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Versioning Info

There has been some confusion with regard to the versioning of Uniaud release candidates and supplementary modules. This page shall attempt to address those concerns.

2.0 (trunk)

The development based upon the very latest ALSA, ported by Paul Smedley, is the best-supported option. Available from his download page (currently unavailable, file listing archived only), these are labelled,, or uniaud32-1.9.x. Ultimately, these will lead to Uniaud 2.0, hopefully with hardware support and functionality on par with the ALSA Project.

1.1.4 (1.1.x Branch)

The legacy release 1.1.4 RC7 marked the end of HDA support in the 1.1.x branch because it proved so troublesome in 1.1.4 previously. This was once considered the "most stable" branch of development, but with improvements in Paul's development above, interest in it is declining. If you have better results with 1.1.4RC7 than with 1.9.x and would like to see further fixes to this branch, please let us know. Otherwise it may be dead-ended to concentrate on 2.0 exclusively.

1.2.0 (Resync Branch)

These were a more incremental attempt to resynchronize and merge in code to the 1.1.4 codebase from ALSA versions 0.9.0-1.0.4, aimed at preserving previous development. As with 1.1.x, its fate is uncertain. More information on these may be found on the ALSA Resync page.