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Welcome to the TxWin library

TxWindows 1.xx download

TxWin is a multi-platform textmode library offering a user interface with familiar objects such as windows, menus and dialogs with buttons, entryfields and so on.

Developed for the DFSee application from 1995 to 2005, it is now an open source library available under the terms of the LGPL license making it usable for other open source as well as commercial applications.

The sources and build environment as presented here use the OpenWatcom cross-compiler on an OS/2 or eComStation development workstation to create the library and applications using it for the following target platforms:

  • OS/2 or eCS, commandline sessions
  • 32-bit extended Dos
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 console
  • Linux, console and most XTERM environments

Development is done on the 'trunk' while some 'frozen' releases are kept in the 'tags' subdirectory, see source browser

If you want to contribute, contact me to get write access to the trunk, or for larger updates to have a seperate source branch created.

A ZIP file with the latest library binaries and sources (Subversion trunk aka 'head') is available from

Note: The subversion repository does NOT contain the binaries since they change on each commit and would take up lots of space ...

Jan van Wijk