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GUI-Tools: EVFSGUI 2.1 changes, initial SMBLOGON commit

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1ToDo for 2.x:
2- Major code refactoring (partly done)
3- Debug on/off option is badly implemented (rework required)
4- Create Icon. stem in order to ease maintenance of icons
5- Fix endless loop if neither EVFS nor Netdrive is installed
6  under all conditions
7- Enable WPS integration code (partly done)
8- Enable and complete printer support code
9- Support server based logon scripts (requires REXX rpc library,
10  partly done) (works in a separate utility right now)
11- Passive connections/double connection detection does not seem to work
12  properly (it does, it is Turbofolder that is creating the 100% CPU load)
14Version 2.1-beta
15- Added: On-the-fly browsing on remote servers
16- Added: Files can be "opened" during on-the-fly browsing (a mountpoint
17         is created first) - does not work properly yet!
18- Added: Set icons of browsed files according to extender types (only most
19         often used types (EXE, OOO, PDF, generic multimedia icons - no WPS
20         mechanism for that)
21- Added: Refresh display every 60 seconds in order to reflect changes
22         done on the command line while EVFSGUI is open
23- Added: "Detach all" menuitem in context menu
24- Added: "Refresh" menuitem in context menu
25- Fixed: Do not flash during refresh
27Version 2.0.5 2010-04-23
28- Fixed: Passive connections were not removed when the same connection was
29         loaded using a profile
30- Fixed: Missing NLV message if wrong file was dropped onto the left pane
32Version 2.0.4 2010-04-09
33- Fixed: Connection details doubled since MEMLEN etc removal.
34- Changed: Some parts of the code were refactored
36Version 2.0.3 2010-02-23
37- Added: Open mountpoint as WPS object moved to a separate thread in order
38         not to block the EVFSGUI main window while waiting for a folder
39         on a slow connection to open.
40- Added: Double-click also opens a mountpoint as WPS folder         
41- Added: Debug ON also makes hidden columns in connections details visible
42- Fixed: "Abort" button on progress window was not NLV enabled
43- Fixed: The NLV subroutine now properly falls back to the builtin
44         (bracketed) message files in case NO (not even an english
45         message file) can be found.
46- Fixed: Do not crash in Autostart dialog when no NLV file was found.         
47- Fixed: Open mountpoint as WPS object fully workable
48- Fixed: Open mountpint now has a consistent behaviour with other actions
49- Changed: Open context menu item enabled for testing (experimental)
50- Changed: Show wait pointer while opening WPS folder
51- Changed: CltInit: Now scans wellknown locations for Samba binaries
52           (faster at least in theory)
53- Changed: In the 1.5.0 GA version of the plugin the MEMLEN, LOGFILE and
54           LOGLEVEL tokens are removed in order to address the problem with
55           EVFSRxGetMount() return strings - several changes in EVFSGUI were
56           required to address this change in the plugin.
57NOTE: This changes makes older profile files, both .ndc and .evp incompatible.
58      EVFSGUI can read old profiles, but only saves new profiles. The Netdrive
59      GUI does not have such a feature. Older profiles may easily be migrated
60      by editing with a text editor and removing the MEMLEN, LOGLEVEL and
61      LOGFILE tokens from the resource strings manually.
63Version 2.0.2 2010-01-25
64- Changed: Remove Win95/98/IBM Peer length limits from smbtree.vrs.
65- Added: EVFSRxGetMount() returns a maximum string length of 255 for
66         resdata, if workgroup+server+share+username+password > 52 the
67         resulting resdata string will be truncated. Several workarounds
68         in ParseResourceData() added in order not completely fall over.
70Version 2.0.1 2010-01-12
71- Added: Alex T.: Use 'Combined' font on DBCS systems
72- Fixed: Alex T.: Default fonts are set correctly
73- Fixed: Alex T.: Section title colours now correctly default to system settings
74- Fixed: Alex T.: Various fixes and enhancements to window resize logic
75- Fixed: Alex T.: FWidth/margin got lost on the expose list
76- Fixed: Herwig B.: Another speed up in resize logic (use marginx2 instead of
77                    42 times margin * 2)
79Version 2.0.0 (Refresh) 2009-12-29
80- Changed: Rewrite routines to find .msg and .hlp files
81- Fixed: Set size of throbber object according to screen dimensions
83Version 2.0 GA 2009-12-24
84- Added: Provide unexpected.tdb in the installer
85- Fixed: Detect trailing tabs and blanks in the temporary directory
86- Fixed: A manually added server's workgroup might be unknown in the moment
87         the dialog is populated
89Version 2.0 beta6 2009-12-12
90+ Added: WPI installer for Plugin, EVFSGUI and Samba Client Utilities
91         (plus variant that includes EVFS for eCS distribution).
