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#187 Sound loops (repeating sound) with UNIAUD 193-21 and SBLive 5.1 card on eCS SMP ACPI 3.14 dazarewicz defect normal UNIAUD32 2.1.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#199 System hangs after playing Startup sound defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.25
#200 No sound in VirtualPC defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.25
#202 No sound when running WindowsXP as a guest operating system in VirtualPC defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.24
#203 E-MU 1010: Loading Firmware file failed defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#204 UNIAUD16 not installed on boot defect highest UNIAUD16 1.9.26
#205 Video files that used to play no longer do after ECS 2.0 upgrade defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#207 Improve boot messages. /V verbose. enhancement highest UNIAUD32
#210 Shared mode doesn't work defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#212 TRAP 8 on loading uniaud32.sys defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#213 uniaud16.sys hangs system when trying to play html5 video defect highest UNIAUD16 1.9.26
#216 Problems with Uniaud1.09.06-2.02.01 defect highest UNIAUD32 2.02.01
#218 UniAud32.sys 2.02.01 fails to detect my SoundBlaster PCI128 defect highest UNIAUD32 2.02.01
#219 Cardinfo.dll broken in Uniaud1.09.06-2.02.01 defect highest installer 2.02.01
#222 Uniaud Installation on eCS 2.2 Beta defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#223 B75,Z68,Z77 defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#229 sound is much softer defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#233 No audio out of MPLAYER at this driver level defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#234 looping and static sounds defect highest UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#54 Intel HDAudio ICH7 and Realtek ALC883 no sound from PC-SPEAKER defect high Mixer 2.0
#55 Intel HDAudio ICH7 and Realtek ALC883 several missing controls using UnimixPM psmedley defect high Mixer 2.0
#118 Accept kernel parameters in CONFIG.SYS enhancement high UNIAUD32
#138 Linux version is 2.3.0 defect high UNIAUD32 1.1.4RC6
#224 Does not work recording defect high UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#227 Hardware Controls defect high UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#237 Soundblaster X-Fi not supported by Uniaud from Arca Noae Martin Rosenfeld defect high UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#192 Trap 0 in UNIAUD32 defect normal UNIAUD32 1.9.24
#193 VIA 1616 ICEnsamble defect normal UNIAUD32 2.1.1
#194 Problems with uniaud195-1924 (2nd release) defect normal UNIAUD32 2.1.0
#195 No sound on Asus P5PL2 motherboard with AD1986A defect normal UNIAUD32 1.9.24
#198 Initialization failed: codec is not ready > hang during boot defect normal UNIAUD32 1.9.24
#206 Uniaud doesn't support Analog Devices AD1881a (SoundMax) defect normal UNIAUD16 1.9.26
#209 Uniaud.sys will not initialize with Asus Xonar D1 sound card defect normal UNIAUD32 1.9.24
#211 Drivers load but no sound output defect normal UNIAUD32 2.1.3
#238 Allowing selection of a HW instance enhancement normal UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#241 IBM ThinkPad T23 (CS4299) often plays sound ~10% too fast enhancement normal UNIAUD32 1.9.26
#139 Modularized Uniaud32 enhancement low UNIAUD32

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14 can't record with Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Vladest defect normal UNIAUD32 1.1.4
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