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GUI-Tools: SSCC 1.0.x warn if USER and HOSTNAME have the same value (which is nonsense anyway) (Ticket #220)

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1; Message Datei for SSCC
2; English Version
4; Common strings used throughout program
5SSC0001I: Simple Samba Configuration Centre
6; Buttons
7SSC0002I: ~OK
8SSC0003I: ~Cancel
9SSC0004I: ~Help
10SSC0005I: Error
11SSC0006I: ~Yes
12SSC0007I: ~No
13SSC0008I: Confirm
14SSC0009I: ~Undo
15SSC0010I: ~Close
16SSC0011I: ~Reload
17SSC0012I: ~Save
18SSC0013I: Share
19SSC0014I: Continue
26; Menu
27SSC0021I: ~File
28SSC0022I: ~Display
29SSC0023I: ~Help
30SSC0024I: ~Import IBM Peer configuration
31SSC0025I: ~Reset to default configuration
32SSC0026I: Debug
33SSC0027I: E~xit
34SSC0028I: Simple mode
35SSC0029I: Expert mode
36SSC0030I: smb.conf manpage
37SSC0031I: About
38SSC0032I: Ac~tion
39SSC0033I: Create [homes] service
40SSC0034I: Create [netlogon] service
41SSC0035I: Create [profiles] service
42SSC0036I: Import ~lmhosts-file from hosts file
43SSC0037I: Create ~printcap file
44SSC0038I: Drive
45SSC0039I: Directory
46SSC0040I: Share new printer
47SSC0041I: Share new folder
48SSC0042I: Remove shared printer
49SSC0043I: Remove shared folder
50SSC0044I: Update Samba core binaries
51SSC0045I: Shared printers
52SSC0046I: Shared directories
53SSC0047I: Remove transient tdb files
54SSC0048I: Rename printer share
55SSC0049I: Rename directory share
56; Prompts and other messages
57SSC0050I: Created "%1" successfully.
58SSC0051I: Saved changes successfully.
59SSC0052I: Error saving changes.
60SSC0053I: Cannot locate Samba component "%1"
61SSC0054I: aborting.
62SSC0055I: unable to manage daemons
63SSC0056I: Erase current "%1" and create a new one.
64SSC0057I: No password for "%1" provided.
65SSC0058I: Please repeat password for "%1".
66SSC0059I: Passwords for "%1" do not match.
67SSC0060I: Save changes in section [%1]?
68SSC0061I: Cannot erase section [%1].
69SSC0062I: Really delete share [%1]?
70SSC0063I: Relative directory "%1" - selection not possible.
71SSC0064I: Select Samba ZIP-package to install
72SSC0065I: Samba Share Wizard
73SSC0066I: Please enter new name for this share.
74SSC0067I: Remove Samba share
75SSC0068I: Rename Samba share
76SSC0069I: It is recommended to restart Samba now.
77SSC0070I: Cannot remove transient TDB files while Samba is running!
78SSC0071I: Really remove transient TDB files?
79SSC0072I: Samba Server for eComStation is brought to you by
80SSC0073I: Current configuration
81SSC0074I: Small icons
82SSC0075I: It is recommended to also create an account for user "%1" later!
87; Intro Window
88SSC0080I: Welcome to the Simple Samba Configuration Center!
89SSC0081I: Samba files are expected at the following places
90SSC0082I: Samba build
91SSC0083I: Binaries
92SSC0084I: Scripts and tools
98SSC0090I: Installation mode
99SSC0091I: Please provide password for the "root" account
100SSC0092I: Password
101SSC0093I: Repeat password
102SSC0094I: Do not create "root" account
103SSC0095I: Choose backend
104SSC0096I: Server type
105SSC0097I: Create Samba default default configuration
106SSC0098I: Migrate IBM Peer/LANServer configuration
110SSC0102I: Finish current operation
111SSC0103I: Cancel current operation
112SSC0104I: Open the online helpfile
113SSC0105I: Error
114SSC0106I: ~Yes
115SSC0107I: ~No
116SSC0108I: Confirm current operation
117SSC0109I: Undo all changes
118SSC0110I: Close program
119SSC0111I: Tell Samba to reload its configuration
120SSC0112I: Save all changes to configuration file
122SSC0114I: Please, close this program in oder to complete installation!
123SSC0115I: No users for SWAT defined in "%1"!
124SSC0116I: Free space low on "%1"!
125SSC0117I: Warning! System is not using codepage 850, please check whether character translation really works!
126SSC0118I: USER and HOSTNAME should not have the same value (%1)!
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