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This project was launched by Alexey Smirnov in 1997 after the long investigation of OS/2 system utilities market.

So, if you start to compare the common set of Win32 system utilities with all that were made for OS/2, you may see the great precipice that divide these two markets. More over, a lot of OS/2 developers were switched to porting UNIX applications instead of creating native code lately. The author thinks that this process may lead to total superseding of OS/2 native apps with their porting analogs, including UNIX-ported apps and apps that will be ported with the help of Odin project.

SysInfo/2 Information


SysInfo/2 v0.8.25 (2007-08-16)



  • Alexey Smirnov - Original Author
  • Yuri Prokushev - Migration to Open Source


SysInfo?/2 is open source software under BSD (programs) and LGPL (runtime) licenses.


Sysinfor/2 System Sysinfor/2 Disk Sysinfo/2 Test

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