annotating PDFs (it is a viewer only, or can Save-As). Marking this core, as I do not believe that other formats have this capability, either.

#236 Cannot advance to next image (Shift-PgDn) when viewing document when multiple plugins handle same type Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 defect new Jan 12, 2012 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Shift-PgDn works as expected with all document types I've tested, except JPG, where the same image is simply reloaded. Shift-PgUp *does* work, however, even on these files. (1.3.4b2)

I'm marking this as core, but it's liable to be in the JPG plugin; I don't know the code to make that determination.

PS - Need to add 1.3.4 beta releases to the Version dropdown in Trac.

#247 Current working directory is shared across running instances Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed May 3, 2012 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

There is no way to keep different copies of Lucide pointing at different directories of files. This makes browsing multiple sources more awkward than it should be.


  1. Start Lucide.
  2. File | Open
  3. Browse to C:\docs\current\pdf
  4. Open a file.
  5. Shift-PgDn? moves to next file, etc. in that directory.
  6. Start second instance of Lucide.
  7. File | Open in second instance.

FOC starts at last directory from the first instance, e.g., C:\docs\current\pdf.

  1. Browse to J:\pdf\docs\current
  2. Open a file.
  3. Switch to first instance.
  4. File | Open in first instance.

FOC starts at last directory from the second instance, e.g., J:\pdf\docs\current.

Instances should be independent (or not, based on user preference).

Marking defect as I consider current behavior to be non-standard.

#245 Cannot open embedded pdf Lucide Core 1.3 enhancement closed Apr 16, 2012 Oct 28, 2014 Lewis Rosenthal

Received an encrypted pdf from a financial brokerage. Upon supplying the password to access the document, there is a link to open the embedded pdf (a pdf inside another pdf). Clicking the link does nothing (Lucide 1.3.4 GA).

In Acrobat 10, clicking the link (the mouse cursor remains an I-beam, but the link *is* clickable), the embedded pdf opens in a new window.

This may depend upon support in Poppler; I haven't checked. However, the "wrapper" pdf decrypts properly.

I will have to try to recreate such a document for testing (this one has confidential information). The outside pdf was created with iText 2.0.8, and appears to be in PDF version 1.4; the inner one was created with ClibPDF Library 2.02-r1-2.

#191 PDF documents appear as blank rectangle only Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Apr 25, 2010 Apr 26, 2010 LotharS

When I open any pdf file, all document pages are presented as a white rectangle only, no text etc visible. No problem with those files in Acrobat Reader 4. While printing is possible.

Info: Warp 4.52, video: Matrox G400 w/ Matrox driver 2.58.144 Any workaround proposal?

#374 Postscript Printer Xerox Phaser 8550DP prints PS-code only! Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal assigned Mar 4, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Pecos8

The Arca system is up to date (5.03 and yum).

But Lucide is only usable, if with PMVIEW a screenshot is taken and printed with PMVIEW.

Thanks for Your efforts.

#378 New project logo Wiki 1.5.0 enhancement Lewis Rosenthal closed May 27, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Matthias Seidel

Many years ago I submitted the project logo. It looks a bit ugly now, find attached a new version.

#213 Lucide crashes when browsing through files Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Oct 23, 2010 Mar 13, 2016 Matthias Seidel

Sometimes Lucide crashes when I use the "file open"-window and browse through the list of files. I think it has something to do with the preview displayed on the right side and only happens when I browse very fast (with arrow keys).

#219 Error loading Lucide.dll: can't find module 'LIBC063' (SYS002) Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Jan 11, 2011 Jan 18, 2011 Rainer

Version 1.3.0 to 1.3.3 Beta

The "new" plausibility / loading for DLL modules does not check the DIR / DLL via BEGINLIBPATH.

Lucide does not find the DLL s and display a Message "... (SYS002)"

Test Case:

the Modules LIBC063 are not in LIBPATH but in Beginlibpath

rem Lucide.cmd Version 1.0 2007-11-05 Rainer

rem Lucide-1-21.cmd 2009-02-28 Rainer

rem Lucide-1-30.cmd 2010-04-12 Rainer

rem mode co100,80 gives more space for test output to look at

rem mode co100,80


SET BEGINLIBPATH=S:\download\os2\gcc442;S:\download\os2\libc063;S:\download\os2\UClib;


cd \download\os2\LUCIDE\V1-30

lucide.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7

cd \

rem pause

Kind Regards


PS: the Lucide trac does not offer versions above 1.3

#41 closing Lucide with ALT-F4 is only possible right after starting Lucide Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 30, 2006 Jul 1, 2006 Robert Henschel

When you double click the Lucide icon, or open a PDF document that is associated with Lucide, you can close Lucide with the keyboard by pressing ALT-F4. But this only works if you have not transfered focus inside Lucide to the document area. If the document area has the focus, you have to press CTRL-X to close Lucide (ALT-F4 will not work). If the menu or the navigation pane have the focus, you can also use ALT-F4 (and CTRL-X will also work).

