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Qt Applications for OS/2

This resource is a home for OS/2 versions of various Qt applications (i.e., applications based on the Qt Library) ported using the Qt3 Toolkit for OS/2 or the Qt4 Toolkit for OS/2.

The purpose of this resource is to store OS/2-related changes to the source code of those Qt applications for which it is impossible to integrate these changes to the official code base maintained by original developers.

Every application maintained here has its own SVN subdirectory containing the modified source tree that can be built under OS/2, as well as the separate application's home (wiki) page.

Adding Apps to this page

If you add an app or change the version of an app, please always add a comment in the change information. This makes life a lot easier, as it's seen in the timeline directly. Otherwise one has always to look at the diff.

List of Qt3 Applications

Below is the list of all Qt3 applications maintained on this site. Every item is a link to the application's wiki page.

  • Psi, the ultimate Jabber client v. 0.10
  • QCA?, Qt Cryptographic Architecture library v. 1.x
  • QCA-TLS?, QCA TLS (SSL) Plugin v. 1.x

Other Qt3 Applications

Here is the list of other known Qt3 applications that have OS/2 versions maintained separately (either in the original code base or on a different resource).

  • KDiff3, a sophisticated tool for comparing and merging files and displaying differences
  • LyX, a graphical WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) front-end for LaTeX
  • QDVDAuthor, a graphical tools for creating menus for video DVDs
  • Scribus, a desktop publishing (DTP) application
  • SMPlayer, the ultimate MPlayer frontend v. 0.5.21
  • VirtualBox, the Open Source edition of Sun's virtualization solution

List of Qt4 Applications

Below is a list of all known Qt4 applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted by date of last update.


  • LyX, LyX 1.6.5 word processor, a graphical WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) front-end for LaTeX
  • Scribus, Scribus 1.3.6, a desktop publishing (DTP) application
  • QBittorrent, first shot of QBittorrent 1.5.4
  • Quassel IRC, Quassel IRC v0.5.2, a graphical IRC client


  • Sir, Simple Image Resizer v2.1 A simple application for resizing images.
  • Baires, Baires is resizing bunch of pictures and storing them to the directory for sending. Change to GA


  • SMplayer, the ultimate MPlayer front-end v. 0.6.8 beta3 based on Qt4 GA
  • Abby, Abby 0.4.8, a front-end for the streaming tool cclive. Change to GA
  • Qoobar, Qoobar is a GUI ID3 tag editor
  • QEVEN, Qt Easy Video Encoder"(QEVEN) allows to encode for several video format (VCD,DVD,SVCD,DIVX,XVID,FLV). Updated with languages and Change to GA
  • Emoc, Emoc is simple application, front end for ffmpeg and mencoder command line programs. Change to GA
  • Subnamer, SubNamer? is to rename automatically a great amount of subtitle files *.srt. Based on GA
  • Mp3diags, MP3Diags is a Qt GUI-based application that allows end-users to identify issues with their MP3 files.


  • Qccrypt, Qccrypt 0.2, a front-end for the ccrypt en/decryption tool
  • KDiff3, KDiff3 0.9.95 a sophisticated tool for comparing and merging files and displaying differences. Change to GA
  • Kapow, Kapow 1.3.2 A punch clock program. Change to GA
  • Qgoogletranslate, Qgoogletranslate This application translates text via Google Translate engine. Change to GA
  • Eyes, Eyes 0.9.5 This program helps you find your cursor on the screen if you have lost it. Change to GA
  • ASTranslator, ASTranslator This application translates text via Google Translate engine.Change to GA
  • Clipgrab, Clibgrab 3.0.5, With ClipGrab? you can download online clips from many sites with just some clicks
  • ZNotes, ZNotes 0.4.1 is a Simple Notes. Change to GA
  • Qlipper, Qlipper v1.7 Is A clipboard history applet. Maybe useful if you don't have KDE's Klipper. Change to GA
  • Basqet, Basqet 0.1.3 a cross platform note-taking software. Change to GA
  • Qtar, Qtar v1.0.2 Read .pro files to create a .tar file with the files linked in the .pro
  • S.T.E, S.T.E. v0.2.2a is easy-to-use and feature-rich plain text editor. Change to GA
  • Qconvert, Qconvert is a Lightweight & cross-platform Unit Conversion Tool. Change to GA
  • QXmlEdit, QXmlEdit is a simple XML files editor. Change to GA
  • ipqalc, Small utility for IP address calculations including broadcast and network addresses as well as Cisco wildcard mask
  • Tradutor, Tradutor translates text via Google Translate api.
  • Qsifre, qsifre v2.0 is a simple and easy to use password management tool


  • Blubbels, Blubbels 0.9 3rd edition based on Qt4 GA, a game where you remove bubbles with matching colors
  • Colorcode, Colorcode 0.6.1, a clone of the Mastermind game
  • CuteGomoku, CuteGomoku? 0.2.1 second edition, play a game of Go against the computer
  • Cutemaze, Cutemaze 1.1.0
  • gottet, Gottet 1.0.3, a Tetris clone
  • Multilothek, Multilothek 1.0 second edition, a game where you have to guess which numbers will be drawn
  • openpref, Openpref 0.1.3, a card game
  • Peg-e, Peg-e 1.1.0, a board game where you have to remove pegs
  • simsu, Simsu 1.2.1 second edition, the popular Japanese game of Sudoku
  • Tubularix, Tubularix, a game similar to Tetris but viewed from above. Change to GA
  • Perceptron, Perceptron 0.9 allows you to out-guess a random number generator.
  • Eightqueens, Eightqueens is a small program for toying around with the 8-queen problem. Change to GA
  • Hexalate, Hexalate 1.0.1, a game where you have to align discs so their color rays match
  • Qcheckers, Qcheckers v0.1 QCheckers is a Qt checkers game.
  • Capitalism, Capitalism v0.4 Capitalism is a Boardgame to play Monopoly like games with it. Change to GA
  • Tanglet, Tanglet 1.1.0 A single player word finding game based on Boggle.
  • SudokuResover, SudokuResolver? v2.1.0 A sudoku resolver. Change to GA
  • Fairseabattle, Fairseabattle v1.0 is Qt-based battleship type game you might have played before.
  • Klikit, Klikit is a Classical brain-twister "15-puzzle".
  • tasteroids3_no_opengl, tasteroids3_no_opengl is a clone of the classic arcade game asteroids.


The ticket system is used to report bugs and request new features for maintained Qt applications. For every application, there is a corresponding component name and a set of versions. Please note that anonymous access to the ticket system is restricted (to protect against stupid spammers). In order to create a new ticket or comment the existing one, you need to login using a special account with name guest and password netlabs. The password may change in the feature, but you can always find the current one on this page. We are sorry for inconvenience, but at the present time this is the only way to avoid extremely annoying spam.

Mailing Lists

Resource discussion is done through mailing list conversations. Currently, the following mailing lists are available:

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  • qtapps-dev()

This mailing list is for developers of Qt applications for OS/2. All ticket changes are automatically posted to this list. Please don't post user questions there!
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