Apr 10, 2007, 5:27:38 AM (14 years ago)
Paul Smedley

Updated source to 3.0.25rc1

1 edited


  • trunk/samba/source/client/client_proto.h

    r22 r26  
    401401BOOL srv_io_q_net_share_del(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_SHARE_DEL *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    402402BOOL srv_io_r_net_share_del(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_SHARE_DEL *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    403 void init_srv_sess_info0(SESS_INFO_0 *ss0, const char *name);
    404 void init_srv_sess_info1(SESS_INFO_1 *ss1,
    405                                 const char *name, const char *user,
    406                                 uint32 num_opens, uint32 open_time, uint32 idle_time,
    407                                 uint32 user_flags);
    408 void init_srv_q_net_sess_enum(SRV_Q_NET_SESS_ENUM *q_n,
    409                               const char *srv_name, const char *qual_name,
    410                               const char *user_name, uint32 sess_level,
    411                               SRV_SESS_INFO_CTR *ctr, uint32 preferred_len,
    412                               ENUM_HND *hnd);
    413 BOOL srv_io_q_net_sess_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_SESS_ENUM *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
     403void init_srv_sess_info0( SESS_INFO_0 *ss0, const char *name );
     404void init_srv_sess_info1( SESS_INFO_1 *ss1, const char *name, const char *user,
     405                          uint32 num_opens, uint32 open_time, uint32 idle_time,
     406                          uint32 user_flags);
     407BOOL srv_io_q_net_sess_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_SESS_ENUM *q_u, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    414408BOOL srv_io_r_net_sess_enum(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_SESS_ENUM *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    415409void init_srv_q_net_sess_del(SRV_Q_NET_SESS_DEL *q_n, const char *srv_name,
    430424BOOL srv_io_q_net_conn_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_CONN_ENUM *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    431425BOOL srv_io_r_net_conn_enum(const char *desc,  SRV_R_NET_CONN_ENUM *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    432 void init_srv_file_info3(FILE_INFO_3 *fl3,
    433                          uint32 id, uint32 perms, uint32 num_locks,
    434                          const char *path_name, const char *user_name);
     426void init_srv_file_info3( FILE_INFO_3 *fl3, uint32 id, uint32 perms, uint32 num_locks,
     427                          const char *user_name, const char *path_name );
    435428void init_srv_q_net_file_enum(SRV_Q_NET_FILE_ENUM *q_n,
    436429                              const char *srv_name, const char *qual_name,
    439432                              uint32 preferred_len,
    440433                              ENUM_HND *hnd);
    441 BOOL srv_io_q_net_file_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_FILE_ENUM *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
     434BOOL srv_io_q_net_file_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_FILE_ENUM *q_u, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    442435BOOL srv_io_r_net_file_enum(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_FILE_ENUM *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    443436void init_srv_q_net_file_close(SRV_Q_NET_FILE_CLOSE *q_n, const char *server,
    444437                               uint32 file_id);
    445 BOOL srv_io_q_net_file_close(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_FILE_CLOSE *q_n,
    446                              prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    447 BOOL srv_io_r_net_file_close(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_FILE_CLOSE *q_n,
    448                              prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    449438void init_srv_info_100(SRV_INFO_100 *sv100, uint32 platform_id, const char *name);
    450439void init_srv_info_101(SRV_INFO_101 *sv101, uint32 platform_id, const char *name,
    481470BOOL srv_io_q_net_disk_enum(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_DISK_ENUM *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    482471BOOL srv_io_r_net_disk_enum(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_DISK_ENUM *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    483 BOOL init_srv_q_net_name_validate(SRV_Q_NET_NAME_VALIDATE *q_n, const char *srv_name, const char *share_name, int type) ;
    484472BOOL srv_io_q_net_name_validate(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_NAME_VALIDATE *q_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    485473BOOL srv_io_r_net_name_validate(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_NAME_VALIDATE *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    489477BOOL srv_io_r_net_file_set_secdesc(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_FILE_SET_SECDESC *r_n, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    490478void init_srv_q_net_remote_tod(SRV_Q_NET_REMOTE_TOD *q_u, const char *server);
     479BOOL srv_io_q_net_file_close(const char *desc, SRV_Q_NET_FILE_CLOSE *q_u, prs_struct *ps, int depth);
     480BOOL srv_io_r_net_file_close(const char *desc, SRV_R_NET_FILE_CLOSE *r_n,
     481                               prs_struct *ps, int depth);
    492483#endif /*  _CLIENT_PROTO_H_  */
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