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1This document contains a brief list of the most important OS/2-specific changes
2in the Qt library from release to release.
84.7.3 (15-09-2011)
10  Improvements:
12  - general: Updated Qt codebase to version 4.7.3 (see the changes-4.7.3 file
13    for details). This version should be binary compatible with the previous
14    version of Qt for OS/2.
16  - general: Enable building the QtDeglarative and QtWebKit libraries by
17    default.
19  - corelib: QProcess: Implemented new I/O pipe notification mechanism that
20    fixes a number of issues such as hangs and truncated data during inter-
21    process communication using redirection of standard I/O channels.
23  - corelib: Make the native QFileSystemWatcher engine a singleton to reduce
24    the number of clients connecting to the server (part of XWP) that has a
25    limit on the number of connections.
27  - corelib: Make the native QFileSystemWatcher recognize file changes (i.e.
28    changes in file date/time/size) using a special poller thread. The original
29    OS/2 file notification mechanism (used by XWP) does not report such changes.
31  - corelib: QDir: Filter out "." and ".." from root directory listings to be
32    consistent across different IFSes and to match Windows behavior.
34  - gui: QSound: Use shared mode by default.
36  - gui: Include higher res pixmaps in icons returned by
37    QCommonStyle::standardIcon().
39  - gui: Make QFileSystemModel put "." and ".." entries first.
41  - gui: Take style icons for SP_FileIcon & SP_DirIcon from QFileIconProvider
42    by default.
44  - gui: Disable native window masking code as it is not complete (doesn't
45    work properly in DIVE mode).
47  - gui: Add support for short DLL names of QML plugins.
49  - gui: Enable linking to cups.dll at runtime (requires CUPS 1.4.8 and above).
51  - xsystray: Paint an empty box for NULL icons instead of leaving the old icon
52    if it was not NULL.
54  - xsystray: Fixed duplicate mouse click notifications.
56  - qmake: Make the shadow build mode work (both for Qt itself and for other
57    qmake-based applications).
59  - qmake: Do not shorten library names for DLLs when TARGET_SHORT is used.
60    This allows to use the same library name on all platforms.
62  - qmake: Added support for .SYM file generation on OS/2 (controlled by the
63    'sym' CONFIG option, which is present in release builds by default).
65  - qmake: Added replace functions 'fixpath_target' and 'fixpath_local'.
67  - qmake: Always add project directory to INCLUDEPATH. This makes individual
68    per-project 'INCLUDEPATH += .' statements unnecessary.
70  - qmake: Support FAST_BUILD make macro in generated Makefiles to disable slow
71    noncritical steps like .sym file generation.
73  - qmake: Recognize QMAKE_TARGET_VERSION in .pro which allows to embed the
74    version to EXE/DLL like VERSION but w/o appending the major version suffix
75    to the DLL name.
77  - qmake: Let INSTALL_ROOT override the dirve letter too to be able to redirect
78    make install to another drive.
80  - configure.cmd: Support build type options (-release, -debug,
81    -debug-and-release, -developer-build, -make and -nomake). Run with --help
82    or details.
84  - configure.cmd: Enable building examples by default.
86  Fixes:
88  - corelib: QProcess: Don't close the stdin pipe until the child reads it all.
90  - corelib: QProcess: Use dup()/dup2() instead of DosDupHandle() to make sure
91    the child process sees the correct state of stdin/out/err (e.g. isatty()).
93  - corelib: QProcess: Fixed the way how pipes are closed to makes sure that
94    feof() will return 1 and ferror() will not return 1 on the child end of the
95    pipe connected to its stdin. This fixes programs relying on these functions.
97  - corelib: QProcess: Fix possible hangs when using syncronous wait functions
98    in a GUI program.
100  - corelib: Fixed spontaneous failures to create native QFileSystemWatcher
101    objects.
103  - corelib: Don't eat drive letters in QDir::cleanPath() for paths like
104    "D:/../../mydir" (which would become "mydir").
106  - gui: Make sure that modal widgets never go behind the blocked widgets.
108  - gui: Make blocked widgets always follow the modal widget on Z-order change.
109    This makes sure that bringing the modal widget to front also raises all
110    widgets it blocks (keeping them right under it in the same Z-order).
