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    33== Description ==
     4A collection of Widgets for the XWorkplace XCenter[[BR]]
     5(XWorkplace is the successor to Ulrich Möllers popular XFolder WPS-Enhancer utility)[[BR]]
    5 A collection of Widgets for the XWorkplace XCenter
     7== Welcome ==
     8The XCenter is a ToolBar, much like the legacy OS/2 WarpCenter.[[BR]]
     9The XCenter however, can be easily extended using plugins. These plugins are contained[[BR]]
     10in DLLs and are loaded when XCenter is started.[[BR]]
     12This project contains a collection of Widgets[[BR]]
     13which can be considered "stock widgets", meaning they can be distrubited as a whole with the XWorplace WPS Enhancer.[[BR]]
    7 XWorkplace is the successor to Ulrich Möllers popular XFolder WPS-Enhancer utility.
     15== The Widgets ==
     16=== irmon ===
     17Project Description Here
     18=== popper ===
     19Project Description Here
     20=== rexx ===
     21Project Description Here
     22=== spacer ===
     23Project Description Here
     24=== tcp ===
     25Project Description Here
     26=== usbwidget ===
     27Manage USB Storage Devices
     29== Some more information about the UsbWidget ==
     30The UsbWidget was originally started as a stand-alone widget.[[BR]]
     31It is now in the process of being integrated with the other stock-widgets[[BR]]
     32to provide the management of usb-sticks directly from the XCenter.[[BR]]
     34Besides this stock-integration,[[BR]]
     35it is receiving a "brush-up" round to tackle some 'well-known' issues.[[BR]]
     37=== Developer Notes ===
     38There exists a project clone at:[[BR]]
     40That project is *not* a fork of the original Netlabs project.[[BR]]
     41It is a *clone* done with {{{git-svn}}} with the purpose to be able[[BR]]
     42to use Git Branching for testing and feature additions.[[BR]]
     43The bi-directional mapping is:[[BR]]
     44{{{github:project~master}}} <-> {{{netlabs:project~trunk}}}[[BR]]
     46=== Reporting Problems ===
     47The preferred way is through Netlabs Track,[[BR]]
     48and you can create a new ticket using the following link:[[BR]]
     50(note: you need to be logged-in to netlabs to create a ticket)[[BR]]
     52But, before you report a new problem,[[BR]]
     53please check if the problem you are about to report[[BR]]
     54was not already reported by somebody else:[[BR]]