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JPEG plugin: libjpeg updated to version 7

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  • trunk/libjpeg/change.log

    r15 r283  
    11CHANGE LOG for Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
     4Version 7  27-Jun-2009
     7New scaled DCTs implemented.
     8djpeg now supports scalings N/8 with all N from 1 to 16.
     9cjpeg now supports scalings 8/N with all N from 1 to 16.
     10Scaled DCTs with size larger than 8 are now also used for resolving the
     11common 2x2 chroma subsampling case without additional spatial resampling.
     12Separate spatial resampling for those kind of files is now only necessary
     13for N>8 scaling cases.
     14Furthermore, separate scaled DCT functions are provided for direct resolving
     15of the common asymmetric subsampling cases (2x1 and 1x2) without additional
     16spatial resampling.
     18cjpeg -quality option has been extended for support of separate quality
     19settings for luminance and chrominance (or in general, for every provided
     20quantization table slot).
     21New API function jpeg_default_qtables() and q_scale_factor array in library.
     23Added -nosmooth option to cjpeg, complementary to djpeg.
     24New variable "do_fancy_downsampling" in library, complement to fancy
     25upsampling.  Fancy upsampling now uses direct DCT scaling with sizes
     26larger than 8.  The old method is not reversible and has been removed.
     28Support arithmetic entropy encoding and decoding.
     29Added files jaricom.c, jcarith.c, jdarith.c.
     31Straighten the file structure:
     32Removed files jidctred.c, jcphuff.c, jchuff.h, jdphuff.c, jdhuff.h.
     34jpegtran has a new "lossless" cropping feature.
     36Implement -perfect option in jpegtran, new API function
     37jtransform_perfect_transform() in transupp. (DP 204_perfect.dpatch)
     39Better error messages for jpegtran fopen failure.
     40(DP 203_jpegtran_errmsg.dpatch)
     42Fix byte order issue with 16bit PPM/PGM files in rdppm.c/wrppm.c:
     43according to Netpbm, the de facto standard implementation of the PNM formats,
     44the most significant byte is first. (DP 203_rdppm.dpatch)
     46Add -raw option to rdjpgcom not to mangle the output.
     47(DP 205_rdjpgcom_raw.dpatch)
     49Make rdjpgcom locale aware. (DP 201_rdjpgcom_locale.dpatch)
     51Add extern "C" to jpeglib.h.
     52This avoids the need to put extern "C" { ... } around #include "jpeglib.h"
     53in your C++ application.  Defining the symbol DONT_USE_EXTERN_C in the
     54configuration prevents this. (DP 202_jpeglib.h_c++.dpatch)
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