112  - gui: Fixed the assertion in QPixmap::setMask() that could also lead to
113    creating pixmaps w/o masks.
115  - gui: Fixed creating HPOINTERs from QPixmaps with no mask. This fixes
116    setting PNG files with no mask as top-level window icnos.
118  - gui: Do not attempt to natively hide widgets with no handle and fix
119    hiding reparented child widgets with native handles.
121  - gui: Create native IDs (HWNDs) for all siblings and children of the widget
122    when its native ID is requested. This is for proper clipping and to be
123    compatible with other platforms.
125  - gui: Don't destroy widget's HWND on reparent until children are reparented,
126    otherwise all children with native HWNDs will be deleted.
128  - gui: Fix position errors on resize of child widgets during complex geometry
129    changes (e.g. manually changing the geometry of a layout-managed widget).
131  - gui: Fix Qt Assistant remote control which would only process
132    '\0'-terminated commands.
134  - gui: Fix signal recursion at Assistant startup in remote control mode that
135    could cause 100% CPU load.
137  - qmake: Fixed a hang when compiling .RC files with too long include paths.
139  - qmake: Don't call lxlite on phony targets.
141  - qmake: Make sure string quotes in DEFINES statements are processed
142    correctly (similar to other platforms).
144  - qmake: Several small fixes to path quoting and slashes that could cause
145    various build and install problems under certain conditions.
147  - uic: Fixed doubling EOLs (CRs) in pipe mode.
1504.6.3 (19-11-2010)
152  Improvements:
154  - general: Updated Qt codebase to version 4.6.3 (see the changes-4.6.3 file
155    for details). This version should be binary compatible with the previous
156    version of Qt for OS/2.
158  - general: qmake uses .NOTPARALLEL for some targets to support parallel
159    building of complex applications with the -jN GNU make option.
161  - corelib: Significantly improve the performance of directory iterators
162    walking through directories with thousands of files on slow file systems
163    with inefficient cache policies [based on patch by rudi].
165  - corelib: Don't report non-existent floppy drives in QDir::drives(). This
166    makes letter A: and B: disappear from standard file dialogs in case if the
167    computer doesn't have the floppy controller at all or it is disabled in BIOS
168    [patch by rudi].
170  - corelib: Implemented QSysInfo::os2Version(). Fixes the UserAgent string
171    in QWebKit-based browsers.
173  - corelib: Fixed: Hang when attempting to stop the file watcher thread after
174    reusing it for more than one directory (e.g. like in the standard file
175    dialog).
177  - network: Added OpenSSL support. This enables visiting web sites using the
178    secure HTTPS protocol in Qt based web-browser applications.
180  - network: Improved network disk cache performance by reducing the number of
181    stat() calls twice when expiring the cache items [based on patch by rudi].
183  - network: More verbose error messages from QLocalServer/QLocalSocket instead
184    of just "Unknown error".
186  - network: QNetworkInterface::hardwareAddress() returns a real MAC and
187    netmask() returns a correct value.
189  - plugins: Enabled the MySQL and PostgresSQL Qt plugins. Note that these
190    plugins require MySQL and PostgresSQL DLLs to be installed.
192  - gui: DIVE: Detection code of the Panorama video driver now detects the
193    driver presence in memory rather than what will be loaded on next reboot.
194    This also solves redraw problems in cases where Panorama is installed
195    together with some other video extension -- the old method could not
196    detect Panorama and would enable DIVE leading to screen corruption.
198  - gui: Send PDF data to a CUPS printer on by default if CUPS is version 1.4.4
199    or above (where printing PDF data was fixed).
201  - gui: QCommonStyle::standardIconImplementation(): Generate the stanrad small
202    and/or large icon size if it is missing from the stock icon to avoid icon
203    size differences in e.g. file dialogs.
205  - webkit: Try to allocate memory blocks in high memory on OS/2 first and fall
206    back to low memory on failure.
208  Fixes:
210  - general: Fixed: configure.cmd would not work in Object REXX bmode.
212  - corelib: Fixed a deadlock during alien thread termination (copy-paste bug)
213    [found by komh].
215  - corelib: Fixed: QProcess::startDetached() would fail with a certain set of
216    arguments [patch by rudi].
