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     1=Various applications=
    12Below is a list of all known Qt4 applications that are available for OS/2 and eCS. Either maintained here or in the orginal code base. Entries are sorted in alphabetical order.
    34||'''Name'''||'''Version'''||'''DL Link'''||'''Description'''||'''Web site'''||'''Update Info'''||
    4 ||Arora||0.11.0b||[ Installer]||A lightweight cross-platform web browser. It uses the !QtWebKit port of the fully standards-compliant [ WebKit] layout engine. It features fast rendering and a powerful !JavaScript engine.||[ Arora home]||||
    55||Beesoft Commander||4.1.0||[ Zip]||Beesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager (like Norton Commander).||[ Beesoft Commander]||||
    66||Calcus||0.1||[ Zip]||Calcus is a cross-platform scriptable calculator based on Qt and !QtScript.||[ Calcus]||||
    1717||Lyx||1.6.5||[ URL]||A graphical WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) front-end for LaTeX.||[ Lyx]||||
    1818||!MyCinema||||[ Zip]||!MyCinema is a simple, fast, and multiplatform application to create your own movie collection.||[ MyCinema]||||
    19 ||!NetFleet||0.2.1||[ Zip]||!NetFleet is a multi-threaded download utility ('''1''').||[ NetFleet]||||
    2019||Prosit||||[ Zip]||Prosit is a fullscreen, distraction-free text processor.||[ Prosit]||||
    21 ||Qbittorrent||2.6.3||[ Zip]||A bittorrent client.||[ QBittorrent]||Updated to 2.6.3||
    2220||QEasyCalc||0.1||[ Zip]||QEasyCalc is a simple RPN calculator.||[ QEasyCalc]||||
    2321||QScaleGen||0.3||[ Zip]||QScaleGen is a small application for generating scales for guitar players.||[ QScaleGen]||||
    2422||qtDbf||0.9.3||[ Zip]||A simple DBF viewer and editor.||[ qtDbf]||||
    25 ||Quassel||0.5.2||[ URL]||A graphical IRC client ('''1''').||[ Quassel]||||
    2623||Quicky||0.4||[ Zip]||Quicky is a simple note-taking application with Wiki-style syntax and behaviour.||[ Quicky]||||
    27 ||Rapidshare Downloader||0.5.0||[ Zip]||Rapidshare Downloader is a simple application that allows you to download your files from (premium account).||[ Rapidshare Downloader]||||
    28 ||Rub||1.3.2||[ Zip]||Rub is intended to be a prompt and simple notifier on rss feeds ('''1''').||[ Rub]||||
    2924||Sintegrial Text Editor||0.4.0||[ Zip]||A easy-to-use and feature-rich plain text editor.||[ S.T.E.]||Changed to 4.6.2 GA||
    3025||Scribus||1.3.9||[ URL]||A desktop publishing (DTP) application.||[ Scribus]||||
    31 ||Scythia||0.9.3||[ Zip]||Scythia is a simple FTP client.||[ Scythia]|||| 
    3226||Tea||28.1.4||[ Zip]||A Qt-based text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows ('''1''').||[ TEA]||||
    3327||Tesh||1.0||[ Zip]||A text editor with syntax highlighting.||||||
    3428||TexmakerX||2.0a||[ Zip]||TexMakerX is a fork of the LaTeX IDE Texmaker and gives you an environment where you can easily create and manage LaTeX documents.||[ TexmakerX]||||
    35 ||yourownnewsmaker||1.3||[ Zip]||It allows you to grab rss and atom feeds and just simple web-pages and covert them to pdf or fb2 files ('''1''').||[ yourownnewsmaker]||||