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The program adds new features to PM Alt-Tab switcher, expands the Alt-Tab switching capability to OS/2 and DOS full-screen sessions, and adds a convenient "Taskbar" to your PM Desktop. The package also includes an XWorkplace XCenter widget with the similar functionality.


The latest version available is version 2.91 (2019/10/23)


LSwitcher is open source software released under the GNU General Public License version 2.


  • Andrei Los - Original Author
  • Andy Willis
  • Gregg Young

We would like to thank the following people and projects for comments, suggestions, bug reports, and other feedback:

  • Doug Bissett (New installer)
  • Julian Buss
  • Alessandro Cantatore
  • Alexander Conon
  • "Doodle"
  • Ian Douglas
  • Don "Freiheit" Eitner
  • Tim Erickson
  • Alfredo Fernández Díaz
  • Javier Arias Fernandez
  • Klaus Fuchs
  • Michel Goyette
  • Cristiano Guadagnino
  • Tomas Hajny
  • Johann Harrieder
  • Martin Iturbide
  • Reb James
  • Andreas Ludwig
  • "Jiki"
  • John Martin
  • David Mediavilla
  • Nenad Milenkovic
  • Romulo Silva Neiva
  • Nick
  • Dmitry Novoseletsky
  • Sander Nyman
  • Konstantin Okounkov
  • Dariusz Piatkowski
  • Lech Wiktor Piotrowski
  • Henk Pol
  • Sergey Posokhov
  • Mike Reichel
  • Loris Rinaldo
  • Lewis Rosenthal
  • Antonio Manara Rossini
  • Danis Tazetdinov
  • Rich Walsh
  • Karel Wesseling
  • John Wibawa
  • Sebastian Wittmeier
  • Denis Zavorotny
  • Vladislav Zhuk
  • The XWorkplace project

Special thanks to the following people who provided translation of the README.TXT and program resources and thus made the existence of localized versions of this program possible:

  • Tomas Hajny -- Czech translation
  • Alfredo Fernández Díaz -- Spanish translation


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Mailing Lists

There are currently two mailing lists for lSwitcher: one for users, and one for developers.

To subscribe to the developer list:

Send email to: lswitcher-dev-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

To subscribe to the user list:

Send email to: lswitcher-user-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

Web archives of lists are available here:


LSwitcher Alt+Tab menu LSwitcher taskbar

BUILD Instructions

Create lswitcher directory and change directory to it.
Pull code, svn co .
OpenWatcom? can be used to build lswitcher.
wmake -f makefile
VAC may still work but its build files have not been maintained. Try:
nmake -f makefile.vac

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