Sep 24, 2018:

8:29 PM Changeset [655] by gyoung
Updated docs explaining inclusion of the GBM plugin with Lucide. Some …
1:10 AM Changeset [654] by gyoung
Initial code to get Choice fields working. Currently turned off.
1:08 AM Changeset [653] by gyoung
Fixes for several load traps and code to prevent attempting to load …
1:05 AM Changeset [652] by gyoung
Change from Andreas I missed earlier. Ticket #345
1:03 AM Changeset [651] by gyoung
Update build level string template

Sep 23, 2018:

10:10 PM Ticket #358 (Search matches not highlighted) closed by gyoung
fixed: I created a ticket for the highlighting issue.
10:09 PM Ticket #361 (It should be possible to clear the search highlighting by searching on ...) created by gyoung
10:06 PM Ticket #360 (Find searches document window even when navigation window has focus) created by gyoung
9:33 PM Ticket #355 (Lucide 1.40 GA - crashes with large PDF files) closed by gyoung
fixed: This trap was fixed in poppler. Will need to update Lucide to poppler …
9:30 PM Ticket #347 (Lucide release 1.4.0 GA crashes if more than single instance started) closed by gyoung
nochange: The new GMB will be installed by default in ArcaOS going forward. I am …

Sep 22, 2018:

1:13 AM Changeset [650] by gyoung
Remove .def files from SVN control since they are built from .def.tpl …
1:11 AM Changeset [649] by gyoung
Initial attempt to get Choice fields working in PDF fill in forms. It …
1:07 AM Changeset [648] by gyoung
Link lucide.exe with libcx for exceptq support (removed exceptq code …

Sep 19, 2018:

8:27 PM Ticket #359 (Makefile changes needed to sync with current build layout) created by lewisr
Currently, the manual makewpi.cmd used to package Lucide 1.4.0 depends …

Sep 12, 2018:

11:57 PM Changeset [647] by gyoung
Fix problems identified by CPPCheck
11:49 PM Changeset [646] by gyoung
Modify load code to fix large file load issues. Tickets #350 #355. …
11:40 PM Changeset [645] by gyoung
Add a context menu to the viewer window

Aug 18, 2018:

8:10 AM Changeset [644] by lewisr
Created tag 1.4.0 (maybe this time, we'll even get the files in the tag).
8:10 AM Changeset [643] by lewisr
Created tag 1.4.0 (maybe this time, we'll even get the files in the tag).
7:59 AM Changeset [642] by lewisr
Created tag 1.4.0.
7:59 AM Changeset [641] by lewisr
Created tag 1.4.0.
7:32 AM Changeset [640] by lewisr
Spanish updates from Alfredo. Thanks!

Aug 14, 2018:

10:32 PM Changeset [639] by lewisr
Fixed minor IPF formatting typos for notes.

Aug 9, 2018:

11:33 PM Ticket #358 (Search matches not highlighted) created by stevenhl
Prior versions of Lucide would highlight search matches. This no …

Jul 9, 2018:

7:18 AM WikiStart edited by lewisr

Jul 8, 2018:

8:33 PM Ticket #357 (Lucide crash when attempting to open a supported filetype by name ...) created by lewisr
The supported filename extension list for GBM includes .img. …
8:00 PM Ticket #348 (Lucide leaves its INI file in the document directory when started from ...) closed by lewisr
fixed: I no longer see this with 1.4.1b1. Test: From C:\, I opened: …
7:53 PM Ticket #350 (Lucide crashes when loading some files that already have a thumbnail EA.) closed by lewisr
fixed: Resolving as fixed in 1.4.1b1.
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