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[15]1# Makefile for Independent JPEG Group's software
3# This makefile is suitable for Watcom C/C++ 10.0 on MS-DOS (using
4# dos4g extender), OS/2, and Windows NT console mode.
5# Thanks to Janos Haide,
7# Read installation instructions before saying "wmake" !!
9# Uncomment line for desired system
[283]10# Lucide
15# The name of your C compiler:
16CC= wcl386
18# You may need to adjust these cc options:
[283]19# Lucide
20CFLAGS= -4r -ort -wx -zq -bt=$(SYSTEM)
[236]21CFLAGS=-zq -zp=8 -bm -ot -ox -oh -5 -fp5 -bt=$(SYSTEM)
23# Caution: avoid -ol or -ox; these generate bad code with 10.0 or 10.0a.
24# Generally, we recommend defining any configuration symbols in jconfig.h,
25# NOT via -D switches here.
27# Link-time cc options:
28!ifeq SYSTEM DOS
29LDFLAGS= -zq -l=dos4g
30!else ifeq SYSTEM OS2
31LDFLAGS= -zq -l=os2v2
32!else ifeq SYSTEM NT
33LDFLAGS= -zq -l=nt
36# Put here the object file name for the correct system-dependent memory
37# manager file.  jmemnobs should work fine for dos4g or OS/2 environment.
38SYSDEPMEM= jmemnobs.obj
40# End of configurable options.
43# source files: JPEG library proper
[283]44LIBSOURCES= jaricom.c jcapimin.c jcapistd.c jcarith.c jccoefct.c jccolor.c &
45        jcdctmgr.c jchuff.c jcinit.c jcmainct.c jcmarker.c jcmaster.c &
46        jcomapi.c jcparam.c jcprepct.c jcsample.c jctrans.c jdapimin.c &
47        jdapistd.c jdarith.c jdatadst.c jdatasrc.c jdcoefct.c jdcolor.c &
48        jddctmgr.c jdhuff.c jdinput.c jdmainct.c jdmarker.c jdmaster.c &
49        jdmerge.c jdpostct.c jdsample.c jdtrans.c jerror.c jfdctflt.c &
50        jfdctfst.c jfdctint.c jidctflt.c jidctfst.c jidctint.c jquant1.c &
[15]51        jquant2.c jutils.c jmemmgr.c
52# memmgr back ends: compile only one of these into a working library
53SYSDEPSOURCES= jmemansi.c jmemname.c jmemnobs.c jmemdos.c jmemmac.c
54# source files: cjpeg/djpeg/jpegtran applications, also rdjpgcom/wrjpgcom
55APPSOURCES= cjpeg.c djpeg.c jpegtran.c rdjpgcom.c wrjpgcom.c cdjpeg.c &
56        rdcolmap.c rdswitch.c transupp.c rdppm.c wrppm.c rdgif.c wrgif.c &
57        rdtarga.c wrtarga.c rdbmp.c wrbmp.c rdrle.c wrrle.c
59# files included by source files
[283]60INCLUDES= jdct.h jerror.h jinclude.h jmemsys.h jmorecfg.h jpegint.h &
61        jpeglib.h jversion.h cdjpeg.h cderror.h transupp.h
[15]62# documentation, test, and support files
[283]63DOCS= README install.txt usage.txt cjpeg.1 djpeg.1 jpegtran.1 rdjpgcom.1 &
64        wrjpgcom.1 wizard.txt example.c libjpeg.txt structure.txt &
65        coderules.txt filelist.txt change.log
66MKFILES= configure makefile.ansi makefile.unix makefile.bcc &
67        makefile.mc6 makefile.wat makejdsw.vc6 &
68        makeadsw.vc6 makejdep.vc6 makejdsp.vc6 makejmak.vc6 makecdep.vc6 &
69        makecdsp.vc6 makecmak.vc6 makeddep.vc6 makeddsp.vc6 makedmak.vc6 &
70        maketdep.vc6 maketdsp.vc6 maketmak.vc6 makerdep.vc6 makerdsp.vc6 &
71        makermak.vc6 makewdep.vc6 makewdsp.vc6 makewmak.vc6 makejsln.vc9 &