92+ Added: New global option: Use broadcasts instead of local master browser
93+ Added: New menu entry: Save default workgroup to smb.conf
94- Fixed: Also go through double (and passive) connection check
95         if profile is loaded as a commandline parameter
96- Fixed: Migrate to enhanced NLV setup subroutines
97- Fixed: Autodetection of filesystem variant did not work properly
98- Fixed: Turn off debug console upon startup
99- Fixed: Don't crash when attempting to create the Autostart script
100- Fixed: Also create %ETC%\samba\lock directory for client
101- Fixed: Properly redraw network neighbourhood after refresh
103Version 2.0 beta5 2009-11-15
104+ Added: Manually entered servers are automatically integrated into the
105         network neighbourhood
106- Fixed: IP address servers (without a name) can be browsed properly now.
107- Fixed: Detect missing upcase tables (and don't fall over)
108- Fixed: If nothing is found, network neighbourhood should be empty (and
109         not display an unnamed workgroup icon).
110- Fixed: When immediate authentification for browsing was enabled, the
111         main window was not redrawn properly.
112- Fixed: Changed statusbar size (should look better)
114Version 2.0 beta4 2009-11-03:
115- Fixed: Do not crash on outdated temporary files
116- Fixed: Do not crash on unavailable machines
118Version 2.0 beta3 2009-10-29:
119- Fixed: The GUI was blocked every few seconds during network neighbourhood
120         scan. Bonus: The new code is even faster than the previous one.
122Version 2.0 beta2 2009-10-25:
123+ Added: English helpfile
124+ Added: German helpfile
125+ Added: French helpfile (partly done, requires completion by Guillaume)
126+ Added: Information about server dialog
127+ Added: Dialog also uses information from network neighbourhood
128+ Added: Detection of "dead" (non accessible) servers (which are still in the
129         browse list)
130- Changed: Dialog entry fields now use WarpSans Bold font (matches style of
131           other dialogs)
132- Fixed: Network neighbourhood is filled much faster than before
133- Fixed: No more share type guessing
134- Fixed: Ticket #105: Temporary files not removed
135- Fixed: Ticket #106: Icon in global settings dialog not properly aligned
137Version 2.0 beta1 2009-09-15:
138+ Added: Browsing code from smbmon
139+ Added: D'n'd support for file shares
140+ Added: Connection wizard dialogs
141+ Added: main menu bar
142+ Added: New advanced settings
143+ Added: "Old" 1.x look and feel
144+ Added: Main window is resizable
145+ Added: Splitbar between panels
146+ Added: Create rudimentary %ETC%\samba\smb.conf
147+ Added: Connection details view (preliminary)
148+ Added: Double connection detection using md5 hashes
149+ Added: New profile saving code
150+ Added: Remove menu option (preliminary for passive connections only)
151+ Added: smbtree.vrs: Optionally do not show hidden shares
152+ Added: smbtree.vrs: Enhanced guessicon()
153+ Added: Preliminary context menus for Browse View and Connection details view
154+ Added: "Retry" for passive connections (only manually for now)
155+ Added: Drag and drop for passive connections
156+ Added: Hide columns not useful for endusers
157+ Added: NLV enable (parts of) connection details
158+ Added: Disabled old profile saving code
159+ Added: Sort smbtree view ascending
160+ Added: Optionally turn on/off special ($) shares
161+ Added: Optionally use big icons
162+ Added: Profile files may be dropped onto the current connections container
163+ Added: Login dialog behaviour matches the one from smbusers now
164+ Added: Preliminary handling of smbtree error messages
165+ Added: Optionally save passive connections across sessions
166+ Added: French message file (thanks to Guillaume Gay)
167- Changed: Several changes in GUI style (as suggested by Alex Taylor)
168- Changed: Left align buttons in current connections panel (as suggested by
169           MrFawlty and Alex Taylor)
170- Changed: Replaced status bar by a text control (as suggested by Alex Taylor)
171           (only used for version display for now)
172- Changed: Main icon is now the one done by Alex Taylor           
173- Changed: Use PM_Default_Colors for title sections (as suggested by Alex Taylor)
174- Changed: German translation of "Retry"
175- Changed: Profile behaviour: In 1.3 a new profile replaced older connections
176           on the same volume only, in 2.x a new profile is merged with the
177           old connections one.
178- Changed: Split advanced dialog should be split into connection options and
179           global options
180- Changed: Redesigned mount dialog
181- Changed: Redesigned login dialog
182- Changed: Clarified message about multiple connections
183- Changed: Rebuild required Samba Client utilities 3.0.36 with libc063
184           (instead of libc064x) (Changeset 331 level)
185- Fixed: Loading a profile presented the user a half drawn window
186- Fixed: Startup code was broken if no evfsgui.ini is present
187- Fixed: CltInit uses smbclient.exe instead of smbd.exe to find Samba binaries
188- Fixed: Message queue during resize isn't cleared (no flashing during resize)
189- Fixed: Missing NLV aware strings
190- Fixed: Don't let user edit network neighbourhood results
191- Fixed: Claiming a passive connection already exists is nonsense
192- Fixed: Disallow connecting to printers via context menu
193- Fixed: Edit and Selected menu easily got out of sync
194- Fixed: Edit and Selected menu still got out of sync, really fixed now
195- Fixed: Another missing record validation
196- Fixed: Password display broken on double connection warning
197- Fixed: Detect more printers
198- Fixed: Confirmation of removal of a single connection was missing
199- Fixed: Dropdown combobox in mount dialog was readonly
200- Fixed: Autostart mode was broken
202Version 1.3.7 - changes not relevant for 2.0
204Version 1.3.6
205!Fixed: When connecting to a complete server, the workgroup got lost during the
206        connecting process.
