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Samba Server for OS/2 & eComStation

New - 10th April, 2007 URL for 3.0.25rc1 is

As mentioned - this doesn't currently rely on Security/2

Instead - it uses libc's user/group functions to determine if a user is valid or not.

1) set unixroot=x: where x: is the drive that has a /etc/ path 2) Unzip to the unixroot drive, then editing \etc\master.passwd and add the users that you need.

Note the syntax of master.passwd - first field before the colon is username, second is password (leave this blank), third is usernumber which much be unique - others aren't important right now.

3) Remove the old pwd.db and spwd.db files from \etc then run pwd_mkdb from \usr\sbin: pwd_mkdb \etc\master.passwd

4) Edit smb.conf which should be put into %ETC%\samba\*

Note that the default config file smb.conf has provision for a guest account pcguest this user must be either added to master.passwd, the guest access commented out of smb.conf; or the user changed to a user that does exist in master.passwd

5) Note that Samba expects the users to be added using smbpasswd.exe too. To add a user called 'psmedley' smbpasswd -a psmedley (enter password).

Currently tested clients:

  • eCS v2 beta with Netdrive 3.04 and Samba Client v3.0.9 (EA's partially work with builds later than 20070226 build)
  • Windows 2000 running in Svista
  • Windows XP Home
  • Mandrake Linux 2006
  • eCS v1.2 with IBM LAN Client (EA's work correctly with builds >= 20070226)

Known Issues

  1. EA's not working correctly with Netlabs Samba client (Bug in Samba client not Samba server)

Thanks for testing!

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