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Feb 13, 2011, 5:10:21 PM (9 years ago)
Guillaume Gay

Udpate - apps using the System Tray (Thanks to Elbert), navigation part.


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    1212||!GoodWord||1.04||[ Zip]||A free and easy to use, full featured text editor written in Qt.||||||
    1313||!JuffEd||0.8.1||[ Wpi]||A feature rich text editor with syntax highlighting, sessions, multiple charset support and much more, extensible with plugins (some already included). In Feb 2011, this release was extended: some bug fixes, and some automatic generation of C++ class and function skeletons added.||||Updated to Feb 2011 release||
    14 ||Kalkulon||||[ Zip]||A programmable expression calculator for programmers.||[ Kalkulon]||
     14||Kalkulon||||[ Zip]||A programmable expression calculator for programmers ('''1''').||[ Kalkulon]||
    1515||Kapow||1.3.3||[ Zip]||A punch clock program designed to easily keep track of your hours, whether you're working on one project or many ('''1''').||[ Kapow]||||
    1616||LillePOS||1.0.1||[ Zip]||LillePOS is a 'Point Of Sale' application originally implemented for a small coffee shop.||||
    1717||Lyx||1.6.5||[ URL]||A graphical WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) front-end for LaTeX.||[ Lyx]||||
    1818||!MyCinema||||[ Zip]||!MyCinema is a simple, fast, and multiplatform application to create your own movie collection.||[ MyCinema]||||
    19 ||!NetFleet||0.2.1||[ Zip]||!NetFleet is a multi-threaded download utility.||[ NetFleet]||||
     19||!NetFleet||0.2.1||[ Zip]||!NetFleet is a multi-threaded download utility ('''1''').||[ NetFleet]||||
    2020||Prosit||||[ Zip]||Prosit is a fullscreen, distraction-free text processor.||[ Prosit]||||
    2121||Qbittorrent||2.6.3||[ Zip]||A bittorrent client.||[ QBittorrent]||Updated to 2.6.3||
    3030||Scribus||1.3.9||[ URL]||A desktop publishing (DTP) application.||[ Scribus]||||
    3131||Scythia||0.9.3||[ Zip]||Scythia is a simple FTP client.||[ Scythia]|||| 
    32 ||Tea||28.1.4||[ Zip]||A Qt-based text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows.||[ TEA]||||
     32||Tea||28.1.4||[ Zip]||A Qt-based text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows ('''1''').||[ TEA]||||
    3333||Tesh||1.0||[ Zip]||A text editor with syntax highlighting.||||||
    3434||TexmakerX||2.0a||[ Zip]||TexMakerX is a fork of the LaTeX IDE Texmaker and gives you an environment where you can easily create and manage LaTeX documents.||[ TexmakerX]||||
    3535||yourownnewsmaker||1.3||[ Zip]||It allows you to grab rss and atom feeds and just simple web-pages and covert them to pdf or fb2 files ('''1''').||[ yourownnewsmaker]||||
    37 '''Footnotes'''
    3838 1 - The application uses the System Tray widget.