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    1 = Samba Server for eComStation (OS/2) =
     1= Samba for eComStation (OS/2) =
     4Samba is a free implementation of the CIFS/SMB protocol for Unix, which allows LAN-Server style file and printer sharing among machines running Windows, Mac OS, Unix or eComStation (OS/2). The goal of this project is to port the Samba server and create Samba clients for eCS (OS/2) in order to replace the functionality of the outdated IBM-LAN-Requester/Peer/Server components.[[BR]]
     6The eComStation (OS/2) server port is very fast and stable, and although still incomplete, very usable for daily work. It can be used to perform the following tasks:[[BR]]
     8 * share files among eCS (OS/2), Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines, including extended attribute support.
     9 * share printers among eCS (OS/2), Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines.
    311== Official Releases ==
    5 === Samba Client for printing ===
    7  * '''08th May, 2009'''[ Samba (CIFS/SMB) portdriver for eCS (OS/2) Version 1.0][[BR]]
    9 === Samba Client for file shares ===
    10  * '''11th May, 2009'''  [ Samba Client Plugin for EVFS and Netdrive Version 1.0 for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.34] (final 1.0 release, considered deprecated)[[BR]]
    11  * '''23th October, 2009'''  [ Samba Client Plugin  for EVFS and Netdrive Version 1.5 beta4 for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.37] (Updated client code to 3.0.37, fixes for Ticket #68 and Ticket #100).
    12  * '''15th November, 2009''' [ Samba Client GUI for EVFS and Netdrive (EVFSGUI) Version 2.0 beta5] This is a fully drag and drop enabled GUI to manage SMB/CIFS connections (heavily extended successor to EVFSGUI 1.3.x, which comes with current eCS 2.0rcs).[[BR]]Beta5 has several bugs fixed. In addition, also manually specified servers are added automatically to the network neighbourhood.
    13  * ''' 23th October, 2009''' [ Samba Client Utilities Version 1.0.3 based upon official Samba Version 3.0.37] These are several command line utilities, which only came with the server package in the past. They have been updated to Samba Version 3.0.37, have fixes for Ticket #68 and Ticket #100 and were recompiled to use libc063.dll (instead of libc064x.dll as the server does). These utilities are required to run Samba Client GUI (EVFSGUI) 2.0 beta1 or better successfully.
    15 === Samba Server ===
    16  * '''05th August, 2009''' [ Samba Server Version 1.0.2 for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.36][[BR]]
    17  * '''14th July, 2009'''  [ Samba Server Version 1.0.1 for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.35] (WarpIN-Installation package)[[BR]]
    18  * '''30th October, 2009''' [ Samba Server Version 1.1beta4 for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.3.9][[BR]]
     12||Release date|| Type ||Component||Version||Based upon ||Package||Description||
     13||08th May, 2009||Client||Port driver ||1.0||Samba 3.0.3x ||[ ZIP]||Required to print to shared printers or printer servers||
     14|| ||Client part||EVFS||1.001|| || ||Remote file system, comes with eComStation||
     15|| ||Client part||Netdrive||3.x|| || ||Remote file system, shareware by !BluePrint software||
     16||11th May, 2009||Client part ||Plugin for EVFS/Netdrive||1.0||Samba 3.0.34||[ ZIP]||Required to access shared files, deprecated||
     17||23th October, 2009||Client part||Plugin for EVFS/Netdrive||1.5beta4||Samba 3.0.37||[ ZIP]||Required to access shared files||
     18||15th November, 2009||Client part||Client GUI (EVFSGUI)||2.0beta5|| ||[ ZIP]||Required to establish and maintain connections||
     19||23th October, 2009||Client part||Commandline utilities||1.0.3||Samba 3.0.37||[ ZIP]||Required by EVFSGUI||
     20||14th July, 2009||Server||Installation package||1.0.1||Samba 3.0.35||[ WPI]||Required to share files and printers, easy installation||
     21||05th August, 2009||Server||Server core files||1.0.2||Samba 3.0.36||[ ZIP]||Required to share files and printers, stable||
     22||30th October, 2009||Server||Server core files||1.1beta4||Samba 3.3.9||[ ZIP]||Required to share files and printers, experimental||
    2024''Note: Samba 3.3.x builds currently come as drop-in replacements for a previous installation of any recent 3.0.x build.''[[BR]][[BR]]