72        makeasln.vc9 makejvcp.vc9 makecvcp.vc9 makedvcp.vc9 maketvcp.vc9 &
73        makervcp.vc9 makewvcp.vc9 makeproj.mac &
74 makefile.manx makefile.mms &
75        makefile.vms makvms.opt
[15]76CONFIGFILES= jconfig.cfg jconfig.bcc jconfig.mc6 jconfig.wat &
77 jconfig.mac jconfig.manx &
78        jconfig.vms
[283]79CONFIGUREFILES= config.guess config.sub install-sh depcomp missing
80OTHERFILES= jconfig.txt ckconfig.c ansi2knr.c ansi2knr.1 jmemdosa.asm &
[15]82TESTFILES= testorig.jpg testimg.ppm testimg.bmp testimg.jpg testprog.jpg &
83        testimgp.jpg
86# library object files common to compression and decompression
[283]87COMOBJECTS= jaricom.obj jcomapi.obj jutils.obj jerror.obj jmemmgr.obj $(SYSDEPMEM)
[15]88# compression library object files
[283]89CLIBOBJECTS= jcapimin.obj jcapistd.obj jcarith.obj jctrans.obj jcparam.obj &
90        jdatadst.obj jcinit.obj jcmaster.obj jcmarker.obj jcmainct.obj &
91        jcprepct.obj jccoefct.obj jccolor.obj jcsample.obj jchuff.obj &
[15]92        jcdctmgr.obj jfdctfst.obj jfdctflt.obj jfdctint.obj
93# decompression library object files
[283]94DLIBOBJECTS= jdapimin.obj jdapistd.obj jdarith.obj jdtrans.obj jdatasrc.obj &
95        jdmaster.obj jdinput.obj jdmarker.obj jdhuff.obj jdmainct.obj &
96        jdcoefct.obj jdpostct.obj jddctmgr.obj jidctfst.obj jidctflt.obj &
97        jidctint.obj jdsample.obj jdcolor.obj jquant1.obj jquant2.obj &
98        jdmerge.obj
[15]99# These objectfiles are included in libjpeg.lib
101# object files for sample applications (excluding library files)
102COBJECTS= cjpeg.obj rdppm.obj rdgif.obj rdtarga.obj rdrle.obj rdbmp.obj &
103        rdswitch.obj cdjpeg.obj
104DOBJECTS= djpeg.obj wrppm.obj wrgif.obj wrtarga.obj wrrle.obj wrbmp.obj &
105        rdcolmap.obj cdjpeg.obj
106TROBJECTS= jpegtran.obj rdswitch.obj cdjpeg.obj transupp.obj
[283]109all: libjpeg.lib cjpeg.exe djpeg.exe jpegtran.exe rdjpgcom.exe wrjpgcom.exe
111libjpeg.lib: $(LIBOBJECTS)
[283]112        - del libjpeg.lib
113        * wlib -n libjpeg.lib $(LIBOBJECTS)
115cjpeg.exe: $(COBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
[283]116        $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(COBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
118djpeg.exe: $(DOBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
[283]119        $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(DOBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
121jpegtran.exe: $(TROBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
[283]122        $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(TROBJECTS) libjpeg.lib
124rdjpgcom.exe: rdjpgcom.c
[283]125        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) rdjpgcom.c
127wrjpgcom.exe: wrjpgcom.c
[283]128        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) wrjpgcom.c
[283]131        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<
[283]133jconfig.h: jconfig.txt
134        echo You must prepare a system-dependent jconfig.h file.
135        echo Please read the installation directions in install.txt.
