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35#ifndef __MESSAGES_H
36#define __MESSAGES_H
39// Toolbar hints
40extern const char *TBHINT_OPEN;
41extern const char *TBHINT_PRINT;
42extern const char *TBHINT_SHOW_NAV_PANE;
43extern const char *TBHINT_FIRST_PAGE;
44extern const char *TBHINT_PREV_PAGE;
45extern const char *TBHINT_NEXT_PAGE;
46extern const char *TBHINT_LAST_PAGE;
47extern const char *TBHINT_ACTUAL_SIZE;
48extern const char *TBHINT_FIT_WINDOW;
49extern const char *TBHINT_FIT_WIDTH;
50extern const char *TBHINT_FIND;
51extern const char *TBHINT_FINDAGAIN;
52// toolbar's page number
53extern const char *TB_PAGENUM;
55// Lucide messages
56extern const char *MSGS_MAIN_WIN_TITLE;
57extern const char *MSGS_NO_SUIT_PLUG;
58extern const char *MSGS_FILE_LOAD_ERROR;
59extern const char *MSGS_LOADING_DOCUMENT;
60extern const char *MSGS_WARNING;
61extern const char *MSGS_OVERWRITE_FILE;
62extern const char *MSGS_FILE_SAVE_ERROR;
64// Settings dialog
65extern const char *SD_SINGLE_PAGE;
66extern const char *SD_CONTINUOUS;
68// Plugins List columns titles
69extern const char *PLUGLIST_PLUGIN_NAME;
70extern const char *PLUGLIST_SUPP_EXTS;
71extern const char *PLUGLIST_PLUGIN_DESC;
73// 'Fonts Info' List columns titles
74extern const char *FONTINFO_NAME;
75extern const char *FONTINFO_TYPE;
76extern const char *FONTINFO_EMBEDDED;
79// "Document info" dialog,  Document info keys
80extern const char *DOCINFO_TITLE;
81extern const char *DOCINFO_FORMAT;
82extern const char *DOCINFO_AUTHOR;
83extern const char *DOCINFO_SUBJECT;
84extern const char *DOCINFO_KEYWORDS;
85extern const char *DOCINFO_CREATOR;
86extern const char *DOCINFO_PRODUCER;
87extern const char *DOCINFO_CREATION_DATE;
88extern const char *DOCINFO_MOD_DATE;
90// "Find" dialog, other 'find'-related messages
91extern const char *FIND_SEARCH_PAGE_OF;
92extern const char *FIND_NOT_FOUND;
94// 'Go to page' dialog
95extern const char *GTP_OF;
97// Printing, other 'print'-related messages
98extern const char *PRINT_PRINTING_PAGE_OF;
100extern const char *PRINT_SPOOLING_POSTSCRIPT;
101extern const char *PRINT_FAILED;
104#endif // __MESSAGES_H
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