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Apr 26, 2007, 4:50:02 AM (13 years ago)
Brendan Oakley

Explain intent of Alsa Re-Sync


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     1ALSA [] is a key component of Uniaud. The stability of the drivers, as well as modern capabilities and the potential for support of current and future hardware, depend on compatibility with ALSA, and the facility with which the results of ALSA's robust development by Linux developers can be incorporated into Uniaud on an ongoing basis.
     3For this reason, high priority has recently been placed on updating all the ALSA code used in Uniaud to the latest version, and developing procedures to make this a smoother process in the future. With Uniaud's mature codebase, this has proven a challenge, with bits remaining from every release of ALSA dating back several years. With no single ALSA version for comparison, it is hard to see where ALSA ends and Uniaud begins; what needs updating, and what, if updated, would break.
     5See the milestone:AlsaResync for progress on this process of spotting and updating the outdated ALSA code. When complete, we will have a clear vantage point for performing complete updates with future ALSA releases, helping to ensure a solid sound driver solution for OS/2 and eComStation for years to come.