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    1818== Interim Releases ==
    20 As Paul Smedley was too busy to create official builds based upon Samba 3.0.32 and 3.0.33, Herwig Bauernfeind created ''quasi-official builds'' for 3.0.32 and 3.0.33 (same compiler, same compiler settings as Paul Smedley, official netlabs source code). The build was tested extensively and has the same quality as previous offcial builds.
     20Herwig Bauernfeind provides interim releases of Samba both server and clients on his
     21[ Samba for eCS] page.[[BR]]
    22  * '''2nd December, 2008''' [ Samba Server Version for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.33][[BR]]
    23  * '''12th November, 2008'''   [ Samba Server Version for eCS (OS/2), based upon official Samba Version 3.0.32] (WarpIN-Installation package)[[BR]]
    24 ''Note: Uninstall any pre-3.0.'''32''' revision of the WPI before installing this one. You will NOT loose your configuration by doing so.''[[BR]]
     23These builds are well tested and provide even better stability and performance than the last official one from Paul Smedley, as they have numerous fixes and additions incorporated compared to the above 3.0.31 build.[[BR]]
    26 ''Note: The WarpIN packages come with all necessary scripts and utilities preconfigured.''[[BR]]
    27 ''Note: The 3.0.32 and 3.0.33 quasi-official builds have been available on Herwig Bauernfeinds [ Samba for eCS] page for some time already.''[[BR]]
    28 ''Note: There will not be a WarpIN package for 3.0.33. The next update for the WarpIN package will already be based upon 3.0.34.''[[BR]]
     25Please, note that the upcoming offcial Samba Server 3.0.34 release build (both WPI and ZIP) will most likely also be provided by Herwig.[[BR]]
    3027== Information ==