I do not vote for one or the other keyboard shortcut, I just would like to have it consistent. (well, actually, I would like ALT-F4 to work in Lucide from everywhere ;-) )

#38 double clicking an empty area in the navigation pane closes Lucide Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 27, 2006 Jun 30, 2006 Robert Henschel

How To Reproduce:

Open a PDF file, make the navigation pane on the left hand side visible, double click somewhere in the navigation pane where there is no text

Expected Behavior:

Lucide should ignore the double click

Actual Behavior:

Lucide crashes

More Information:

This is from popuplog.os2

06-27-2006 18:27:27 SYS3175 PID 00d2 TID 0001 Slot 00bd E:\OS2PROG\MULTIMEDIA\LUCIDE\LUCIDE.EXE c0000005 00022888 P1=00000001 P2=0000001c P3=XXXXXXXX P4=XXXXXXXX EAX=00000000 EBX=006a0002 ECX=000100d2 EDX=001a0ee0 ESI=00d20001 EDI=00000002 DS=0053 DSACC=f0f3 DSLIM=ffffffff ES=0053 ESACC=f0f3 ESLIM=ffffffff FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030 GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM= CS:EIP=005b:00022888 CSACC=f0df CSLIM=ffffffff SS:ESP=0053:00064f54 SSACC=f0f3 SSLIM=ffffffff EBP=00065000 FLG=00012246

LUCIDE.EXE 0001:00012888

#379 Postscript Printer Lexmark C792 always printed double-sided Printing 1.5.0 1.5.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal assigned Jun 19, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Rolf

Even the latest version of Lucide (v1.5.0_GA) has the problem that my color laser is always printed double-sided. For example, a two-sided text is always printed on one sheet only.

Lexmark C792 SLPR1
PSCRIPT v30.822
PSCRIPT.Lexmark C750

#380 build level definition in lugbm.dll Plugin: GBM 1.4.2 defect Gregg Young closed Jun 19, 2019 Oct 26, 2019 Rolf

A small optical problem can be found in the build level definition in lugbm.dll (v1.5.0_GA)

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001 :

Signature: @#Arca Noae:${VERSION}_${BUILD}#@##...
Vendor: Arca Noae
Revision: 0.00
Date / Time: 2019-03-20 01:50:00
Build Machine: ZOBOPEEP
Language Code: EN
Country Code: US
File Version: 0.0
Description: GBM plugin for Lucide (LUGBM,GCC) Copyright...

#25 Appearence improvements Lucide Core enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 12, 2006 Oct 28, 2014 Rudi

I suggest not to clear the whole window background before repainting. Especially resizing the window while viewing a JPG looks very ugly. Also, the toolbar should not flicker, while the window is resized.

Another suggestion: replace the tree expand/collaps icons/bitmaps in the container by user defined ones and force them not to be streched. Hint: Pronews has nice ones that fit the font size used.

#70 Strange symbol shown for 'µ' (micro) and '°' (degree) in some PDF files Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 6, 2006 Aug 26, 2006 Rudi

Some documents show weird symbols for 'µ' (micro) and '°' (degree). Open attached file tea5768hl.pdf and look at the last column in table "QUICK REFERENCE DATA" (page 4).

#69 Continous mode with different page sizes Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 20, 2006 Jul 21, 2006 Rudi

When a document that starts with some pages in "portrait" format followed by some pages in "landscape" is opened in continuous mode, the "landscape" pages are not drawn completely.

#24 Window drawing problem Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 12, 2006 Jun 12, 2006 Rudi

The document window is not redrawn correctly when opening a new file. Probably not all parts are invalidated.

#23 Save / restore all preferences Lucide Core enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 12, 2006 Jun 12, 2006 Rudi

The application should preserve settings like "Single page vs. Continous" or view sizes (especially "Actual size, Fit page, Fit width") over program restarts. Also the size should not be reset "Actual size", when opening a new file.

#73 Page Up/Down key operation Lucide Core enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 27, 2006 Sep 9, 2006 StevenHL

It would be handy if when operating in paged mode, pressing page down when already at the end of page moved forward to the next page. This would free up the +/- keys and is better suited for most laptops.


#44 Index.html handing off to Index.djvu Lucide Core 1.4.2 enhancement new Jul 10, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 StuUpdike@…

I have noted on DjVU Zone that when a file is a pure DjVu? file, the Lucide displays it properly. However, there are numerous links which point to index.html files. They hand off immediately to files named index.djvu. Lucide runs and shows the pages in the bookmarks panel, but nothing ever shows in the document panel. When this happens Lucide either becomes unresponsive and I must CTRL+ESC to close it in the Window List or Lucide disappears all by itself.

