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Samba Server for OS/2 & eComStation

New - 28th April, 2007
URL for Samba Server 3.0.25rc3 is
URL for Samba Netdrive plugin based on 3.0.25rc3 code is

The 3.0.24/25 builds do not currently rely on Security/2, instead they use libc's user/group functions to determine if a user is valid or not.

How to get going:

1) set unixroot=x: where x: is the drive that has a /etc/ path

2) Unzip to the unixroot drive, then editing \etc\master.passwd and add the users that you need. You might want to add user pcguest.

Note the syntax of master.passwd - first field before the colon is username, second is password (leave this blank), third is usernumber which much be unique - others aren't important right now.

3) Remove the old pwd.db and spwd.db files from \etc then run pwd_mkdb from \usr\sbin: pwd_mkdb \etc\master.passwd

4) Edit smb.conf which should be put into %ETC%\samba\*

Note that the default config file smb.conf has provision for a guest account pcguest this user must be either added to master.passwd, the guest access commented out of smb.conf; or the user changed to a user that does exist in master.passwd

5) Note that Samba expects the users to be added using smbpasswd.exe, too. To add a user called 'psmedley' run:

smbpasswd -a psmedley (enter password).

Currently tested clients:

  • Windows 2000 running in Svista
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP Pro (in VPC guest and natively)
  • Mandrake Linux 2006
  • eCS v1.2 with IBM LAN Client (EA's work correctly with builds >= 20070226)
  • eCS v2 beta with Netdrive 3.04 and Samba Client v3.0.9 (EA's partially work with builds later than 20070226 build)

Known Issues

  1. EA's not working correctly with Netlabs Samba client v3.0.9 (Bug in Samba client not Samba server)

Thanks for testing!

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