136        exit 1
138clean: .SYMBOLIC
[283]139        - del *.obj
140        - del libjpeg.lib
141        - del cjpeg.exe
142        - del djpeg.exe
143        - del jpegtran.exe
144        - del rdjpgcom.exe
145        - del wrjpgcom.exe
146        - del testout*.*
148test: cjpeg.exe djpeg.exe jpegtran.exe  .SYMBOLIC
[283]149        - del testout*.*
150        djpeg -dct int -ppm -outfile testout.ppm  testorig.jpg
151        djpeg -dct int -bmp -colors 256 -outfile testout.bmp  testorig.jpg
152        cjpeg -dct int -outfile testout.jpg  testimg.ppm
153        djpeg -dct int -ppm -outfile testoutp.ppm testprog.jpg
154        cjpeg -dct int -progressive -opt -outfile testoutp.jpg testimg.ppm
155        jpegtran -outfile testoutt.jpg testprog.jpg
[15]156!ifeq SYSTEM DOS
[283]157        fc /b testimg.ppm testout.ppm
158        fc /b testimg.bmp testout.bmp
159        fc /b testimg.jpg testout.jpg
160        fc /b testimg.ppm testoutp.ppm
161        fc /b testimgp.jpg testoutp.jpg
162        fc /b testorig.jpg testoutt.jpg
[283]164        echo n > n.tmp
165        comp testimg.ppm testout.ppm < n.tmp
166        comp testimg.bmp testout.bmp < n.tmp
167        comp testimg.jpg testout.jpg < n.tmp
168        comp testimg.ppm testoutp.ppm < n.tmp
169        comp testimgp.jpg testoutp.jpg < n.tmp
170        comp testorig.jpg testoutt.jpg < n.tmp
171        del n.tmp
[283]174# Lucide
175jaricom.obj: jaricom.c
[15]176jcapimin.obj: jcapimin.c
177jcapistd.obj: jcapistd.c
[283]178jcarith.obj: jcarith.c
[15]179jccoefct.obj: jccoefct.c
180jccolor.obj: jccolor.c
181jcdctmgr.obj: jcdctmgr.c
182jchuff.obj: jchuff.c
183jcinit.obj: jcinit.c
184jcmainct.obj: jcmainct.c
185jcmarker.obj: jcmarker.c
186jcmaster.obj: jcmaster.c
187jcomapi.obj: jcomapi.c
188jcparam.obj: jcparam.c
189jcprepct.obj: jcprepct.c
190jcsample.obj: jcsample.c
191jctrans.obj: jctrans.c
192jdapimin.obj: jdapimin.c
193jdapistd.obj: jdapistd.c
[283]194jdarith.obj: jdarith.c
[15]195jdatadst.obj: jdatadst.c
196jdatasrc.obj: jdatasrc.c
197jdcoefct.obj: jdcoefct.c
198jdcolor.obj: jdcolor.c
199jddctmgr.obj: jddctmgr.c
200jdhuff.obj: jdhuff.c
201jdinput.obj: jdinput.c
202jdmainct.obj: jdmainct.c
203jdmarker.obj: jdmarker.c
204jdmaster.obj: jdmaster.c
205jdmerge.obj: jdmerge.c
206jdpostct.obj: jdpostct.c
207jdsample.obj: jdsample.c
208jdtrans.obj: jdtrans.c
209jerror.obj: jerror.c
210jfdctflt.obj: jfdctflt.c
211jfdctfst.obj: jfdctfst.c
212jfdctint.obj: jfdctint.c
213jidctflt.obj: jidctflt.c
214jidctfst.obj: jidctfst.c
215jidctint.obj: jidctint.c
216jquant1.obj: jquant1.c
217jquant2.obj: jquant2.c
218jutils.obj: jutils.c
219jmemmgr.obj: jmemmgr.c
220jmemansi.obj: jmemansi.c
221jmemname.obj: jmemname.c
222jmemnobs.obj: jmemnobs.c
223jmemdos.obj: jmemdos.c
224jmemmac.obj: jmemmac.c
225cjpeg.obj: cjpeg.c
226djpeg.obj: djpeg.c
227jpegtran.obj: jpegtran.c
228rdjpgcom.obj: rdjpgcom.c
229wrjpgcom.obj: wrjpgcom.c
230cdjpeg.obj: cdjpeg.c
231rdcolmap.obj: rdcolmap.c
232rdswitch.obj: rdswitch.c
233transupp.obj: transupp.c
234rdppm.obj: rdppm.c
235wrppm.obj: wrppm.c
236rdgif.obj: rdgif.c
237wrgif.obj: wrgif.c
238rdtarga.obj: rdtarga.c
239wrtarga.obj: wrtarga.c
240rdbmp.obj: rdbmp.c
241wrbmp.obj: wrbmp.c
242rdrle.obj: rdrle.c
243wrrle.obj: wrrle.c
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