207Version 1.3.5
208!Fixed: Error in profile file parsing logic could lead to double entries
209        for LOGFILE and LOGLEVEL (possibly having side effects on EASUPPORT)
210Version 1.3.4
211!Fixed: Readonly connection option did not work (was not implemented)
212Version 1.3.3
213*Changed: Provide better message box for profile saving (to explain rather
214          odd behavior
215Version 1.3.2
216!Fixed: No more double drive letters in the drive letters list after mounting
217*Changed: "Workgroup/ Domain:" back to "Workgroup:"
218Version 1.3.1
219+Added: Explanation for errors in case mount operation fails
220*Changed: "Workgroup:" to "Workgroup/ Domain:"
221Version 1.3
222+Added: Support for the (new) ndpsmb logging feature
223+Added: Support for the (old) ndpsmb logging feature (deactivated)
224+Added: Save "titlebar" color across sessions
225*Changed: Merge Alex Taylor's and Herwig B.'s latest changes
226*Changed: Also display status data in hintarea when mouse cursor is over
227          the "current resources" pane
228!Fixed: Tab order in "new resource" pane
229!Fixed: Help did not work for advanced window in NLV versions
231Version 1.2.1 (2009-04, Herwig B.)
232+Added: Try to restart EVFSCTL.EXE once in case it is not running.
233+Added: Implemented support for error messages depending on return codes
234        in case of failed operations as provided from ndpsmb.dll version
235        1.5alpha2 or better.
236*Changed: Move status data of current connection into container caption
237          (Makes more sense there).
238*Changed: Show version notice in status area (at the bottom now)
239!Fixed: In case the connect operation fails on a newly created mount point,
240        the mountpoint is removed again, instead of leaving it in a zombie
241        status. That makes sense as EVFSGUI does not support the creation
242        and maintenance of empty mountpoints (the underlying EVFS (including
243        the REXX interface) supports this, but the GUI does not).
245Version 1.2.1 (2009-05, Alex Taylor)
246!Fixed: Main window wasn't set visible if INI file was missing.
247!Fixed: Corrected English, formatting h in helpfile.
248*Added: Better program icon.
250Version 1.2 (2008-10)
251*Updated: Finally all the help files are updated to reflect all changes
252          (en, de and fr)
253!Workaround: It appears that for unknown reasons the SysDriveMap() function
254        hangs if it is used with the "FREE" and "REMOTE" flags, after it is
255        called for several times. I noticed that after I received Yuri's
256        latest Samba plugin. The problem disappears if EVFS is not installed.
257        This should be tested (and fixed) by Vitali in EVFS (probably).
259+Added: In debug mode the output in the console window has time stamps now
260+Added: Display name and version of the used IFS on "empty" mountpoints
261+Added: Button on the autoload window (the -nogui GUI) to abort reconnection
262+Added: Server entry field is now a drop down combo box holding all servers
263        to which connections were made with)
264+Added: Alternatively support NetDrive for SMB shares instead of EVFS (using
265        undocumented -ndfs switch)
266*Updated: All message files
267!Fixed: Bug in my autoload code
268!Fixed: Bug in my -ndfs code (spotted by Guillaume)
270+Added: Autostart EVFS connections feature via Startup folder object
271+Added: -nogui switch (only show a small message window)
272+Added: -autoclose switch (close eVFSGUI after 3 seconds)
273+Added: Load profile specified on the commandline
274+Added: Edit via context menu for mountpoints with exactly one resource
275+Added: Context menu equivalents to the Detach and Unmount pushbuttons
276+Added: The content of the EF_NETWORK field (aka workgroup) is saved to the
277        eVFSGUI.INI as this changes only on rare occasions (saved me a lot of
278        typing during testing)
279+Added: Do not attach drive if has already been attached (from TODO list A.T.)
280!Fixed: Profiles supported plain passwords whereas EVFS provided encrypted
281        passwords in profile files
282!Fixed: eVFSGUI initializes itself properly now
283!Fixed: eVFSGUI would hang after displaying the message "no control program
284        found"
285!Fixed: Cleanup signal stuff ("return" after a signal is a bad thing to do!)
286!Fixed: INI file was not closed after leaving eVFSGUI
287!Fixed: When several mount points exist and the first one is removed the click
288        event routine was executed after the corresponded record was already
289        removed -> eVFSGUI crashed. As a fix the record is validated before an
290        attempt to access its data is done. If it does not exist anymore the
291        event routine is terminated without further action.
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