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#23 fixed Default values were not written to NEPMD.INI Andreas Schnellbacher Andreas Schnellbacher

After installation of NEPMD the EPM doesn't start with NEPMD settings. In contrast, the NEPMD program object 'Standard EPM' starts.

Renaming myepmd\bin\NEPMD.INI is a workaround for that. A new one is created on the next EPM start. The malfunctioning NEPMD.INI contains the entry:

RegDefaults -> \NEPMD\User\MovedUserFiles

while the correct temporary entry would be:

Install -> \NEPMD\User\MovedUserFiles

That explains why the RegDefaults? application wasn't written. It already contains (wrong) data. As a result, EPM won't start.

Additionally, that temporary entry is normally only written if the install script has copied previous files to a backup directory. The backup directory exists with the files etke603.dll and copydll.cmd. Normally they were deleted afterwards.

It seems as if patching etke603.dll to apply the NEPMD colors has failed at the end.

#22 invalid change call to run abwillis

I am suggesting changing the call statement for the cachef32 in config.sys be changed to run.

Index: lib/fat32_010.wis
--- lib/fat32_010.wis	(revision 197)
+++ lib/fat32_010.wis	(working copy)
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@
-  CONFIGSYS="call=$(3)\cachef32.exe /f /p:2 /m:50000 /b:250 /d:5000 | UNIQUE(cachef32.exe) ADDAFTER(fat32.ifs)"
+  CONFIGSYS="run=$(3)\cachef32.exe /f /p:2 /m:50000 /b:250 /d:5000 | UNIQUE(cachef32.exe) ADDAFTER(fat32.ifs)"

#21 fixed creating directory %TMP% Andreas Schnellbacher abwillis

I just built the latest svn and from whatever directory I run epm a directory name %TMP% gets created with a nepmd in side it: E:/SVNCODE/NEPMD/SRC/%TMP%/NEPMD/BACKUP

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