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outdated since lucide 1.3

How to build

This page is completely outdated since version 1.3 of lucide. We stiched to kmk build system and everything builds out of the box.

First, you need Borland's make for OS/2 for makefile processing. (updating makefiles to work with OpenWatcom is on our ToDo list). You may download Borland make and implib here - Store them in a separate directory (e.g. \tools).

For build Lucide you need OpenWatcom 1.8. To build djvu library/plugin you need GCC 3.3.5 CSD 3.

1. setup your environment

adjust the paths in file

  • \env.cmd

Then execute 'env.cmd'

2. build the poppler library

execute 'make' in directories

  • \poppler\freetype2\src
  • \poppler\fc-emulate-os2\fontconfig
  • \poppler\mypoppler\fofi
  • \poppler\mypoppler\goo
  • \poppler\mypoppler\poppler
  • \poppler\mypoppler\splash

Then execute '\poppler\mklib.cmd', \poppler\poppler.lib will be created.

3. build the djvu library

execute 'make' in directory

  • \libdjvu

4. build the jpeg library

execute 'wmake -f makefile.wat' in directory

  • \libjpeg

5. build the plugins

execute 'make' in directories:

  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\ludoc (should be build first)
  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\lupoppler
  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\lujpeg (useless plugin, just for fun)

6. build the djvu plugin

execute 'make -f makefile.gcc' in directory

  • \Lucide\SOURCE\plugins\ludjvu

7. build the Lucide GUI

execute 'make' in directory

  • \Lucide\SOURCE\gui

If everything was successful the executable and all plugins are available in directory

  • \Lucide\BIN