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#129 Compile requires OpenWatcom > 1.6 new defect highest Stabilization
#51 Convert alp asm sources to build with wasm new greenemk defect normal Open Tools, etc.
#136 Build Uniaud32 without DDK new enhancement normal Open Tools, etc.
#137 Uniaud32 Makefile improvements from Mike new Brendan Oakley task normal Stabilization
#158 Package target new enhancement normal Stabilization
#159 Uniaud16 requires mapsym.exe new defect normal Open Tools, etc.
#179 sound is almost impossible to her when using SMPLayer and MPlayer new defect normal HDA
#184 uniaud193_21 report new defect normal
#57 ALSA source tree includes driver modules which do not compile new defect low AlsaResync
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