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Uniaud for OS/2 & eCS

This is the development home for uniaud, the Universal Audio Driver for eCS and OS/2.

See the Uniaud FAQ? for answers to your questions.

Getting the sources

In addition to browsing the sources here, you can check out the sources with your favorite subversion client.

Keep in mind that, unlike cvs, tags and branches are ordinary directories in subversion. With the typical subversion respository layout, it is rather easy to checkout more than you probably intend to. To pull just the trunk version, use something like

mkdir uniaud32_workspace
cd uniaud32_workspace
svn checkout trunk


mkdir uniaud16_workspace
cd uniaud16_workspace
svn checkout trunk

To update your workspace with the current repository content, use

cd uniaud32_workspace\trunk
svn update

If you want commit access to the repository, contact Paul.

Building the drivers

Once you have the sources, building the uniaud drivers is relatively straight-forward. You will need to install the OpenWatcom development tools and run the supplied makefiles. Fixing defects may be a bit more difficult.

Debugging and such

Since the drivers are under development, issues are expected. See debugging hints for a guide to techniques and tools that can make solving them easier (we hope).

Alsa Resync

Uniaud derives some of its functionality from the Alsa project. This mean we periodically resync our sources with the latest ALSA sources. This provide both aditional device support as well as defect fixes.

Mailing lists

Access to the mailing lists is available both via e-mail and news.



If we forgot anyone, please let us know. It was unintentiional.