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Qt Applications for OS/2

This resource is a home for OS/2 versions of various Qt applications (i.e. applications based on the Qt Library) ported using the Qt Toolkit for OS/2.

The purpose of this resource is to store OS/2-related changes to the source code of those Qt applications for which it is impossible to integrate these changes to the official code base maintained by original developers.

Every application maintained here has its own SVN subdirectory containing the modified source tree that can be built under OS/2, as well as the separate application's home (wiki) page.

List of Qt Applications

Below is the list of all Qt applications maintained on this site. Every item is a link to the application's wiki page.

  • Psi, the ultimate Jabber client

Other Qt Applications

Here is the list of other known Qt applications that have OS/2 versions maintained separately (either in the original code base or on a different resource):

  • [none yet]