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Welcome to the Workplace Shell Toolkit (wpstk)

The Workplace Shell Toolkit API encapsulates the complexity of the handling of some of the tasks being most time consuming to code.

The following major APIs of the Workplace Shell Toolkit possibly are of particular interest:

  • Settings and Details Manager
  • Extended Attributes Manager
  • Memory Mapped Files Manager
  • Text Message File (TMF) Support
  • NLS related functions
  • Process related functions
  • PM helper and PM control functions
  • Bubble Help API
  • Buildlevel Query and Set API

For more information:

From here you can report bugs and view your tickets.


BinariesZIP1.7.0This is the current binary release of the Workplace Shell Toolkit. Just unzip into a directory, call the environment batchfile bin\wtkenv.cmd and use it with all supported compilers
DocumentationZIP -- Workplace Shell Toolkit Programming Guide and Reference. This INF file contains the complete documentation on the set of APIs implemented in the Workplace Shell Toolkit. It is provided separately here in order to allow you to view the documentation without downloading the complete toolkit. Furthermore, this version is always as up-to-date as the INF file included in the latest binary release, but it may as well include already information about changes and new APIs that have only been applied to the CVS source tree, but are not yet included in a binary release.
Older RelasesFTP -- Older releases

Feedback and Support

If you find bugs, please create a New Ticket.

You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets. Please login with your Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at If you have troubles acquiring a Netlabs login id send an e-mail to Netlabs Community Mailing List.

For technical support, try eCS-Technical Yahoo Group.

There used to be a support mailing list at, but this group seems to have gone missing.


Christian Langanke developed wpstk. He used some code of other authors as mentioned in the included help file. This site was created while transferring the cvs source code into svn together with xwlan. Additional benefit is the ticket system here.

Building wpstk

  • check out complete source tree from svn (trunk)
  • follow the included documentation


Feel free to contribute ;-)


  • GNU LGPL V2.


  • Dmitriy Kuminov
  • Christian Langanke
  • Chris Wohlgemuth
  • Steven Levine
  • Michael K. Greene
  • Radim Kolar
  • Sergey I. Yevtushenko
  • Yuri Dario
  • Ulrich Moeller
  • Adrian Gschwend (running
  • Andreas Buchinger set up this page in January 2013

If we forgot anyone, please let us know. It was unintentional.


  • [tp:// Warpstock Europe 2002 presentation (black&white)]: This is the presentation about the Workplace Shell Toolkit shown on the Warpstock Europe 2002 event in black&white for easy printout.