Apr 27, 2013:

3:53 PM Ticket #101 (Large File Handling not working) created by Michaelhz
Using otrdecoder.exe …

Mar 19, 2013:

6:32 PM Changeset [22066] by dmik
make: Look for mapsym in $(PATH_SDK_OS2TK4) when it's set. This …

Mar 9, 2013:

12:48 PM Ticket #100 (Documentation refinement regarding registry reference in flash.txt) closed by diver
invalid: could you please open this ticket at the right place. as it's flash only.

Mar 8, 2013:

6:56 PM Ticket #100 (Documentation refinement regarding registry reference in flash.txt) created by asavage
The file flash.txt for 0.4.1 GA states: * Registry: This release of …

Feb 26, 2013:

12:01 PM Ticket #99 (UTF-8 version of authors.) created by TaeWong
Here is an UTF-8 version of the authors file. Please add it.

Feb 24, 2013:

5:53 PM Ticket #98 (Problem using flash plugin in Facebook) created by Anchieri
I have installed java-160GA5 WITH ODIN 089 but I was unable to use …

Feb 19, 2013:

5:33 PM Ticket #97 (Problem using Odin with ppview32.exe) created by Anchieri
with all version off Odin after using GCC for compile I have problem …

Feb 18, 2013:

5:36 PM Ticket #72 (ODIN 0.8.3. PE PSIPLOT.EXE crash when opening file) closed by diver
fixed: as reporter states "it seems a problem with the file, not with odin" i …

Feb 17, 2013:

11:01 PM Ticket #96 (Odin 0.8.9 + Flash + Firefox = lockup) created by herwigb
Odin 0.8.9 locks up Firefox immediately as soon as a video on YouTube …
12:20 AM Milestone 0.8.9 completed
12:19 AM WikiStart edited by dmik
Typo (diff)
12:18 AM WikiStart edited by dmik
Announce release 0.8.9. (diff)
12:13 AM Changeset [22065] by dmik
Tag release 0.8.9.
12:05 AM Changeset [22064] by dmik
Release 0.8.9.

Feb 16, 2013:

8:41 PM Ticket #50 (RPM package attemps to change config.sys in C:) closed by dmik
fixed: This was fixed in r 330 in the rpm/spec repo. It will now say the …
6:37 PM Changeset [22063] by dmik
testapp: Add file open test case.

Feb 11, 2013:

1:02 AM Ticket #84 (Print crash observed under openJDK) closed by dmik
fixed: The problem has been fixed in r22062 (see commit msg). This is a …
1:01 AM Changeset [22062] by dmik
gdi32: Fix crash in ResetDCW() caused by accessing invalid memory. …

Jan 31, 2013:

3:56 AM Changeset [22061] by dmik
kernel32: Fix endless loop in new console I/O mode. This could happen …

Jan 29, 2013:

12:42 AM Ticket #93 (In Java filemanagement options don't work) closed by dmik
fixed: It turns out that this is an entirely Java problem. Created …
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