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#18 fixed Build cannot find nllogo.bmp when building inf and hlp files Andreas Schnellbacher jbs

Using a fresh checkout of the repository, the build system is unable to "find" nllogo.bmp. The error message is: makefile.txt(*): Warning: filename not fully qualified: bmp\nllogo.bmp

nllogo is still in trunk\arc\ipf\bmp directory where the "svn checkout" put it.

The consequence of this is that various pages in the the inf and hlp files display the "missing icon" icon instead of the proper icon.

#19 invalid Install should not overwrite default key definitions (unless the user agrees to it) Andreas Schnellbacher jbs

Long-time users of the old default key definitions may find it very upsetting to discover that as a result of installing a new version of NEPMD (with the "new and improved" key definitions), the key strokes they are used to using no longer work in the same way. (Count me in this group!)

Presuming that any user's customized key definitions would already be kept intact, this ticket only applies to previous NEPMD users who do not have customized key definitions.

I propose that the install detect a preexisting NEPMD installation without any custom key definitions. If it detects such an installation, then either:

1) Automatically copy the old default key defs into the myepm subtree, making the old default keys a "custom" key definition for the new installation; or

2) Describe the new key defs to the user and ask if it is OK to install the new defs as the default. If the user agrees, then overwrite the previous default key defs. If the user does not agree, then follow option 1 above.

Either way the new key defs will be installed into the netlabs subtree giving the user the option to use the new key defs by backing out the previously-default-but-now-custom defs.

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