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#66 Juffed hangs after search and save new major qtapps
#92 xgrabcolor fails to grab a new color new major qtapps
#109 kchmviewer 6.0 doesn't display japanese CHM files new major qtapps
#110 CoolReader 3.1.2 wrong display of japanese CHM files new major qtapps
#111 clipgrab 3.5.5 broken keyboard input new major qtapps
#91 Quassel not closing vio window on exit new minor qtapps
#124 PSI v.016-2018-07-16 chat window does not respect FONT size settings new minor psi
#100 QuiteRSS does not add extension exporting feeds new trivial qtapps
#105 CoolReader 3.1.2 no display of cyrillic characters new Feedback Pending qtapps
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