Thank you,

Stu Updike Bedford, Texas USA

#43 Lucide selection of internal plug-ins Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 1.1 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 10, 2006 Aug 24, 2007 StuUpdike@…

I have noted that Lucide cannot select the correct internal plug-in (gives error message) when my browser hands it a file without the expected extension. For example, one of my employer's web sites hands off a pdf file with the name showdocument.cgi. I have my browser set to use Lucide as a helper application when either pdf or cgi is the extension. This is the same setup which I used with Acrobat 3.0. Apparently Lucide relies solely upon the extension for plug-in selection. However,if Lucide were to look inside the file when the extension is missing, incorrect, or not understood, it would find that PDF files all begin with something like "%PDF-1.4" and all DjVU files begin with something like "AT&TFORM". These phrases inside the file could then be used to select the proper plug-in.

Thank you,

Stu Updike Bedford, Texas USA

#37 File Save Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 1.1 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 18, 2006 Aug 29, 2006 StuUpdike@…

Early implementation of the File Save/Save? As function would greatly enhance the usability of the program as a Helper App for Mozilla.

#36 Document window background Lucide Core enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 18, 2006 Jun 20, 2006 StuUpdike@…

At present, there is no differentiation between the white document page and the white document window background. If the document window background could be changed to gray, the boundaries of the document would be clearly visible.

#50 Application exits after attempt to open .PDF or .JPG Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 Beta 4 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 18, 2006 Oct 12, 2006 TheRealPhil

The application start up okay. I can navigate through the menus. Howeve, after clicking Document-Open and then selecting [PDF or JPG file] followed by OK, the application exits.

There are no error messages and no POPUPLOG.OS2 file. This is the same for all versions of LUCIDE; that is, v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0.

Since I have a couple of compilers, it's possible that my SOM paths and files are missing or nonstandard. What SOM files and what SOM paths are required by LUCIDE? Currently, I have tried to separate the SOM stuff from Visualage C++ v3.09; from the Warp Toolkit v4.52; and from the eCS v1.1 base into their appropriate sections.

That is the only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem.

Is there a debug mode for LUCIDE?

Sorry, but I'm kind of stuck!

#214 Update for the Czech translation Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 enhancement closed Oct 26, 2010 Oct 27, 2010 XHajT03

I'd like to provide updated version of the lucide_cs_cz.lng and a new translation of the readme file to Czech.

#345 Minor issues in German language file Backend 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 9, 2017 Sep 27, 2018 ak120

There were a lot of inconsistencies in the German language file Lucide_de.lng. I don't want to list them all here. In general:

  • usage of wrong/misleading translation (I changed them to the termini used by German OS/2.)
  • Underlined key assignments for menus
  • Missing accel keys in "View" submenu (Ctrl++/- is not user friendly, so changed it to more logical Ctrt+PageUp/Down?)

#208 UI Language change doesn't work under Warp 3 Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Sep 9, 2010 Sep 13, 2010 ak120

It's not possible under OS/2 Warp 3 (tested with XRGW040 applied) to change the UI Language. Installation of WPI is not possible. You have to extract the appropriate files manually from GCC libs WPI archive and Lucide.

#64 Scroll bars don't work in beta2. up/down arrows don't work, so can't see full page. Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 19, 2006 Jul 20, 2006 amoht@…

#27 Planning Mozzilla plugin Lucide Core 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 13, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 anonymous

Is planner a mozzilla pluging for substitution of Acrobat 4.05

#46 Missing actions in "Document" menu Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 1.1 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 15, 2006 Mar 13, 2016 anonymous

Following actions should be appended to the "Document" menu:

  • Close
  • Close All
  • Print Preview

#34 crash with SYS3180, when started from root Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 16, 2006 Jun 17, 2006 anonymous

When Lucide is started from the root directory of a drive, its window shortly opens, closes again and the program terminates.

Workaround: Start Lucide from a subdirectory.

In the popuplog.os2 an entry about SYS3180 appears, e.g.

