May 2, 2008:

7:45 PM Changeset [332] by cinc
Removed some debug message
6:14 PM Ticket #20 (Move thunking data into separate source file) closed by cinc
fixed: Moved thunk structures to thunk.c. Size defines in thunk.h atm.
6:13 PM Changeset [331] by cinc
Fixed ticket #20. Not a perfect solution, though…
12:54 PM Changeset [330] by cinc
OO.org document (drawing) showing the structure of a class.
12:44 PM WikiStart edited by cinc
SVN client for 10.4 (diff)

Apr 21, 2008:

10:28 PM BuildNomWindows edited by bird
10:28 PM BuildNomWindows edited by bird
10:24 PM BuildNomDarwin edited by bird
10:22 PM BuildNomDarwin edited by bird
fixed mixup of debug and darwin. (diff)
10:21 PM BuildNomWindows edited by bird
typo (diff)
10:21 PM BuildNomWindows created by bird
drafted windows build instruction from the darwin ones
9:57 PM WikiStart edited by bird
svn for FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. Adding Windows build instructions. (diff)
9:46 PM BuildNomDarwin edited by bird
kBuild usage correction. (diff)

Apr 20, 2008:

12:49 PM Ticket #21 (File access class in NOM core) created by cinc
Some file access class must be present in the NOM core library. …
12:42 PM Ticket #20 (Move thunking data into separate source file) created by cinc
The structs defining the thunks for method and data access are defined …
12:38 PM Ticket #19 (Make IDL more CORBA like?) created by cinc
The IDL is more or less custom at the moment. Maybe we should follow …
12:35 PM Ticket #18 (Debug switch for idl-compiler) created by cinc
Add a switch to the idl-compiler so debug info is put into the binding …
12:33 PM Ticket #17 (Enhance idl-compiler to support more type tokens) created by cinc
The idl-compiler mostly support the GLib type names. It would be …
12:29 PM Ticket #16 (List classes in NOM core library.) created by cinc
There must be some list class in the NOM core library because quite a …
12:23 PM Ticket #15 (NOM tutorial in the wiki) created by cinc
A tutorial how to program with NOM is needed for the wiki. Most people …
12:15 PM Ticket #14 (Implement dispatch methods) created by cinc
Some sort of dispatch stubs must be provided so dynamic method …
12:11 PM Ticket #13 (Implement RTTI) created by cinc
RTTI must be implemented to enable IPC and language bindings without …
12:08 PM Ticket #12 (Implement signal/slot mechanism) created by cinc
Signals and slots should be provided in some form. I imagine some …
12:00 PM Ticket #11 (Implement class replacement.) created by cinc
Implement class replacement. May include defining some file format for …
11:58 AM Ticket #10 (Document the mtab layout.) created by cinc
The mtabs for NOM objects are a special kind of beast. Document them …
11:55 AM Ticket #9 (Method for allocating non-gc memory.) created by cinc
Implement a method to allocate non-garbage-collected memory. The …
11:51 AM Ticket #8 (Rename nomGet*() to nomQuery*()) created by cinc
Methods named using get return a copy of the item. Query

Apr 19, 2008:

12:59 PM BuildNomDarwin edited by cinc
Instructions for compiling on Darwin (diff)
12:48 PM BuildNomDarwin edited by cinc
Added instructions to get kBuild (diff)

Apr 13, 2008:

8:06 PM Changeset [329] by cinc
Fixed of by one array access bug showing only on Darwin in release …
6:38 PM Changeset [328] by cinc
Added default path to Macports glib2 installation to PATH_SDK_glib2 …
4:38 PM BuildNomDarwin created by cinc
Started compilation instruction for Darwin
4:22 PM WikiStart edited by cinc
Added section about getting the source on the main page (diff)
4:17 PM WikiStart edited by cinc
4:15 PM BuildNom edited by cinc
MArk that this page is only for the OS/2 build (diff)

Apr 9, 2008:

8:39 PM Changeset [327] by cinc
Fix for compilation on OS/2 by Simpson.
8:22 PM Changeset [326] by cinc
Portability patches for Windows, Linux, Darwin by Bird.
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