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(edit) @586   5 years Gregg Young Updated Czech translation from xhajt03
(edit) @583   5 years Lewis Rosenthal readme: corrected dependency list for yum and ANPM installation; help: …
(edit) @559   5 years rbri cleanup the text a bit, remove duplicate apm call description
(edit) @558   5 years Lewis Rosenthal Updated changelog, Engish readme and help for thumbnail handling, …
(edit) @529   5 years Lewis Rosenthal Various textual changes; tickets [284, 285, 286, 287]
(edit) @526   5 years Lewis Rosenthal Updated readme and changelog in preparation for tagging 1.3.6 release
(edit) @520   6 years Matthias Waltenberger Various build conf changes for GCC 4.9.2 (incl Steven's patch), #266
(edit) @517   9 years Silvan Scherrer Lucide 1.3.5 GA
(edit) @504   10 years Silvan Scherrer Lucide: updated readme, makefile and wis script
(edit) @492   11 years dmik Name spelling.
(edit) @482   11 years Silvan Scherrer Lucide better NLS support
(edit) @478   11 years Silvan Scherrer shit forgot to disable debug
(edit) @440   12 years dmik Removed current version from readme (it doesn't carry anything useful …
(edit) @399   12 years dmik Renamed "Full screen" mode to "Presentation" mode (activated by F5 …
(edit) @383   12 years Silvan Scherrer updated readme
(edit) @373   12 years dmik Updated copyright in readme.
(edit) @244   14 years Eugene Romanenko readme update
(edit) @239   14 years Eugene Romanenko upd docs
(edit) @220   14 years Eugene Romanenko ... and fix readme
(edit) @215   14 years Eugene Romanenko - If the filename does not have an extension or the extension is …
(edit) @214   14 years Eugene Romanenko Quality scaling in JPEG plugin (still buggy)
(edit) @196   15 years Eugene Romanenko readme: add urls for 'problems/limitations' section
(edit) @187   15 years Eugene Romanenko readme text fix
(edit) @186   15 years Eugene Romanenko readme, warpin script update
(edit) @183   15 years Eugene Romanenko Odd/Even? printing for 'As Image' printing, pdf plugin: fix document title
(edit) @152   15 years Eugene Romanenko pipe commands
(edit) @108   15 years Eugene Romanenko Updated Swedish NLS-file
(edit) @91   15 years Eugene Romanenko bitmap printing, preliminary postscript printing, export to PS for …
(edit) @75   16 years Eugene Romanenko Updated changelog and readme
(edit) @47   16 years ktk rephrased License part
(edit) @46   16 years ktk fixed typos
(edit) @45   16 years ktk updated readme with more details
(edit) @37   16 years Eugene Romanenko fixed crash on copying large block of text to clipboard
(add) @30   16 years Eugene Romanenko some updates, added simple readme, about dialog
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