06-16-2006 14:28:44 SYS3180 PID 00ec TID 0001 Slot 0097 R:\LUCIDE.EXE c0000097 0001fa1d EAX=0000012f EBX=012f01f7 ECX=000100ec EDX=13e8af20 ESI=800000ee EDI=00000007 DS=0053 DSACC=f0f3 DSLIM=ffffffff ES=0053 ESACC=f0f3 ESLIM=ffffffff FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030 GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM= CS:EIP=005b:0001fa1d CSACC=f0df CSLIM=ffffffff SS:ESP=0053:000644d0 SSACC=f0f3 SSLIM=ffffffff EBP=00230208 FLG=00002202

LUCIDE.EXE 0001:0000fa1d

#20 SYS3180 Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 1 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 8, 2006 Jun 14, 2006 anonymous

06-08-2006 11:32:11 SYS3180 PID 004d TID 0001 Slot 00a9 R:\LUCIDE.EXE c0000097 0001f404 EAX=0000012d EBX=012d01f5 ECX=0001004d EDX=1cb4af20 ESI=80000285 EDI=00000007 DS=0053 DSACC=f0f3 DSLIM=ffffffff ES=0053 ESACC=f0f3 ESLIM=ffffffff FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030 GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM= CS:EIP=005b:0001f404 CSACC=f0df CSLIM=ffffffff SS:ESP=0053:00062f04 SSACC=f0f3 SSLIM=ffffffff EBP=00220d08 FLG=00002206

LUCIDE.EXE 0001:0000f404

#21 PDF file hangs Lucide on open Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 10, 2006 Jun 12, 2006 anonymous

I have just started trying the Lucide Beta version 1. Opened a few Jpg files no problem, however when I tried to open the file foresterx.pdf - a brochure on the subaru car, the program hung. I was however able to cancel the program via the task list. As I cannot attach this file here - you should be able to download similar files to it (that have the same problem) to test from the following web address:

http://subaru.com.au/downloads/154C0BDD-7088-4FDC-A3F8-B4977BDE6F83.pdf or http://subaru.com.au/downloads/D030CA46-BDA9-4D7A-863E-A81B76B993C4.pdf

Good luck !


#248 1.3.5 prints only garbage Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Sep 27, 2012 Mar 13, 2016 ataylor

Updated to 1.3.5 and printing no longer works.

Instead, the printer spits out endless pages with only a gray box containing the message


Reverting to 1.3.4 causes the same PDFs to print successfully again.

Using Brother HL-3075CW (native printer object, PSPRINT driver with imported PPD). The PDF(s) in question were created by Scribus 1.4.1.

#226 add poppler-data pack to lucide Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.3.3 defect closed Mar 20, 2011 Mar 25, 2011 ataylor

PDF files with Japanese text that do not embed the required fonts, but specify installed (system) fonts like "MS Mincho" do not display that text under Lucide.

Lucide apparently does not resolve the specified fonts correctly.

#327 Lucide 1.4.0 beta runs very slowly... Lucide Core 1.4.0 defect closed Oct 11, 2016 Jun 20, 2020 babydoc

I run eCS2.2b2. I use ANPM to install libraries. I installed Lucide 1.4.0 following all instructions as well as GMB. Lucide runs but it opens pdf pages slowly and is very slow to change pages in a pdf. It seems to run well when displaying JPGs. I have cheched and rechecked for duplicate DLLs and eliminated them.

#134 warpin: create internal packages for all languages Lucide Core 1.3.3 enhancement Silvan Scherrer closed Sep 27, 2007 Apr 18, 2011 bart

Life would be a lot easier if all the languages inside the warpin package would be in a separate language package ( not a separate file ) this way you can select the language you want to install.

this will prevent a dutch user interface on a English system with a dutch locale.

also this would be very convenient for eComstation install.


#96 Remember last selected printer during session Lucide Core 1.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Oct 30, 2006 Dec 7, 2006 bart

If you select a file to print, remember the printer someone chooses for the rest of the session. Now it always selects the default printer.

#1 There are no build instructions Lucide Core Beta 1 task somebody closed May 7, 2006 May 28, 2006 bart

Please create a page in the wiki with:

Compilers used for the components Tools used with versions

Makefile to build it completely.


#3 Error: Couldn't create a font for 'Helvetica' Lucide Core Beta 1 defect somebody closed May 13, 2006 May 28, 2006 bart

I get a lot of errors like this when opening redbooks

#2 Remember last browsed directory Lucide Core Beta 1 enhancement somebody closed May 13, 2006 May 14, 2006 bart

If I open a document it will always show the document open dialog in the executable directory, make sure it remembers the last directory the user navigated too

#149 WPS-Integration: Enable RMB-Print for PDF-Files Lucide Core 1.4.2 enhancement new Nov 11, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 batchheizer

It would be nice, if a user opens the context-menu of a PDF-file and clicks print than Lucide would send the document to the selected printer. OOorgWPS has this feature.

#143 Greek Unicode in Bookmarks Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 29, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 batchheizer

If a PDF-file contains a bookmark with Greek (and perhaps the same with other special-character-Languages) Unicode-characters, the characters cannot be displayed by Lucide. Only "Häuschen" appear.

With AR5 everything looks fine.