218  - network: Fixed: QLocalServer/QLocalSocket: Make sure the socket path name
219    always starts with "\socket\". This fixes applications that use local
220    sockets for single application instance detection [based on patch by rudi].
222  - network: Fixed: Filter out garbage entries returned by ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF) on
223    OS/2 so they don't appear in the QNetworkInteface::allInterfaces() list.
225  - network: Fixed: QLocalServer could hang forever in the destructor trying to
226    close the listen socket being watched by a socket notifier. This fixes the
227    Assistant application hang at startup.
229  - gui: Fixed: Doing Drag-n-Drop over a Qt target in DIVE mode would corrupt
230    the window contents.
232  - gui: Fixed: Children with real HWNDs (a.k.a native widgets) were painted
233    over by the parent widget causing annoying flicker (smplayer).
235  - gui: Fixed: In Dive mode, the screen would get corrupted if the application
236    created a child window with a real HWND (as e.g. smplayer does).
238  - gui: Fixed: Qt Assistant would corrupt screen at startup in DIVE FB mode
239    [based on patch by rudi].
241  - gui: Fixed: DIVE mode was unreasonably disabled in 24-bit color depth
242    display modes.
244  - gui: Fixed: Path separator was missing in the output file name when printing
245    to a PDF or PS file in the print dialog.
247  - gui: Fixed QFileDialog: Item height in the side bar was increased by
248    increasing icon size which caused ugly icon scaling. Now the item size hint
249    is used instead (based on the normal item height) [vendor bug].
251  - gui: Fixed: Possible crash and an endless PM event loop recursion when
252    re-parenting widgets in DIVE mode. This could be seen when dragging a
253    toolbar out of the dock widget, dragging it back then closing the
254    application (crash) or attempting to drag the toolbar out again (endless
255    recursion).
257  - gui: Fixed: Assertion shown when dragging the "Computer" item in the side
258    bar of the file dialog.
260  - gui: Fixed: QCups would try to unlink() a NULL path which crashed some
261    libc implementations [vendor bug].
263  - gui: Workaround: Set O_BINARY for temporary file descriptors we get from
264    CUPS when printing using the PDF engine to avoid file contents corruption.
266  - gui: Fixed: Starting the drag operation would take the Qt focus away and
267    close all popups which is unexpected.
269  - gui: Fixed: Repainting the widget during Drag-n-Drop outside the
270    drag*Event() callbacks would cause screen corruption under the mouse pointer
271    in DIVE mode.
273  - gui: Fixed: Pressing Shift[+Ctrl]]+<numpad_digit> generated digits in
274    NumLock ON mode instead of cursor movement events (which is necessary to
275    make it possible to select text using numpad keys with Shift pressed.
277  - gui: Fixed: Hiding the main application window programmatically with
278    QWidget::hide() and then showing it again with QWidget::show() would not
279    activate it from the Qt point of view which prevented the child widgets from
280    getting the keyboard focus (and input).
282  - gui: Fixed a crash that could happen at program termination in DIVE mode if
283    a top-level window had a native HWND window embedded in it.
285  - gui: Fixed SIGSEGV on SSE2 processors due to misaligned m128i variables
286    on stack (an OS/2-specific GCC 4.x compiler bug).
288  - webkit: Fixed: Symbols typed with AltGr as a shift modifier could not be
289    entered in line entry fields in WebKit-based applications.
291  - webkit: Fixed: posix_memalign() broken in kLIBC 0.6.3/4 whould crash in
292    QWebKit under heavy memory consumption conditions.
2954.6.2 (14-05-2010)
297  Improvements:
299  - general: Updated Qt codebase to version 4.6.2 (see the changes-4.6.2 file
300    for details). Note that this version is binary incompatible with the
301    previous version (see README.OS2 for more information).
303  - general: Implemented support for the OS/2 platform in the webkit module. The
304    webkit module is used in many complex web-based applications such as web
305    browsers to implement the JavaScript support. Note that the script module
306    uses the JavaScript implementation from the WebKit project too and it was
307    also ported to OS/2. The webkit module is always present in the official Qt
308    build but is disabled by defautl in the custom builds due to big compilation
309    times.
