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Apr 19, 2010, 10:59:28 PM (11 years ago)

Updated version to 1.31.

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  • trunk/Config.kmk

    r386 r416  
    1010# Lucide version string
    12 VERSION         = 1.30
    14 # if you want a versiondate add it to LocalConfig.kmk
    15 VERSIONDATE     =
     12VERSION         = 1.31
     14# Lucide version date
     15VERSIONDATE     = 2010-04-20
  • trunk/Lucide/changelog

    r372 r416  
     2  - Renamed "Full screen" mode to "Presentation" mode (activated by F5 now) and
     3    renamed "Maximized view" mode to "Full screen" mode (same F11 shortcut),
     4    for clarity and similarity with other applications (closed ticket #176).
     5  - Renamed "$switchfullscreen" pipe command to "$presentation".
     6  - Fixed copy to clipboard in presentation mode (closed ticket #169). All
     7    normal accelerators now work in presentation mode too, including Ctrl-O,
     8    Ctrl-+, Ctrl-- and so on.
     9  - Both the full screen and presentation modes can now be closed by Alt-F4.
     10  - The full screen or presentation mode is properly saved when exiting Lucide
     11    and restored at startup.
     12  - If Lucide is closed minimized, it will be automatically restored at startup.
     13  - Pressing the "+/=" key moves to the next page (previously, it was necessary
     14    to hold Shift to make it work in many keyboard layouts).
     15  - Made copy to clipboard work in input fields in presentation mode.
     16  - Made copy to clipboard work in the document information dialog with Ctrl+C/
     17    Ctrl+Ins (closed ticket #142). Ctrl+A/Ctrl+/ may be used to select all
     18    lines for copying. This dialog can be now activated with Ctrl+I.
     19  - Made copy to clipboard work in the font information dialog.
     20  - Unified keyboard navigation in all modes (closed ticket #177):
     21    * Home/End/PgUp/PgDn scroll to the first/last/previous/next page.
     22    * Ctrl+Home/End/PgUp/PgDn go to the top of the first/last/previous/next page.
     23    * Left/Right/Up/Down scroll the page to the corresponding direction.
     24    * Ctrl+Left/Right/Up/Down scroll to the corresponding edge of the page.
     25  - Auto-scroll the index window to make sure the current page is always visible.
     26  - Made Enter submit the edited text in multi-line entry fields. Ctrl+Enter
     27    may be used to start a new line.
     28  - Fixed scrolling the document with RMB and enabled it in presentation mode
     29    (closed ticket #124).
     30  - Fixed loading JPEG files broken in 1.30.
    234  - PDF plugin: added support for filling forms in PDF documents (closed ticket
  • trunk/warpin/lucide_wpi.wis

    r377 r416  
    202 Lucide is licensed for use with eComStation only. You are not allowed to
    203 distribute the product by uploading it to public Internet servers or by any
    204 other means make it publicly available.
     202Starting with version 1.3.0 Mensys BV and Serenity Systems International
     203have agreed in opensourcing Lucide, while still investing in the product. would like to express it's gratitude toward Mensys BV and
     205Serenity Systems International.</P>
     207Lucide as of version 1.3.0 is released and distributed under CDDL/LGPL.</P>
    206209The plugins are released under CDDL/LGPL or GPL, depending on the plugin. See
    207 for more information and source code.
     210 for more information and source code.</P>
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