#147 Display DJVU Meta-Informations Plugin: DjVu 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 2, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 batchheizer

Lucide should be able to display meta-informations of a djvu-file. But the window "Display-Documentinformations" is always empty. These informations contain simple values about Author, Title etc.

They can easily be edited using djvused-command set-meta. (Does not work with current OS/2-port, 3.5.12 of djvulibre).

#146 Add OCR-Text-Feature to djvu-plugin Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 29, 2008 May 4, 2011 batchheizer

DJVu-files could contain OCR-created text of the (picture-)document displayed. This text is created with the djvu-file (not possible with the OS/2-DJVU-Pack but online: http://djvu.org/any2djvu/). Some viewers can display (and search) the text.

For example: javadjvu


Create a OCR-djvu-File, start it with javadjvu and look what I mean.

It would be great, if Lucide could display the text too.

#148 Bookmarks of DJVU-File Plugin: DjVu 1.0 Beta 3 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 2, 2008 May 4, 2011 batchheizer

Lucide should be able to read and display the outline-structure of a djvu-file (bookmarks). Now it only displays "Page 1" etc. in bookmarks-section.

#145 Update DjVu-libre to 3.5.21 Plugin: DjVu 1.3 enhancement rbri closed Aug 29, 2008 Jan 5, 2010 batchheizer

Update DjVu?-libre to 3.5.21.

#144 RuntimeError: instance.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 29, 2008 Feb 23, 2009 batchheizer

How to Reproduce

While doing a GET operation on /attachment/ticket/143/, Trac issued an internal error.

(please provide additional details here)

Request parameters:

{'action': u'new',
 'attachfilebutton': u'Attach file',
 'path': u'143/',
 'realm': u'ticket'}

User Agent was: Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; U; Warp 4.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080715 PmWFx/

System Information

Trac 0.11
Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Jul 31 2008, 14:58:20)
[GCC 3.4.6 [FreeBSD] 20060305]
setuptools 0.6c8
SQLite 3.3.7
pysqlite 2.3.5
Genshi 0.5.1
mod_python 3.3.1
Pygments 0.10
Subversion 1.5.1 (r32289)
jQuery: 1.2.3

Python Traceback

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/web/main.py", line 423, in _dispatch_request
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/web/main.py", line 173, in dispatch
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/web/main.py", line 286, in _pre_process_request
    chosen_handler = filter_.pre_process_request(req, chosen_handler)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/versioncontrol/api.py", line 79, in pre_process_request
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/versioncontrol/api.py", line 142, in get_repository
    repos = self._connector.get_repository(rtype, rdir, authname)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/versioncontrol/svn_fs.py", line 277, in get_repository
    'branches': self.branches})
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/versioncontrol/svn_fs.py", line 387, in __init__
    self.pool = Pool()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Trac-0.11-py2.5.egg/trac/versioncontrol/svn_fs.py", line 151, in __init__
    self._pool = core.svn_pool_create(self._parent_pool())
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/svn/core.py", line 248, in svn_pool_create
    return Pool(parent_pool)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 1440, in svn_pool_create
    return apply(_core.svn_pool_create, args)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 5010, in _wrap
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 4923, in set_parent_pool
    self._parent_pool = parent_pool or application_pool
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 4911, in <lambda>
    __setattr__ = lambda self, name, value: _swig_setattr(self, apr_pool_t, name, value)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 24, in _swig_setattr
    return _swig_setattr_nondynamic(self,class_type,name,value,0)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/libsvn/core.py", line 19, in _swig_setattr_nondynamic
    self.__dict__[name] = value
RuntimeError: instance.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode

#250 Printing Problems Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Nov 16, 2012 Sep 3, 2014 bottomtop

Trying to print to Lexmark Optra s1625. A print job is visible in the spooler for a very very short time and the printer will run a warm-up cycle, but no pages print. The only other available printer is postscript. When Lucide prints to a postscript printer the actual postrcipt control file commands (rather than the file) are printed.

#157 Lucide 1.2 Printer margins are not remembered after printing Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Apr 1, 2009 Mar 13, 2016 cfly

PLEASE make Lucide remember the printer margins when I change the defaults on the print dialog page! I have to change them EVERY time I print as the defaults make no sense at all. I find this very frustrating.(HP 960C)

#156 Printer margins reset when change printer "properties" (Lucide 1.2) Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.3 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Apr 1, 2009 Nov 11, 2009 cfly

In Lucide 1.2 if I have set the printer margins on the print dialog page and then go to Properties of the printer. I find the margins reset when I come back to the print dialog page.

#66 Feature to subsequently load supported files in same directory Lucide Core enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 19, 2006 Aug 10, 2007 christian.hennecke@…

PMView offers a feature that lets you load the next file of a supported file format that resides in the same directory as the currently loaded file. By pressing the plus and minus keys, you can subsequently step through all images in a directory. Very useful for, e.g., viewing digital photographs. Such a feature would greatly enhance Lucide's usability.

