Changeset 888

Jul 13, 2011, 10:54:49 AM (9 years ago)
Dmitry A. Kuminov

qmake: Reverted r804 since TARGET_SHORT does not affect .lib names any more (see #225 for detals).

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  • trunk/qmake/generators/os2/gnumake.cpp

    r886 r888  
    329329    else if(project->first("TEMPLATE") == "subdirs") {
    330330        writeSubDirs(t);
    331         // @todo
    332         // There is one case when generating a Makefile from one .pro file
    333         // depends on another .pro file: when the first one links to a DLL which
    334         // the second one generates, and only when it refers to this DLL by its
    335         // full name which may be different from its real 8x3 file name. In this
    336         // case, in order to create a proper reference to the library in the
    337         // Makefile using its real file name, the first .pro file needs a .prl
    338         // for that library created by the second one (that contains this real
    339         // 8x3 name)... For now, we simply prevent any parallel subdirectory
    340         // walking at all. A better solution has to be found later as this one
    341         // is an overkill (other than that, subdirs feel OK being parallelized).
    342         t << ".NOTPARALLEL:" << endl << endl;
    343331        return true;
    344332    }
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