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#28 fixed mention of gmane news Andreas Schnellbacher diver

I would remove the gmane mention completely, as it's dead since several month or even years.

#30 fixed epm crash when scrolling Andreas Schnellbacher abwillis

This is not an nepmd issue, it occurs in epm with or without nepmd. When scrolling up and down epm/nepmd will crash. I am hopeful that the crash can be overcome in nepmd:

03-30-2020 20:52:50 SYS3175 PID 03c5 TID 0001 Slot 00de D:\OS2\APPS\EPM.EXE c0000005 0f890ea0 P1=00000001 P2=019a37c8 P3=XXXXXXXX P4=XXXXXXXX EAX=00418010 EBX=019a0003 ECX=00000000 EDX=00000000 ESI=019a37e0 EDI=019a37c8 DS=0053 DSACC=d0f3 DSLIM=bfffffff ES=0053 ESACC=d0f3 ESLIM=bfffffff FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030 GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM= CS:EIP=005b:0f890ea0 CSACC=d0df CSLIM=bfffffff SS:ESP=0053:00089fd0 SSACC=d0f3 SSLIM=bfffffff EBP=00418010 FLG=00010246

ETKE603.DLL 0008:00000ea0

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