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Welcome to the NOSA SVN archive

This is the open source of the the Open Source Archive Client/Administrator (NOSA). While this package supports the usage of the older Concurrent Versioning System (CVS), the archive hosting the source code for it uses Subversion.


NOSA Client 1.06ZIP1.06This is the NOSA Client, you need it if you want to checkout sourcecode from to your machine.
NOSA Admin (server) 1.07ZIP1.07This is the NOSA Admin. It provides an easy install and extensible documentation about how you can set up a CVS Server on OS/2 or eCS.
CVS binariesZIP1.11This package contains the CVS binaries for OS/2 and eCS. You need them beside NOSA itself.


Having Subversion installed, checkout the NOSA source code to an empty directory as follows

where <dirname> is

  • the relative or absolute pathname of the target directory
  • a . for the current directory

After checkout, execute

  • readme to launch the online help for the NOSA Build System
  • readme Prerequisites to get information about required programs.
  • nmake with no taget to get instructions for building the NOSA product

Whenever nmake is executed, the build system searches for all required programs, using the list of required programs like defined in the soure, within the file required.cmd. The following applies:

  • currently the only supported compilers are IBM Visual Age V3.08 or V3.65.
  • the Developers Toolkit for eComStation (including the IPF compiler) can be installed from the eComStation Installation CD
  • the WarpIN compiler is already installed with eComStation
  • download the Fast Dependency Scanner from Knut Osmundsen from and put the executable into a directory specified in the PATH statement of your CONFIG.SYS
  • all other utilities being required can be found on the Hobbes OS/2 Archive

To make the executables of WarpIN available for building NOSA in a command session, you can

  • use the script in to set the enviroment for WarpIN in a command session
  • add the WarpIN directory to the PATH and (BEGIN|END)LIBPATH statements
    • in a command window or fullscreen, before executing nmake
    • in the ?:\CONFIG.SYS file and reboot


  • Common Development And Distribution License (CDDL) Version 1.0


  • Christian Langanke