311  - general: Use declspec(dllexport) on OS/2 to significantly reduce the number
312    of exports in generated DLLs. This mode is on by default which reduces the
313    number of exported symbols by 90-100% in Qt DLLs and makes it not necessary
314    to split the QtGui DLL in 3 parts in debug mode. The old method which causes
315    all public symbols to be exported is still available using the "export_all"
316    CONFIG option (see README.OS2 for details).
318  - general: Provide the "doc" WPI archive that contains the Qt reference
319    documentation.
321  - corelib: Implemented native (XWP-based) file system watcher for OS/2 that
322    does not eat CPU (which is best noticed in file dialogs showing directories
323    containing hundreds of files. Requires XWorkplace to be installed.
325  - corelib: Implemented deriving the defaut locale from the process country
326    code if LANG is not set and integration with the system locale object
327    (System Setup -> Country Palette). See the QT_PM_NO_SYSTEM_LOCALE
328    description in README.OS2 for details.
330  - gui: Implemented printing support through CUPS. Refer to section "PRINTING
331    SUPPORT" in README.OS2 for details.
333  - gui: Implemented painting in widgets using DIVE (direct interface video
334    extensions). Using DIVE gives a significant graphical performance boost, up
335    to 100% in BLIT mode and 130% in FBSWM mode, depending on the combination of
336    the graphics hardware, video driver and the current screen mode. See the
337    QT_PM_DIVE and QT_PM_NO_DIVE description in README.OS2 for more details.
339  - gui: Improved the painting speed when not using DIVE. The performance boost
340    varies from 30% to 200% (e.g. 3 times faster), depending on the combination
341    of the graphics hardware, video driver and the current screen mode.
343  - gui: Enabled MMX/SSE support (on by default) to speed up graphical
344    operations by a couple of percents.
346  - gui: Enabled accessibility support on OS/2. Note that in order to use the
347    accessibility functions, a QAccessibleBridge plugin for the corresponding
348    accessibility device is necessary but none of them exist at the present
349    time.
351  - gui: Use native file icons in standard Qt file dialogs.
353  - assistant: Enabled the help module and made the Qt Assistant tool build on
354    OS/2. Also enabled help and assistant examples and demos.
356  - demos: Enabled the browser demo application that makes use of the webkit
357    module.
359  - demos: Enabled the qtdemo example that demonstrates all Qt features and
360    acts as a launcher for other example and demo applications.
362  - gnumake/os2-g++: Switch the compiler to using the i486 instruciton set for
363    code generation. This gives around 3% of the performance boost when
364    painting. As a drawback, the code will no longer run on i386 PCs but it is
365    assumed that it does not make sense to use Qt4 on these computers.
367  Fixes:
369  - general: Fixed: Building Qt applications with the "dev" WPI archive would
370    fail due to extra spaces in the output object file names.
372  - corelib: Fixed: Regular files were treated as sequential streams which made
373    the seek functionality unavailable. This in particular affected Qt Designer
374    that didn't expect sequential streams when reading .ui files and refused to
375    load files bigger than 8192 bytes as a result.
377  - corelib: Make sure the hardware error popup dialogs do not appear when
378    opening the standard Qt file dialog and selecting a removable drive with no
379    media inserted even with AUTOFAIL=YES in CONFIG.SYS
381  - corelib: QProcess: Fixed: Data could not be successfully read or written to
382    the standard streams of the started process in 'highmem' link mode (which is
383    on by default since 4.5.1 GA), as well as in normal link mode in some
384    situations.
386  - corelib: Fixed QProcess::startDetached() which would not work in 'highmem'
387    mode.
389  - corelib: QProcess: Fixed: Having stderr of a started child process
390    redirected to a pipe (which is the default) would indirectly cause an
391    impossibility to write anything to its stdin.
393  - corelib: QProcess: Get rid of the unexpected "DosQueryNPipeSemState returned
394    87" warning.
396  - corelib: QFileSystemWatcher: In the fall-back polling watcher, increased the
397    sleep time between checks of all watched files from 1 second to 3 seconds to
398    decrease the CPU load on big sets of watched files. Also, replaced the sleep
399    between checking individual items with the yield call as it doesn't give
400    significant improvement but just causes more CPU cycles to be spent between
401    each check.
403  - corelib: Always return true from QFileInfo::isRoot()/isDir() for paths
404    referring to root directories of drives with no media and always return
405    false from QFileInfo::exists() for them. Also, don't lstat() on such paths
406    since they are definitely not symlinks. This improves the file dialog
407    appearance and behavior for removable drives.
