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1                     Overview of the Expat distribution
3The Expat distribution creates several subdirectories on your system.
4Some of these directories contain components of interest to all Expat
5users, and some contain material of interest to developers who wish to
6use Expat in their applications.  In the list below, <top> is the
7directory you specified to the installer.
9    Directory           Contents
10    --------------------------------------------------------------------
11    <top>\              The XML well-formedness checker and some general
12                        information files.
14    <top>\Doc\          API documentation for developers.
16    <top>\Libs\         Pre-compiled dynamic libraries for developers.
18    <top>\StaticLibs\   Pre-compiled static libraries for developers.
20    <top>\Source\       Source code, which may interest some developers,
21                        including a workspace for Microsft Visual C++.
22                        The source code includes the parser, the well-
23                        formedness checker, and a couple of small sample
24                        applications.
26    <top>\Source\bcb5\  Project files for Borland C++ Builder 5 and BCC
27                        5.5.
29    <top>\Unistall\     The uninstaller and its data files.
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