#238 Will only save the first time entries are made into form document. Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Jan 18, 2012 Feb 18, 2019 cliff185

This is very strange. I enter data into a form and do a "save as" and it saves it fine. Next I reopen the form and make some changes in the form data and do another "save as" and the saved file does not have the changes. It is like it keeps the original in memory and only saves that, but the changes somehow don't make it into that original in memory to be saved.

Also, after doing a "save as" of an updated form as mentioned above, when Lucide is closed it comes up with a message that the document has changed, do you want to save it. If a yes response is given the results are as above, i.e. the changes are not saved so in essence the opened form is saved again with none of the data changes.

#235 Lucide 1.3.4 Beta 2 will not start Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Jan 12, 2012 Jan 12, 2012 cliff185

Trying to start gives this error: Error Loading Lucide.dll:Can't find module STDCPP (SYS0002).

#65 Slow scrolling/paging when graphics present Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 19, 2006 Jan 12, 2012 cliff185@…

When viewing a PDF with significant graphics the scrolling/paging is quite slow in comparision with Innotek Acorbat 5.1 Beta. The difference is in the order of 4 - 5 times in some cases. Text only scrolling is very nice, it is only the graphics that brings it to its knees. This is seen when using the mouse or keyboard.

#252 Lucide Menu Bar Navigation is not standard Lucide Core 1.3 defect closed Jan 24, 2013 Feb 18, 2013 cmcampb

I opened Lucide, and wanted to look at a recently opened document. So I pressed the Alt+d key combination to open the "Document" drop down menu, and nothing happened. When I pressed Alt alone, the first menu item (Document) was highlighted, and I could press the down arrow key to see the drop down menu, and the right and left arrow keys to navigate the menu bar. Also, I could press Alt, then press any of the letters underlined on the menu bar (D,E,V,W,H), and behavior was correct (the drop down menu appeared).

#56 Scrolling problems Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 2 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 18, 2006 Jul 20, 2006 cyberpastor@…

Scrolling seems very erratic. At no time have I been able to get the scroll bars to do anything, either by dragging or by clicking on the Up/Down? buttons. Sometimes the PgUp/PgDn? keys will work, but I keep finding the program in a state where these do nothing either and nor do Lucide's own forward/backward buttons.

Aha! This seems to happen when I select View -> Continuous. With this selected, even double-clicking on the pages in the navigation pane does nothing either; nor does View -> Next Page.

#26 Lucide does not display graph correctly in pdf Lucide Core defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 13, 2006 Jul 18, 2006 cytan299@…

Lucide does not show the dots in the graph in my pdf file(which I will gladly send to you). It displays correctly in Acrobat and in ghostview.

#377 Lucide is incredibly slow reading PDFs over network (Samba share) Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect new Apr 23, 2019 Jun 13, 2020 darcio

I have the latest Lucide test version installed and as I attempted to move my locally stored documents to the LAN NAS box (ZyXel? 325 V2) I discovered that attempting to view any PDFs stored on that NAS box is incredibly slow. Local storage is fast though.

I'm using NetDrive? ( here with the latest Samba client (samba-client.i686 - 4.9.5-1.oc00). Indeed, reading other files appears to move along pretty quickly, JPG images are fast, as are MP4 files. Only the PDFs appear to suffer.

I opened a thread on this topic here (https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,2034.0.html). Paul reviewed the samba client logs and ollowing some troubleshooting suggestions I discovered that Lucide 1.3.5 GA does not appear to suffer from the same problem.

Not sure what additional info/logs to provide at the moment to help troubleshoot further.

#376 Attempting to open a PDF file causes a trap in OPENJP27 Plugin: JPG 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Mar 16, 2019 Mar 29, 2019 darcio

Using Lucide 1.41 RC_4 (2019-01-08) release here. Attempting to open a Brother HL5470DW User Guide (manual) crashes Lucide.

Looking at the trap dump I find the following:

Exceptq Version: 7.11.3-shl (Jul 5 2016)

Exception C0000005 - Access Violation

Process: G:\APPS\GENERAL\LUCIDE\LUCIDE.EXE (01/08/2019 14:43:23 16,757) PID: DF (223) TID: 04 (4) Slot: D3 (211) Priority: 200

Module: OPENJP27 Filename: G:\USR\LIB\OPENJP27.DLL (11/02/2018 14:46:08 203,792) Address: 005B:10562DB2 (0001:00002DB2) Cause: Unknown access fault

So it looks like the JPG module is at fault? I flagged the ticket 'Component: Plugin:JPG', but please change if that is not correct.

