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Apr 19, 2010, 10:59:28 PM (11 years ago)

Updated version to 1.31.

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    r372 r416  
     2  - Renamed "Full screen" mode to "Presentation" mode (activated by F5 now) and
     3    renamed "Maximized view" mode to "Full screen" mode (same F11 shortcut),
     4    for clarity and similarity with other applications (closed ticket #176).
     5  - Renamed "$switchfullscreen" pipe command to "$presentation".
     6  - Fixed copy to clipboard in presentation mode (closed ticket #169). All
     7    normal accelerators now work in presentation mode too, including Ctrl-O,
     8    Ctrl-+, Ctrl-- and so on.
     9  - Both the full screen and presentation modes can now be closed by Alt-F4.
     10  - The full screen or presentation mode is properly saved when exiting Lucide
     11    and restored at startup.
     12  - If Lucide is closed minimized, it will be automatically restored at startup.
     13  - Pressing the "+/=" key moves to the next page (previously, it was necessary
     14    to hold Shift to make it work in many keyboard layouts).
     15  - Made copy to clipboard work in input fields in presentation mode.
     16  - Made copy to clipboard work in the document information dialog with Ctrl+C/
     17    Ctrl+Ins (closed ticket #142). Ctrl+A/Ctrl+/ may be used to select all
     18    lines for copying. This dialog can be now activated with Ctrl+I.
     19  - Made copy to clipboard work in the font information dialog.
     20  - Unified keyboard navigation in all modes (closed ticket #177):
     21    * Home/End/PgUp/PgDn scroll to the first/last/previous/next page.
     22    * Ctrl+Home/End/PgUp/PgDn go to the top of the first/last/previous/next page.
     23    * Left/Right/Up/Down scroll the page to the corresponding direction.
     24    * Ctrl+Left/Right/Up/Down scroll to the corresponding edge of the page.
     25  - Auto-scroll the index window to make sure the current page is always visible.
     26  - Made Enter submit the edited text in multi-line entry fields. Ctrl+Enter
     27    may be used to start a new line.
     28  - Fixed scrolling the document with RMB and enabled it in presentation mode
     29    (closed ticket #124).
     30  - Fixed loading JPEG files broken in 1.30.
    234  - PDF plugin: added support for filling forms in PDF documents (closed ticket
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