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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#39 Add option to open a specific topic (by id) new RBRi major NewView
#18 support Innotek font engine new RBRi minor Version 2.20 NewView
#21 Check window position at startup to not place the window outside the visible area new RBRi minor Version 2.21 NewView
#23 Make it easy to start the old view program new RBRi minor NewView
#42 Make fonts used for printing selectable new RBRi minor NewView
#45 Regular expression search would be a nice feature new minor NewView
#48 Spanish support files to be included again in main distribution new minor NewView
#49 When one instance of NewView is open on one virtual desktop, new instance should be opened on current one new minor NewView
#56 Installer doesn't replace or update existing WPS object properly new minor installer
#59 Existing WPProgram object renamed new minor installer
#52 Change the F5 and F6 shortcut&hotkeys keys new trivial NewView
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