I will u/l the EXCEPTQ trap file next. The problem PDF file is about 4MB in size, not sure if I can u/l for your review or not - will try, although I'm thinking the size is too big.

#349 Change the "Save As" FOC behaviour to allow selection of TARGET filename UI 1.4.0 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed May 13, 2017 Feb 18, 2019 darcio

This is an Enhancement request.

I would like the ability to simply point to an existing filename as a TARGET destination in the FOC dialogue box during the "Save As" operation.

Today I can not do so, instead I have to re-type the full TARGET filename. This is tedious and replacing it with a quick "point and click" would make the saving process to much quicker.

This request may be similar to #330 (http://trac.netlabs.org/lucide/ticket/330), although I think there are specific differences here when it comes to the clean-up tasks for where there original PDF file was located (this strictly deals with on-line PDF content viewing).

#355 Lucide 1.40 GA - crashes with large PDF files Backend 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Apr 6, 2018 Sep 23, 2018 darcio

Lucide has been a pretty reliable PDF viewer for the most part, always displaying PDFs correctly but having some problems with printing. For the big print jobs I have been using GSView instead.

Recently I started work on Python programming and needed to review some PDF books. These are fairly large, some 25Meg in size. Attempting to open them (tried several) produce a crash. No error entry is present in popuplog.os2 though, nothing in the trap location either.

The Lucide 'Plugin list' shows lupplr (PDF plugin, based on poppler library 0.52.0) as the PDF plug-in. Since I have a YUM/RPM 'pentium4' platform install here I have the following pre-requisite modules installed:

libc.i686 (0.6.6-35.oc00)
libgcc1.pentium4 (
libgcc-fwd.pentium4 (
libstdc++6.pentium4 (
libsupc++6.pentium4 (
poppler.pentium4 (0.52.0-1.oc00)
poppler-data.noarch (0.4.7-2.oc00)
djvulibre.pentium4 (3.5.27-3.oc00)
uclip.pentium4 (0.3.0-1.oc00)
GBMDLL.i686 (1.76-1.oc00)

...but I do not have the libjpeg package, instead I am using: libjpeg-turbo.pentium4 (1.5.1-1.oc00).

I am guessing the large PDF filesize is causing a problem. To hopefully simply the troubleshooting I will u/l one of the PDF files, assuming I can get something that large attached to the ticket.

#347 Lucide release 1.4.0 GA crashes if more than single instance started Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Apr 17, 2017 Sep 23, 2018 darcio

Attempting to open more than a single instance of Lucide causes a crash.

It does not appear to matter what document is being displayed. I encountered this while attempting to display multiple PDFs, however upon additional testing I can confirm that even when starting just the Lucide program, any other attempts to start a new instance will TRAP.

#346 Lucide release 1.4.0 GA causes the RC3 PDF plug-in to stop working. Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 14, 2017 Apr 21, 2017 darcio

Previous version, 1.4.0 RC3 had the PDF plug-in working successfully. Having upgraded to 1.4.0 GA the PDF plug-in no longer works.

The DLL contents of the directory are:

4-07-17 4:50p 1413425 0 Lucide1.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 200223 0 ludjvu.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 224075 0 ludoc.dll
4-07-17 4:50p 324507 0 lugbm.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 843627 0 lujpeg.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 871229 0 lupplr.dll

The previous version (1.4.0 RC3) used the following DLLs:

10-18-16 5:14p 1408130 0 Lucide1.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 200218 0 ludjvu.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 224070 0 ludoc.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 843618 0 lujpeg.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 871224 0 lupplr.dll

...where the lupplr.dll bldlevel info is:

Signature: @#Arca Noae:1.40#@##1## 2016-09-11 03:24:00 TRESBOPEEP::EN
:US:0:M:@@ lupoppler DLL Copyright (c) 2016 netlabs/Arca Noae 2006-2012 others All rights reserved
Vendor: Arca Noae
Revision: 1.40
Date/Time?: 2016-09-11 03:24:00
Build Machine: TRESBOPEEP
Language Code: EN
Country Code: US
File Version: 1.40
Description: lupoppler DLL Copyright (c) 2016
netlabs/Arca Noae 2006-2012 others All rights

My system has the following RPM poppler packages installed:

poppler-data (0.4.7-2)
poppler-legacy-63 (0.47.0-1)
poppler-legacy-65 (0.49.0-2)

I suspect this is a poppler issue since the symptoms are identical to what I saw during my poppler packge upgrade and was resolved in ticket #341

#343 Latest RPM release of Poppler library breaks PDF plug-in in Lucide 1.4.0 beta Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 defect closed Mar 14, 2017 Mar 18, 2017 darcio

As the summary points out, the latest drop of Poppler library. Any PDF file no long displays, Lucid shows error message stating:

"Can't find suitable plugin for specified document"

Attempting to view available plugins does not show anything for PDFs.

