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How to build.

First, you need Borland's make for OS/2 for makefile processing. (I'll update makefiles to work with OpenWatcom? make later). You may download Borland make and implib here -

For build Lucide you need OpenWatcom? 1.5. To build djvu library you need GCC 3.3.5 CSD 1.

1 - build the poppler library: execute make with makefiles in directories:

  • \poppler\freetype-2.1.10\src
  • \poppler\fontconfig-2.3.2-os2\src
  • \poppler\expat-1.95.8\lib
  • \poppler\mypoppler\fofi
  • \poppler\mypoppler\goo
  • \poppler\mypoppler\poppler
  • \poppler\mypoppler\splash

Then execute \poppler\mklib.cmd, \poppler\poppler.lib will be created.

2 - build the djvu library: execute make in libdjvu directory 3 - build the jpeg library: execute 'wmake -f makefile.wat' in libjpeg directory

4 - build the plugins: execute make with makefiles in directories:

  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\ludoc (should be build first)
  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\lupoppler
  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\ludjvu
  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\lujpeg (useless plugin, just for fun)

5 - build the Lucide GUI: execute make in \Lucide\SOURCE\gui directory.