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#17 fixed Fix the infinite loop in kwhelp.e (when env var and inf file names match) Andreas Schnellbacher jbs

if there is an environment variable whose name matches the name of one of the INF files it references, like: SET REXX=REXX+JSRXUTIL where the first REXX is the name of an environment variable and the second is the name of an INF file, then kwhelp gets stuck in an infinite loop "thinking" both "REXX"'s are environment variable names.

#16 fixed Make mouse settings better configurable Andreas Schnellbacher Andreas Schnellbacher

Actually mouse settings are hard to configure, because they are nested in several procs.

It should be investigated to make mouse config as easy as keyboard config, at best with the same config files. Mouse config depends on multiple cases, therefore it gets probably too complicated for one-line defs. At least simple defs should be easily changeable by a user.

#14 fixed Several mode improvements Andreas Schnellbacher Andreas Schnellbacher

For several modes the config files should be extended.

That includes some additions by Greg Jarvis and the PHP keywords available from Hobbes.

Note: This item is about mode keywords only. More changes like the ones that Greg added in his version will be handled by another bug.

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