#325 Upgrade from 1.3.5 GA to 1.4.0 produces no working plugins. Packaging 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Sep 25, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 darcio

To be clear, I did not use RPM/YUM to install. Instead I followed the README details and downloaded all the applicable packages and extracted just the DLLs. I then cross-referenced this with the ZIP version of the packages (as available on the netlabs ZIP folder) and confirmed the right DLLs were available.

By default no plugins are recognized. The only way I can get any plugins to be activated is to move the 1.3.5 GA version of the DLL into the Lucide 1.4.0 program working directory.

This implies the poppler/djvulibre/libjpeg installations are non-functioning. I suspect I am missing some other DLL, or that the RPM/YUM install method itself re-organizes the OS/2 install in some other way beyond the drop of the correct DLLs.

#86 Open file dialog does not display files by type if filename has more than one dot Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 6, 2006 Sep 3, 2007 dave@…

The open file dialog finds all pdf files in directory except those that have more than one dot in the file name.

Finds UserManual?-MioMap?-v3_2-C710-UK.pdf fails to find UserManual?-MioMap?-v3.2-C710-UK.pdf

This *might* be an OS/2 limitation on the open file box though. I am not certain.

#375 Page number input fields are extremely user unfriendly. UI 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect new Mar 10, 2019 Mar 10, 2019 dazarewicz

Normally, in previous versions, you could click on a page number input field, backspace and type the page number you wanted. Now you can't.

Previously, you could edit the number by typing, backspacing, etc. to provide the page number you wanted. Now you can't.

It seems that now the page number entry fields only allow in-range, perfectly valid page numbers *always* even while entering the number. This is extreme and extremely unfriendly. Page number entry fields should allow anything to be typed, including a blank field, until the filed is exited. Checking should only be done on exiting the entry field.

#184 Add command line switch to silently print given file Lucide Core 1.2 1.4.0 enhancement closed Apr 22, 2010 Mar 13, 2016 dcs

Given the printing problems from Firefox 3+ it would be usefull to be able to invoke lucide thus:

lucide --print some-file.pdf --printer foo

Whereby lucide never becomes visible and just dumps the file to the given printer. It is easy to catch the pdf hitting the desktop with the XWP hook, but one then has to select print and close from within lucide. Further, because lucide is a PM app the window running the hook script also becomes visible on lucide closing and has to be minimised - again. :-(

#334 Lucide does not show all fields that can be edted. Backend 1.4.0 1.4.2 defect new Dec 23, 2016 Apr 2, 2020 dgbisse

I have a form PPTC153.pdf (attached) that has fields that can be edited. Some fields do not enable for editing. They do show in QPDFView, and they are dropdown lists. Specifically in section 1: Marital status, and Province/Territory/State?. In section 4, there is something similar in Country, but no dropdown arrow.

There may be more, that I haven't stumbled over.

#244 wis script errors Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 2, 2012 Mar 13, 2016 Silvan Scherrer

Spotted a couple of textual errors in the object creation bit of the WarpIN script.


The ") characters should not be there.

This applies to packages 5, 8 and 10.

#205 Firefox PDF Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.3.4 defect closed Jul 5, 2010 Mar 2, 2012 Silvan Scherrer

Lucide doesn't print Firefox pdf in PS format, if the printer uses A4

#234 adjust readme and wpi Lucide Core 1.2 1.3.4 task closed Jan 12, 2012 Feb 7, 2012 Silvan Scherrer

readme and wpi needs an adjustment to reflect the new prereqs.

#222 update poppler and freetype Lucide Core 1.3 1.3.3 task closed Mar 1, 2011 Mar 7, 2011 Silvan Scherrer

update the above libs to latest versions.

#183 readme Lucide Core 1.2 1.3.2 enhancement closed Apr 22, 2010 Apr 22, 2010 Silvan Scherrer
  • also add _VERSION_ and _BUILD_ tag to readme
  • change makefile.kmk according to that

#162 opensource lucide Lucide Core 1.0 1.3 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jul 30, 2009 Dec 7, 2009 Silvan Scherrer

as it seems there is no more process at lucide, why not opensource it. so possible a couple of bugs could be fixed.

#181 Allow Save As to save to the same file Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed Apr 20, 2010 Feb 18, 2019 dmik

Currently, we programmatically disable saving the viewed document under the same name (see #178 for details). We should make it possible one day. An universal method that should work for all plugins (no matter if they internally support it or not) is to:

  • Save to a temporary file in the same target directory.
  • Close the current document.
  • Delete the original file.
  • Rename the temporary file to the original name.
  • Reopen the original file.

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