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    1 = Psi for OS/2 =
     1= Psi/2: JID'em All! =
    3 [ Psi] is the premiere Instant Messaging application designed for Microsoft
    4 Windows, Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, eComStation (eCS) and OS/2. Built upon an
    5 open protocol named Jabber, Psi is a fast and lightweight messaging client
    6 that utilises the best in open source technologies.
     3[ Psi] is a capable Jabber client aimed at experienced users.  Its design
     4goals are simplicity and stability.  Psi is highly portable and runs on
     5Windows, OS/2, Unix/X11, and MacOS X.
    8 This page contains information related to the OS/2 version of Psi only. If you need a version of Psi for another platform, you can visit the official Psi web-page at, but please note that the OS/2 version is not officially supported there.
     7The interface is very ICQ-like.  Alerts appear in the contact list when
     8events are received, and things like subscriptions requests appear as
     9"system messages" (ICQ users know these well).  Even "Chats" are
     10queued in the contact list.  Also, chats are "remembered" by default,
     11so that you don't have to keep a bunch of windows open for each person.
     12Just close the chat window.  If you open it again it will all be there.
     14Psi is minimal but powerful.  There are keybindings for just about
     15everything, Unicode is supported throughout, and contacts are cached
     16offline.  Security is also a major consideration, and Psi provides it for
     17both client-to-server (SSL) and client-to-client (GnuPG).
     19This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License.  See
     20the COPYING file inlcuded in this package for more information.
     22You can find more information about Psi on the official Psi home page
     25==== What is Psi/2 ====
     27Psi/2 is a separate development branch of Psi initially created to work on
     28a version of Psi for OS/2 and eComStation operating systems.  Why a separate
     29branch?  In ealy 2006, original Psi authors decided to discontinue the support
     30of the Qt Toolkit Version 3 and ported Psi sources to Qt Version 4.  Psi 0.10
     31was the last release based on Qt Version 3.  However, Qt Version 4 is not (yet)
     32available for the OS/2 platform, therefore the sources of Psi 0.10 have been
     33taken and ported to OS/2.
     35In the process of porting, several minor Psi bugs were fixed and some few
     36bits of new functionality were added.  These changes are unlikely to be applied
     37to the current official Psi sources because of the differences in Qt Toolkits
     38and because original authors are not interested in supporting the Qt 3 branch.
     40There are some more improvements planned to the Psi/2 branch.  This branch will
     41exist until at least Qt Version 4 for OS/2 becomes available.  Please note that
     42Psi/2 is NOT supported by original Psi developers, so don't send them bug
     43reports and feature requests.  See below for information about reporting bugs.
     45In order to clearly distinguish the original Psi application from Psi/2,
     46the latter is used as the application name for the Psi/2 branch (including
     47the 'Jabber client name and version' string reported to Jabber servers).
     48In situations where using the slash character makes problems or even imposible
     49(such as file names of distribution archives), 'psios2' is used instead.
     51Currently, binary Psi/2 packages are distributed only for OS/2 and eComStation
     52(a Windows package based on Qt 3 is planned soon).  If you need a version of Psi
     53for a different platform, please visit the official Psi home hage mentioned
     54above.  There you will find the most recent version of Psi based on the Qt
     55Toolkit Version 4.
     57This resource is the home page of the Psi/2 project.
    1059== Latest Version ==
    12 The latest version of Psi for OS/2 is '''0.10-os2-b1 (Beta 1)''' released on 18-Aug-2006.
     61The latest version of Psi/2 for OS/2 is '''0.10.1''' released on 26-Sep-2006.
    14  * View the [/repos/qtapps/psi/tags/0.10-os2-b1/Readme-OS2.txt Read Me] file
    15  * Download:
    16    * [ Self-Installer] (5082 KB)
    17    * [ WarpIn archive] (4310 KB)
    18    * [ ZIP archive] (4412 KB)
    19  * Browse the [source:/psi/tags/0.10-os2-b1/ source code]
     63The major improvements in this release include:
    21 Beta 1 has a major problem (system timer resource leaks) causing other applications to behave wrongly under some circumstancies. Before Beta 2 is out, it is highly recommended to download the [ QPSI.DLL hot-fix] and unpack the archive to the Psi installation directory letting it overwrite the existing file.
     65 * Support for SSL connections (e.g.
     66 * Built-in support fo Innotek Font Engine (anti-aliased fonts)
     67 * Important bug fixes (such as system timer resource leak)
     69See [/repos/qtapps/psi/tags/psios2-0.10.1/Changes.txt Changes.txt] for a full list of changes.
     71Please note that the application name has been changed to Psi/2 to clearly
     72distinguish from the original Psi releases produced by the
     73team. See [/repos/qtapps/psi/tags/psios2-0.10.1/Readme.txt Readme.txt] for
     74more info.
     76==== Downloads ====
     78||''link''||''size''||''description''||''additional requirements''
     79||[ psios2-0_10_1-os2.exe]||6021 KB||Full installer||--
     80||[ psios2-0_10_1-os2.wpi]||4756 KB||WPI archive||[ LIBC 0.6.1 Runtime WPI], [ WarpIn installer]
     81||[]||4825 KB||ZIP archive||[ LIBC 0.6.1 Runtime ZIP]
    2383== Important Links ==