409  - corelib: Protect against the frozen system when QSocketNotifier is given an
410    unsupported socket (for example, an OS/2 file handle). There is still 100%
411    CPU load in this case, but the application can be at least closed using
412    normal means.
414  - corelib: Sockets: Fixed: "has data to read" socket notifications would be
415    sometimes delivered with a delay depending on the frequency of timers which
416    could significantly slow down network data transfer.
418  - corelib: QTemporaryFile: Fixed: Files were opened in O_TEXT mode which
419    caused unexpected LF <-> CRLF translation. In particular, this broke
420    QNetworkDiskCache functionality (seen in e.g. demos/browser as missing
421    images and CSS sheets when read from cache).
423  - corelib: Fixed: Clear FPU CW in qdtoa() to avoid the floating point
424    exception in various scenarios [patch by rudi].
426  - gui: Fixed assertion in QVector::at() at startup.
428  - gui: Fixed assertion at #1125 in qwidget.cpp (due to an attempt to
429    re-instantiate QDesktopWidget during application termination).
431  - gui: Select the correct icon for the drive letter in standard file dialogs
432    depending on the drive type (floppy, hard disk etc) [patch by rudi].
434  - gui: Fixed crash in PMMERGE during resize & move of the top level window
435    with the complex layout (caused by reading outside the bitmap data).
437  - gui: Fixed: Never add tooltip windows to the top-level window list and only
438    do so for splash windows if they have the Qt::WindowTitleHint flag set.
440  - 3rdparty: Added OS/2 support to clucene used by the help module for fulltext
441    search in help files [based on the patch by rudi].
443  - configure.cmd: Fixed: QT_BUILD_KEY (and QLibraryInfo::buildKey()) would
444    always contain "release", even in debug builds, which caused debug builds to
445    load the release plugins and refuse the debug ones.
447  - qmake/os2-g++: Use -Wl, to pass the object list response file to the
448    linker as is instead of the expanded list of objects (this overcomes the
449    64KB limitation of the total process command line length in OS/2).
4524.5.1 GA (05-02-2010)
454  Improvements:
456  - general: Switched the compiler to the GCC 4.4.2 build provided by Paul
457    Smeldey. This gives better standard conformance, better code optimization
458    and provides more compact DLLs and EXEs whose size is greater than ~1M.
460  - corelib: QSettings: Use IniFormat (plain INI files) when NativeFormat is
461    requested instead of the Open32 registry which is known to be unstable and
462    can be easily corrupted. The old behavior may be restored using the
463    QT_PM_REGISTRY environment variable.
465  - corelib: Use UniStrcoll for QString::localeAwareCompare() for locale-aware
466    comparison of NLS strings.
468  - gui: Implemented full Direct Manipulation (Drag And Drop) support. This
469    includes dragging text, URLs and files between PM and Qt applications,
470    dragging any MIME data across Qt applications, setting custom drag pointer
471    pixmaps, painting in widgets while dragging.
473  - gui: Implemented session management with the QSessionManager class.
475  - gui: Fully implemented the QDesktopServices class.
477  - gui: Added support for numpad keys and for some common multimedia keys
478    recognized by eCS (volume, home, search, favorites).
480  - gui: QCursor: Added missing cursor shapes and implemented support for custom
481    cursor shapes.
483  - gui: Implemented QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont()/removeApplicationFont()
484    and friends.
486  - gui: Implemented proper generation of possible key and modifier combinations
487    for a given key event. This in particular enables Ctrl+<letter> shortcuts
488    for non-Latin languages and also makes Ctrl+<letter>, Alt+<letter> and
489    similar shortcuts language-neutral.
491  - gui: QWidget: When setting the parent, take the parent's resolve masks to
492    make sure attributes imposed by the user on the parent won't be overriden
493    byv the natural palette for this widget if it differs from
494    QApplication::palette() [vendor bug].
496  - gui: Use a normal border for top-level Tool widgets since the thin one is
497    too thin and cannot be resized.
499  - gui: Implemented delivering of QEvent::NonClientAreaMouse* events to
500    top-level widgets. This enables undocked dock widgets to be docked back by
501    a double click on the title bar and also by moving over the dock areas.
