About sane2twain

sane2twain is a project to create a twain data source manager (DSM) that allows twain enabled applications to access scanners. The backend to sane2twain will be sane, the scanner software from the Unix world.

Please Help

This version is imperfect, and some options appear to cause a crash. NOW is the time for other interested parties to help enhance this project. I do not expect to have much more time for this project until much later!

Please consider helping in the following areas:

  • Testing and debugging.
  • Prettier GUI layout and graphical buttons.
  • Customising scanner options.
  • Writing a Help Manual.
  • Translating to other languages.
  • Making a WarpIN package, and general installation.
  • Writing a review of this program for an e-newsletter such as os2voice.

For further information contact peter (at) manglais (dot) com


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