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    44||'''Name'''||'''Version'''||'''DL Link'''||'''Description'''||'''Web site'''||'''Update Info'''||
     5||Aarni||||[ Zip]||Aarni is a small and easy-to-use file encryptor.||[ Aarni]||||
     6||ASTranslator||0.9.12||[ Zip]|| This application translates text via Google Translate engine.||||Changed to GA||
     7||Basqet||0.1.4||[ Zip]||A cross platform note-taking software ('''1''').||[ Basqet]||Changed to GA||
     8||!BeeDiff||1.9||[ Zip]||!BeeDiff (beediff) is a program with graphical user interface (GUI) for comparing and merging files.||[ BeeDiff]||||
    59||Beesoft Commander||4.1.0||[ Zip]||Beesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager (like Norton Commander).||[ Beesoft Commander]||||
    610||Calcus||0.1||[ Zip]||Calcus is a cross-platform scriptable calculator based on Qt and !QtScript.||[ Calcus]||||
     11||Clipgrab||||[ Zip]||Download online clips from many sites with just some clicks ('''1''').||[ ClipGrab]||||
    712||Cobras||0.8||[ Zip]||Cobras is an IDE for programmers.||[ Cobras]||||
     13||DaemonFS||1.1||[ Zip]||Aa real time file watcher. This tool lets you track modifications to your files.||[ DaemonFS]||||
    814||!DjView4||4.6||[ Zip]||A !DjVu file viewer.||[ DjView4]||||
    915||DiffPDF||1.1.4||[ Zip]||DiffPDF is used to compare two PDF files.||[ DiffPDF]||||
    1016||ehm||0.4||[ Zip]||ehm is a simple calculator.||[ ehm]||||
     17||Eyes||0.9.5||[ Zip]||This program helps you find your cursor on the screen if you have lost it.||||Changed to GA||
    1118||!FocusWriter||||[ Zip]||A fullscreen, distraction-free word processor designed to immerse you as much as possible in your work.||[ FocusWriter]||||
    1219||!GoodWord||1.04||[ Zip]||A free and easy to use, full featured text editor written in Qt.||||||
     20||!HolyServices||||[ Zip]||Calendar-like planning of holy services for small parishes, connection to iCal supporting time-organizers.||[ Holyservices]||||
    1321||!JuffEd||0.8.1||[ Wpi]||A feature rich text editor with syntax highlighting, sessions, multiple charset support and much more, extensible with plugins (some already included). In Feb 2011, this release was extended: some bug fixes, and some automatic generation of C++ class and function skeletons added.||||Updated to Feb 2011 release||
    1422||Kalkulon||||[ Zip]||A programmable expression calculator for programmers ('''1''').||[ Kalkulon]||
    1523||Kapow||1.3.3||[ Zip]||A punch clock program designed to easily keep track of your hours, whether you're working on one project or many ('''1''').||[ Kapow]||||
     24||KBackup||0.9.2||[ Zip]||A application that uses rsync to perform backups ('''1''').||[ KBackup]||||
     25||KDiff3||0.9.95||[ Zip]||A sophisticated tool for comparing and merging files and displaying differences.||[ KDiff3]||||
     26||Kontakter||0.2||[ Zip]||A easy-to-use yet powerful address book with advance search functionality.||[ Kontakter]||||
     27||leminuteur||2010-12.2||[ Zip]||A simple timer application developed for an article in a magazine Magnum ('''1''').||||
    1628||LillePOS||1.0.1||[ Zip]||LillePOS is a 'Point Of Sale' application originally implemented for a small coffee shop.||||
     29||LugduloV||0.4.0||[ Zip]||A bike sharing application. It allows you to find free bikes or slots near you.||[ LugduloV]||||
     30||Lyrics||0.2||[ Zip]||A simple application that downloads specified by the user lyrics.||||||
