Welcome to VKApps on Netlabs

This is the development home on NetLabs for several of Veit Kannegieser's applications.




New releases and betas are uploaded to or and will move to

New releases are announced at Netlabs news and elsewhere.

Older releases and sources can be found at Veit's website


The svn repository content is a work in progress. If you want to work sources you don't see here, please open a ticket.

Getting the sources

In addition to browsing the sources here, you can check out the sources with your favorite subversion client.

Keep in mind that tags and branches are ordinary directories in subversion. With the typical subversion respository layout, it is rather easy to checkout more than you probably intend to. To pull just the trunk of the memdisk project, use something like

mkdir vkapps_workspace
cd vkapps_workspace
svn checkout memdisk

To update your workspace with the current repository content, use

cd vkapps_workspace\memdisk
svn update

If you would like commit access to the repository, please request it via the mailing lists.



About VKApps

Veit Kannegieser has written a number of important and widely used applications for OS/2. Veit is not no longer actively developing these applications.

He has kindly allowed us to take over maintenance and support of these applications. I'm sure he would appreciate a Thank You note for his generosity.

Veit's website can be found at


As you might have suspected, VKApps is a Netlabs project. The project URL is

See the section below concerning mailing lists associated with this project.

The maintainers monitor most of the well known OS/2 mailing lists and newgroups, as well as the lists specific to the VKApps project (see below).

You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets. Please login with your Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at If you have troubles acquiring a Netlabs login id send an e-mail to

Netlabs Community Mailing List (community at

Mailing Lists

There are currently two mailing lists for VKApps: one for users, and one for developers.

To subscribe to the developer list:

Send email to: vkapps-dev-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

To subscribe to the user list:

Send email to: vkapps-user-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

Web archives of lists are available here:


  • Veit Kannegieser

If we forgot anyone, please let us know. It was unintentional.

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