503  - plugins: Enabled the sqlite3 plugin which makes the sql module (and
504    applications depending on it) actually usable.
506  - tools: Enabled the Qt Designer application.
508  - tools: Enabled the following toos: pixeltool, q3toq4, xmplatterns.
510  - qmake/os2-g++: Recognize the "map" option in the CONFIG variable that allows
511    to turn the generation of .map files on and off. The option is set by
512    default.
514  - qmake/os2-g++: Recognize the "highmem" option in the CONFIG variable that
515    allows to enabled memory support in LIBC for genereated DLLs and
516    executables. The option is set by default.
518  Fixes:
520  - corelib: Created wrappers for all Win* and Gpi* calls that restore the FPU
521    Control Word to what C/C++ programs expect. This fixes crashes in various
522    Qt applications (e.g. mp3diags) due to SIGFPE.
524  - corelib: QLibraryInfo: Fixed: qt.conf would not have been loaded if a
525    component path was requested before QCoreApplication instance creation.
527  - corelib: QLibraryInfo: Changed default "Settings" path to %ETC%/xdg.
528    Also use %ETC%/qtsys.conf as the system-wide qt.conf instead of
529    %ETC%/qt/qtsys.conf.
531  - corelib: QFSFileEngine: Fixed: On OS/2, trailing spaces in file names are
532    ignored ("readme " = "readme") but kLIBC doesn't handle this well so strip
533    them before passing to LIBC APIs.
535  - corelib: QFile::copy(): Use DosCopy() instead of read/write.
537  - corelib: Fixed: QProcess::startDetached() would either crash or fail to
538    start a process.
540  - corelib: Fixed: QFileInfo::isExecutable() would return true for all files on
541    local OS/2 file systems.
543  - gui: Fixed: Popups shown when another application is active were not
544    controllable with keyboard and didn't close on an outside mouse click.
546  - gui: Fixed: Visible title bar and frame of the top-level window after
547    switching to fullscreen.
549  - gui: Fixed: Wrong widget-relative mouse position in mouse events. This fixes
550    problems with dragging widget splitters (separators) in applications using
551    dock widgets.
553  - gui: Fixed: QEvent::Enter/Leave events were delivered incorrectly if the
554    alien child widget belonging to a native parent intersected with a native
555    child of this parent (this in particular caused extended tool bars to
556    immediately un-extend once the mouse moves over the extended part).
558  - gui: Fixed: Mouse press events replayed after closing the popup by clicking
559    outside it had incorrect coordinates. This resulted into various kinds of
560    misbehavior including spatial text selection in QTextEdit widgets after
561    closing popups by clicking inside these widgets.
563  - gui: Fixed: The default application icon embedded into the executable was
564    not actually used as the default window icon for top-level widgets.
566  - qmake/os2-g++: Do not use EXEPACK tool on static libraries.
568  - qmake: Several fixes to make install targets work correctly.
571Beta 5 (06-12-2009)
573  Improvements:
575  - gui: Added support for the system clipboard. Qt can now exchange plain text,
576    HTML (Mozilla application suite) and bitmaps with other PM applications, as
577    well as all supported MIME data types with other Qt-based applications.
579  - corelib: Use system unicode conversion routines to convert from the system
580    code page to Unicode and back. This makes it unnecessary to specify the
581    system encoding in the LANG environment variable -- Qt will use the system
582    encoding of the current process.
584  - gui: Implemented support for the IME input box (used on DBCS systems) in Qt
585    applications with a known limitation that the input box is always positioned
586    at the lower left corner of the top-level window.
588  - gui: Improved font handling on DBCS systems (patch by komh):
589    * Read national face names from font files instead of always taking the
590      Latin name.
591    * Use the PM_AssociateFont registry key to select a fallback font for
592      missing characters.
594  - gui: Implemented QPixmap::grabWindow() which takes a screenshot of a window.
596  - gui: Steal the Alt key from the PM which prevents the PM system menu to be
597    shown when single Alt is pressed in a Qt application. The system menu may
598    still be called using Alt+Space. Note that this also disables all default
599    shortuts from the system menu (Alt+F7, Alt+F10 etc.) so that they available
600    to Qt applications now. Exceptions are Alt+F4, Ctrl+Esc, Alt+Esc which are
601    not passed to Qt and will function as in regular PM applciations.