    1731||Lyx||1.6.5||[ URL]||A graphical WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) front-end for LaTeX.||[ Lyx]||||
    1832||!MyCinema||||[ Zip]||!MyCinema is a simple, fast, and multiplatform application to create your own movie collection.||[ MyCinema]||||
    1933||Prosit||||[ Zip]||Prosit is a fullscreen, distraction-free text processor.||[ Prosit]||||
     34||Qccrypt||0.2||[ Zip]||A front-end for the ccrypt en/decryption tool.||||||
     35||Qconvert||1.0||[ Zip]||A Lightweight & cross-platform Unit Conversion Tool.||||Changed to GA||
     36||!QdiskUsage||1.0.4||[ Zip]||A Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer.||||||
    2037||QEasyCalc||0.1||[ Zip]||QEasyCalc is a simple RPN calculator.||[ QEasyCalc]||||
     38||Qgoogletranslate||0.2b7||[ Zip]||This application translates text via Google Translate engine ('''1''').||[ Qgoogletranslate]||Changed to GA||
     39||Qlipper||1.7||[ Zip]||A clipboard history applet. Maybe useful if you don't have KDE's Klipper||||Changed to GA||
     40||Qlipshare||0.0.1||[ Zip]||A system tray application to synchronize clipboard contents between ('''1''').||||||
     41||QPassgen||1.0||[ Zip]||A Small GUI application to generate random secure passwords (like NCpg*fmO_08uLh).||[ QPassgen]||||
     42||QPeriodicTable||0.4.3||[ Zip]||A periodic table written in qt4. Inspired by the great kde app Kalzium.||[ QPeriodensystem]||||
    2143||QScaleGen||0.3||[ Zip]||QScaleGen is a small application for generating scales for guitar players.||[ QScaleGen]||||
     44||Qsifre||2.0||[ Zip]||A simple and easy to use password management tool.||[ Qsifre]||||
     45||QSpeedTest||r43||[ Zip]||A GUI tool written in C++ and Qt for evaluating the latency and speed.||[ QSpeedTest]||||
     46||Qtar||1.0.7||[ Zip]||Read .pro files to create a .tar file with the files linked in the .pro.||||||
    2247||qtDbf||0.9.3||[ Zip]||A simple DBF viewer and editor.||[ qtDbf]||||
    2348||Quicky||0.4||[ Zip]||Quicky is a simple note-taking application with Wiki-style syntax and behaviour.||[ Quicky]||||
     49||Qwatermark||0.2.1||[ Zip]||A simple application to make watermark.||||||
     50||QXmlEdit||0.4.9||[ Zip]||A simple XML files editor.||[ QXmlEdit]||Changed to GA||
    2451||Sintegrial Text Editor||0.4.0||[ Zip]||A easy-to-use and feature-rich plain text editor.||[ S.T.E.]||Changed to 4.6.2 GA||
    2552||Scribus||1.3.9||[ URL]||A desktop publishing (DTP) application.||[ Scribus]||||
     53||Sqliteman||1.2.2||[ Zip]||A simple but powerfull Sqlite3 GUI database manager.||[ Sqliteman]||||
     54||!SunCalculator||0.9.0||[ Zip]||Calculate Sunrise, Sunset and dawn times.||[ Suncalculator]||||
     55||Synkron||1.6.0||[ Zip] [ Sources]||A free, powerful directory synchronizing tool with many options.||||||
    2656||Tea||28.1.4||[ Zip]||A Qt-based text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows ('''1''').||[ TEA]||||
    2757||Tesh||1.0||[ Zip]||A text editor with syntax highlighting.||||||
    2858||TexmakerX||2.0a||[ Zip]||TexMakerX is a fork of the LaTeX IDE Texmaker and gives you an environment where you can easily create and manage LaTeX documents.||[ TexmakerX]||||
     59||Tradutor||0.1||[ Zip]||Translates text via Google Translate api.||||||
     60||XQueryEvaluator||0.5.5||[ Zip]||XQueryEvaluator is a little editor to help writing XQuery scripts.|||| 
     61||zNotes||0.4.4||[ Zip]||A lightweigh crossplatform application for notes management ('''1''').||[ zNotes]||||