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    7474== Uniaud16 ==
     76Public builds of uniaud16.sys are included with 1.1.4RCx packages, with the installer, uniaud32.sys of the same version, and other related files. There should not usually be a reason to publicly release Uniaud16 by itself, because any time Uniaud16 is improved it is probably a good time to release a complete package anyway. See [ReleaseProcedures Release Package Procedures] for how we go about this.
     78When distributing builds of Uniaud16 privately to a few people to test, a good practice, to avoid confusion with the public releases, is to change the "fixpak level" to the svn revision number, e.g. "!r380". If it does not match any revision number, perhaps because you are testing before committing, you may want to distinguish it with a word like "TESTCASE" or "CUSTOM". None of these labels for private builds should be committed to the svn repo. It is also helpful to set the HOSTNAME environment variable to a unique word that can trace the build back to you if your build system's hostname doesn't already.
    7680== Uniaud32 ==
     82Trunk (1.1.4) releases of Uniaud32 accompany Uniaud16 of the same version, so public releases follow the same [ReleaseProcedures Release Procedures].
     84The same practices for private builds apply as well, except that Uniaud32 is GPL, so for license compliance any test builds that are distributed privately should not only specify the svn revision number, but also include a patch against that revision if anything differs. This is easily acquired with:
     86svn diff > my_uni32_from_r380.patch
     89The experimental branches each follow very different conventions. See the explanation of the [VersioningInfo Branches and Versioning Info of Uniaud32] for details about working with them.
    7991= Debugging and such =