603  - general: Binary Qt library builds are made portable: they do not contain
604    hard-coded paths to various Qt components any more and use relative
605    locations whenever possible. See
607    for more info.
609  - corelib: Improved the polling QFileSystemWatcher implementation so that it
610    doesn't eat all CPU when there are more than 100 items to watch, like when
611    showing a file open dialog with many files in a directory.
613  - qmake: Improved processing of the project library list (LIBS variable) to
614    avoid appearance of raw library names that require substitution (fixes the
615    debug build of linguist).
617  - qmake: Added support for DEF_FILE_VERSION, DEF_FILE_DESCRIPTION and
618    DEF_FILE_VENDOR project variables that allow to embed the description
619    string into a generated DLL or executable. For compatibility with other
620    platforms, these variables by default are mapped to VERSION,
622    QMAKE_TARGET_COMPANY, respectively.
624  Fixes:
626  - gui: Table views showed alternate rows in black color instead of light gray.
628  - gui: If some font style (e.g. Bold) does not provide characters for some
629    script (e.g. Cyrillic) while the Normal style does, a different font will be
630    chosen for Bold Cyrillic instead of drawing empty boxes.
632  - corelib: Fixed two issues related to loading text codec plugins from the
633    application's directory.
635  - corelib: Fixed QDir::absoluteFilePath(), midir()/mkpath(), rmdir()/rmpath()
636    that didn't properly handle relative and UNC paths which could cause various
637    path-related failures.
639  - corelib: Properly report root directories of drives to Qt. This makes
640    letters of removable drives always seen by Qt (for example, in the file open
641    dialog) even if the medium isn't currently inserted.
643  - corelib: Fixed unnecessary access to removable drives and a long delay and
644    noice caused by it when showing a file open dialog in Qt applications.
647Beta 4 (11-11-2009)
649  Improvements:
651  - Added sound support (implemented QSound class).
653  - Added system tray support (QSystemTrayIcon class). This support requires
654    the Extended system tray XCenter plugin to be installed. See the note above
655    on how to compile and install this plugin.
657  - Enabled QPlugin support on OS/2. This in turn enables SVG support for
658    QIcon (which is built as a Qt plugin DLL by default).
660  - Better widget modality support (widgets blocked by modality cannot be
661    activated and moved using the mouse and the title bar anymore).
663  - Added support for 'console' and 'windows' CONFIG options in .pro files.
664    Now, if 'windows' is present, the target executable will have the WINDOWAPI
665    attribute set which effectively makes it a PM application. This, in
666    particular, disables standard input, output and error streams so that when
667    started, the application will not have a console window attached to it.
668    By default, 'console' mode is active unless you perform a release build and
669    the application is linked against the QtGui library ('QT = gui' in .pro),
670    in which case the default is 'windows'.
672  - Improved paint speed in Qt windows which should increase overall graphical
673    UI performance by 10%-20% in Qt4 applications.
675  - Implemented setting window icons for top-level windows (using
676    QWidget::setWindowIcon()).
678  - Added LxLite support to provide compression for executables and DLLs. The
679    compression is controlled by the 'exepack' CONFIG option which is turned on
680    by default for release builds if the LxLite executable is present in PATH
681    during the configure.cmd invocation. The compression may be turned off on a
682    per-project basis by adding a 'CONFIG -= exepack' line to the .pro file.
684  - Improved the section of this README.OS2 file that describes how to properly
685    set the LANG variable to have correct national characters in file names and
686    in window titles of Qt applications.
688  Fixes:
690  - QProcess: The executable's path was not always added to BEGINLIBPATH.
692  - Fixed-size top-level widgets could not be moved.
694  - Application crash after pressing a button in a dialog window that resizes
695    this dialog (for example, makes it bigger to show more information).
697  - Resizing top level windows using the top border broke mouse coordinates so
698    that Qt tought you pressed the mouse button in a different place of the
699    window than where you actually did it.
701  - Events posted with QCoreApplication::postEvent() were only processed upon
702    receiving a next message from the system. This caused funny delays such as
703    controls in a Qt window still indicating the input focus (the dotted
704    rectangle) after the window was deactivated and losing this indication only
705    when the mouse pointer was moved over the window.
