XWP Widgets


A collection of Widgets for the XWorkplace XCenter
(XWorkplace is the successor to Ulrich Möllers popular XFolder WPS-Enhancer utility)


The XCenter is a ToolBar, much like the legacy OS/2 WarpCenter.
The XCenter however, can be easily extended using plugins. These plugins are contained
in DLLs and are loaded when XCenter is started.

This project contains a collection of Widgets
which can be considered "stock widgets", meaning they can be distrubited as a whole with the XWorplace WPS Enhancer.

The Widgets


This widget displays the status of the infrared port/connection (if the system is so-equipped and the port is enabled).


This widget is a POP3 mail checker. Displays a configurable account name, accepts server address, port, and credentials, and checks for the existence of new mail at specified intervals. The number of waiting (unfetched) messages is displayed in the widget.


This is a collection of function widgets, including:

  • Button - Displays a button to run any specified REXX code when clicked.
  • Gauge - Displays a status bar with data returned from a specified REXX script.
  • Menu - Displays a configurable menu, built by a REXX script, limited to 5000 characters. Also displays an optional icon in the widget.
  • Monitor - Displays a monitor state (file activity, etc.) through the MONITOR stem variable returned by a REXX script. The state is defined by an icon, a text string, and possibly a tooltip.
  • Scroller - This widget is able to draw a graph with up to three lines, based on a rexx script that the user defines.


Adds a blank space between widgets.


Widget Description Here


Manage USB Storage Devices

Some more information about the UsbWidget

The UsbWidget was originally started as a stand-alone widget.
It is now in the process of being integrated with the other stock-widgets
to provide the management of usb-sticks directly from the XCenter.

Besides this stock-integration,
it is receiving a "brush-up" round to tackle some 'well-known' issues.

Developer Notes

There exists a project clone at:
That project is *not* a fork of the original Netlabs project.
It is a *clone* done with git-svn with the purpose to be able
to use Git Branching for testing and feature additions.
The bi-directional mapping is:
github:project~master <-> netlabs:project~trunk

Reporting Problems

The preferred way is through Netlabs Track,
and you can create a new ticket using the following link:
(note: you need to be logged-in to netlabs to create a ticket)

But, before you report a new problem,
please check if the problem you are about to report
was not already reported by somebody else:

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