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    4 = Welcome to Trac 0.9.3 =
     4= Welcome to Lucide =
    6 Trac is a '''minimalistic''' approach to '''web-based''' management of
    7 '''software projects'''. Its goal is to simplify effective tracking and handling of software issues, enhancements and overall progress.
     6Lucide is a plugin based document viewer for eComStation. In its first incarnation it supports PDF, !DjVu and JPEG files but new document types can easily be added to it.
    9 All aspects of Trac have been designed with the single goal to
    10 '''help developers write great software''' while '''staying out of the way'''
    11 and imposing as little as possible on a team's established process and
    12 culture.
     8Lucide itself is currently released as binary-only, the plugin sourcecode is available so developers can use this as a base for more plugins.
    14 As all Wiki pages, this page is editable, this means that you can
    15 modify the contents of this page simply by using your
    16 web-browser. Simply click on the "Edit this page" link at the bottom
    17 of the page. WikiFormatting will give you a detailed description of
    18 available Wiki formatting commands.
     10== Bugs & Features ==
     11Lucide is not yet a finished product, some features are missing and some are not fully tested yet. If you encounter any bugs you are welcome to register it as a new [ ticket]. Please make sure you check the list of open tickets first to see if the bug was already registered once.
     12Also try to assign it to the correct component, it is quite easy to do with TRAC.
    20 "[wiki:TracAdmin trac-admin] ''yourenvdir'' initenv" created
    21 a new Trac environment, containing a default set of wiki pages and some sample
    22 data. This newly created environment also contains
    23 [wiki:TracGuide documentation] to help you get started with your project.
    25 You can use [wiki:TracAdmin trac-admin] to configure
    26 [ Trac] to better fit your project, especially in
    27 regard to ''components'', ''versions'' and ''milestones''.
    30 TracGuide is a good place to start.
    32 Enjoy! [[BR]]
    33 ''The Trac Team''
    35 == Starting Points ==
    37  * TracGuide --  Built-in Documentation
    38  * [ The Trac project] -- Trac Open Source Project
    39  * [ Trac FAQ] -- Frequently Asked Questions
    40  * TracSupport --  Trac Support
    42 For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.
    44 Trac is brought to you by [ Edgewall Software],
    45 providing professional Linux and software development services to clients
    46 worldwide. Visit for more information.
     14== Developers ==
     15While the core of Lucide is not released to the public the sourcecode for the plugins is freely available. This means third party programmers can contribute their own plugins for Lucide.
     16=== Plugin API ===
     17The plugin API is using SOM, this allows programmers to write their own plugin without the need of recompiling it every time a new Lucide release is done. It's up to the developer to decide if the plugin he/she writes will be open source or not, Lucide will work with both type of plugins.