707  - Don't replay mouse button press on a push button that is showing a popup
708    menu but instead hide the popup menu and unpress the button to get more
709    native look and feel.
711  - Deactivating the window with a push button showing a popup menu would hide
712    the popup but leave the button pressed.
714  - Fixed incorrect Qt dirty widget region calculation when processing WM_PAINT
715    messages. This fixes a lot of redraw problems (menu items in the main menu
716    bar, text in combo-boxes, various redraw problems in smplayer when switching
717    interfaces and going to/from fullscreen, and similar).
720Beta 3 (17-10-2009)
722  Improvements:
724  - Added proper font support. All outline (scalable) fonts visible in the Font
725    Palette should be now recognized by Qt. The fonts are hinted and antialiased
726    using the Freetype2 library when drawing text.
728  - System fonts and colors are now used by default for Qt widgets.
730  - configure.cmd now generates the main Makefile to simplify building of Qt.
732  - corelib: QProcess: Implemented child termination detection.
734  - corelib: QProcess: Implemented redirection to another QProcess.
736  - corelib: QProcess now uses native pipes for stream redirection. This fixes
737    various issues like 'Socket operation on non-socket' errors during
738    parent-child communication.
740  - corelib: QProcess: Make sure that the directory containing the executable
741    file is always searched (first) for DLLs needed by this executable. This
742    makes it unnecessary to change the current directory to the executable's
743    directory or add it to LIBPATH before starting the Qt application.
745  - corelib: QProcess can now start applications of different type (e.g. PM
746    applications from text-mode applications) directly.
747    QProcess::startDetached() also works.
749  - qmake: In debug_and_release mode, 'release-(all|clean|distclean|install|
750    uninstall)' and 'debug-(all|clean|distclean|install|uninstall)' make
751    targets are now available.
753  Fixes:
755  - Doing 'make clean' could result into a hang due to CMD.EXE command line
756    length limitation.
758  - corelib: Fixed: QProcess: Lost data during stream redirection.
760  - corelib: QSettings could sometimes distort data when saving it to the
761    registry (by replacing some characters with codes 0x80 and above with '?').
764Beta 2 (17-09-2009)
766  Improvements:
768  - Ported the network module (QtNetwork4.dll) and added to the default build.
770  - Added modules sql, svg, xmlpatterns, scripttools, plugins to the default
771    build.
773  - gui: Added recognition of dead keys which makes it possible to type
774    umlauts and other accented characters that require composition.
776  - gui: Implemented standard cursor shapes in Qt applications.
778  Fixes:
780  - qmake: Fixed the trailing slash problem which caused qmake to generate
781    incorrect makefiles and fail to build the Qt library on some platforms.
783  - configure.cmd: Return to the root source tree directory after building
784    qmake.
786  - qmake: Automatically use different link flags when linking qmake with WLINK.
788  - qmake: Recognize TARGET_SHORT that allows to specify a short DLL name
789    (vital for OS/2 which reqires DLL names to be in 8x3 format).
791  - build: Set short DLL names for Qt modules on OS/2 using TARGET_SHORT.
793  - corelib: Various fixes to file system classes that deal with the file name
794    case (which should be ignored on OS/2) and forward and back slashes.
796  - corelib: Fixed: QMutex could let more than one thread access the protected
797    resource.
799  - corelib: Standard stream redirection in QProcess should now work for
800    kLIBC-based child processes. Redirection for all other applications
801    (such as CMD.EXE) will be added later (seems to be a kLIBC bug/feature).
803  - gui: Fixed erroneous QFileDialog behavior (duplicate entires in the list,
804    incomplete contents of the root directory of the current drive).
806  - gui: Fixed: Ctrl+A..Z should generate characters with codes 0x01-0x1F.
808  - gui: Fixed: Close popups when resizing/moving the top level window.
810  - gui: Enabled actual enforcing min/max Qt widget constraints for top-level windows.
812  - gui: Fixed child widget duplication when resizing top level widgets after
813    showing a popup; moving native child widgets should now work correctly.
814    This also fixed a number of redraw problems (for example, drawing the main
815    menu and tool bars in smplayer, moving tool bars around in other
816    applications such as textedit from the demo folder).
819Beta 1 (29-08-2009)
821  - First public release.
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